December 14, 2012

The Powells Do Christmas

Here are all the ways we have "Decked Our Halls"!

Please enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Decorating with and for an 18 month old is daunting to say the least but I'm really happy with how I managed to tackle this project and surprisingly happy with the end result.

I have dreams of a white Christmas and while I know the likely hood of this happening are slim to none (I live in Texas) the color theme of WHITE was my jumping off point this year.  BUT, while I would LOVE to be able to get rid of a lot of decor and buy all new I'm a "work with what you got" kind of gal so this is what I was able to come up with.  After Christmas I plan to get some good sale deals to up the drama with my white Christmas theme so I can hopefully go all out next year.  (And, I'm holding onto some old items because if and when we move our house will most likely be larger so it would be nice to keep them around until then.)

Without further ado here is my Christmas home!

Our Christmas tree
Mainly done in gold/silver/green.  I don't use a lot of red at Christmas.  And bless my husband's heart...I came home from running errands during Georgia's nap and he had decorated the entire tree all by himself.  He's the sweetest.

I planned to ruffle my entire tree skirt last year and only got 2 ruffles done.  Last year, Georgia was in her walker and kept running over it.  I still have all the fabric and plan to finish it...someday.  But, for now it has 2 ruffles and that's it.  Ha!

Our Baylor Bear ornaments
-We have one more but since J decorated the tree I can't find it.-

My mom gave these to Jonathan and I our first Christmas

Our annual family photo ornament

Georgia's 2012 ornaments

I got the angel wing ornament because of this picture that I took of her.

Georgia's pink tree
-All her ornaments are pink as well.  I plan on getting her a larger white tree off season for next year.-

Our white Christmas "tablescape"

I usually do a table runner and garland on the table but someone's little hands are likely to tug on that and end up breaking a ton of stuff so I opted not to do that this year.

Plate wall above the dining table

White Christmas mantle

Our entry way
-super hard angle to get a good picture!-

I used rock salt as fake snow.

My husband's grandmother gave us this nativity and he loves, it stays.

I also like to keep a little bit of Christmas through out the entire house.  This is something I'm still working on throughout the years so I just have a little bit here and there.

The bathrooms

The kitchen

Scentsy Christmas!

Georgia's Christmas artwork
-Bad phone pic.  Napping when I had the big camera out.-

Georgia's nativity and book advent

The Front Porch
The porch is a bit lack luster.  I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do in this area.  I have ideas now BUT I don't want to go buy new stuff at this point.  All my ideas are now going for next year.  I'm thinking real greenery.

I use the chalk vase year round and I love it.  The wreath is simple but I still like it.  Georgia picked out the pig.  Her dad is a huge sucker.

Our Christmas lights

Since our stone is white we have to power wash it once a year.  That time is usually in the spring hence, the VERY badly stained stone pictured here.  Come March it will be clean and new!  We only do it in the spring because it gets dirty in the rain and here in Houston our fall/winter are typically rainy.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment so I can look at your beautiful homes as well!

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  1. I love it...all of it! Somehow I never noticed your huge (tall) porch until now. Maybe the stars did it for me. Anyway, when Patrick was a bricklayer he used to seal people's masonry. For maybe $100 you could have a masonry contractor come out and spray the stone with a sealer so the water from the roof would run off instead of staying and making it dirty. It really doesn't look that bad, just bringing it up because breaking out the power washer every year seems like a hassle.

  2. The pig cracked me up!! Everything looks beautiful :)

  3. Seriously it couldn't be more perfect. I LOVE it all! :-) And I spy our Christmas card!!!!

  4. Everything is beautiful! And I love the angel wings ornament! What a great idea to commemorate that darling picture.

  5. Love all your Christmas decorations - the white trees on the table are so pretty too!

  6. I love all your white decorations!! Looks so simple but so lovely! I see you love blue/white dishes like I do!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home down in Texas!

  7. love your dining room- it looks beautiful! and that angel wing picture is priceless. :)

  8. Everything looks so festive. I love what you've done

  9. your home is beautiful. i especially love the white tablescape decorations. thanks for sharing! :)


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