August 8, 2016

Well, it's Monday...again.  We were all sad to see Jonathan go back to work.  This week is his first week where he has to work a full Monday - Friday since the previous school year. Womp womp.

Jonathan was home so I was able to run some errands and then go have lunch with a friend.  It was nice to be out and not have to worry about lugging a 5 year old around in this oppressive heat.  Also, my first shipment of Honest Company diapers came in.  They are boy prints!  So crazy this house is about to have a little boy living in it!  Georgia and I have both agreed that the dinosaurs will be his favorite ;)  (We used these diapers with Georgia and really liked them...haven't tried their night time ones yet.)
That evening we went to my mom's to watch the Olympics opening ceremony.  My mom made some Brazilian rolls and dessert and Jonathan also made a Brazilian dessert.  My mom also made Georgia an edible "gold" medal.  She loved it.
Georgia went with Jonathan and my brother's family to their new ranch so I had the entire day to myself.  I ran more errands and bought just a few things for Georgia.  She's such a big kid now!  I thought the denim vest would go well with some of her more summery dresses to help them transition to fall and school.  The dino shirt is just because she's obsessed and I couldn't pass it up.  She of course adores it!

After my errands my mom, step dad, and grandmother came and picked me up for lunch.  We just got a new Jason's Deli here and it's super exciting.  At this point I've eaten there three a week.  Yum.

When Georgia and Jonathan got home we dropped Georgia off at my mom's.  My sister in law volunteered to keep Georgia for a trial "sleep over" in case she needs to stay there when Milam was born.  So, she was so excited but come bed time she wanted to come home.  She called me and asked me to pick her up.  All of that to say, she had a "sleep over" at my mom's to warm up to the idea of sleeping somewhere other than home when Milam comes if need be.  She did great.

After we dropped off Georgia I did my last photo shoot and am now on "maternity leave".  I did my sweet friend Cecilly's little girl, Cora's two year pictures.  She's adorable and oh so smart.  We did these in my back yard and I think they are turning out wonderfully.
Once they left Jonathan and I headed out for dinner.  Our town also got a new pizza place.  MOD pizza opened Friday afternoon and we were there that night for dinner.  It was fun.  They handed out stickers and markers to cover their "sticker" wall.  I liked mine ;)  And yes, this pregnant lady is on a tour of all the new eateries in town...and not ashamed.
We did our typical lunch and then naps which is always nice.  After we were all up we went to my brother's to watch the Olympics, swim, and celebrate my middle brother landing a new job.  Fun family time.

And now, it's Monday, and I can currently hear Georgia and her friend giggling in her play room and watching silly YouTube videos.  I'm in my room next door blogging, packing hospital bags, and counting down until lunch time.  Hoping I can finish up my thank you cards, catch up on more blogs, and work on a few other things while G is entertained with a friend over.


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I love the new Cat & Jack line! I just got mine a few things from it, as well. Such cute stuff they carry!
I am super jealous of your Jason's! Our closest is about 2 hours away and I crave it ALL the time!! Enjoy it!

Tami said...

I just bought a ton of the Cat and Jack stuff for the girls yesterday. It's super cute!!

Chelsea said...

I love those diapers!!! The Olympic party treats look so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

The edible gold medal is a cool idea.


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