Who I Am

May 12, 2011

Who I Am
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I am...Emily.  I am a wife.  I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  I am 25 years old.

I want...a manicure and pedicure, H&M in Houston, to be able to put my shoes on quickly and comfortably.

I have...terribly swollen feet at this moment.  All I did was wake up and they were already swollen.  Makes for a good day I assure you :(

I wish...my house didn't smell like bacon.  I made some for breakfast and now it's all I can smell.  ugh.

I hate...the word "hate".  I try not to use it at all.

I fear...making the wrong decision - making the wrong choice - I've become terribly indecisive since becoming pregnant.

I hear...commercials.  I'm watching TV and blogging during the commercials.

I search...on Pinterest.  It's addicting really.

I wonder...what Georgia will look like.  I can hardly contain myself!

I regret...not being able to give all of my fears and reservations to God.  For me this takes WORK!  I am way too much of a control freak.

I love...My Husband.  Baby Georgia.  Open windows on breezy days.

I ache...pretty much all the time.  I'm 9 months pregnant so who are we kidding.

I always...am searching on Etsy for new craft projects.  I do order from Etsy but heck if I'm going to buy something I can make myself :)

I usually...do my devotional everyday.  I'm human so yes, I do miss some days but I try VERY hard to get it in everyday.

I am not...perfect.  As much as I wish life could be perfect it isn't.  Honestly, I wear myself out sometimes trying to achieve perfection when it just isn't in the cards.

I dance...when I'm home alone and cleaning the house.

I sing...loudly in the car and am THE worst.  I don't care.

I never...let a weekend go by without a good to do list.  Marking things off of a list is so theraputic!  Currently I have a "don't let Emily get bored before the baby comes" list but it has fun things on it so it's twice as good as a normal to do list :)

I sometimes...let people get to me.  You know, someone says something in passing and most likely means nothing by it but then you agonize over the words and wonder what they really meant.  Hopefully other people do the same thing and not just me.

I cry...only when I'm alone and usually in the car.  (that's usually how it goes at least)

I am not always...up for going to the movies.  Actually, I usually don't want to go to the movies but I REALLY want to see Bridesmaids.  Looks hysterical!

I lose...my patience when people drive in the left hand lane but aren't passing anyone.  Um...the left lane is the fast lane so MOVE OVER!

I am confused...by choices.  Honestly, just tell me what to do and I'll do it but give me a choice and I'll agonize over it until all options begin to sound ridiculous.  This is a new thing for me and I REALLY don't like it!

I need...to learn the art of contentment. 

I should...get off of the computer more.  My husband and I decided that we both are on the computer TOO much and we now have a house rule of no computer past 8 pm.  It's going well.

Who Are You?

Leave me a comment to let me know if you decide to do this as well...because they are fun to read :)


tara said...

I really REALLY want an h&m in houston! I have 4 friends with babies due this week and the first one had her baby yesterday! Hope Miss Georgia comes soon! :)

B F said...

I'm going to do this! So cute!

And I think everyone is excited to see what Georgia looks like!

Unknown said...

I did it!! I'm excited and LOVE this post!!

the walton five said...

in love the no computer past 8pm rule... we need to implement that in our household!

Brittney Galloway said...

ooh, I'll be joining in tomorrow!

Erin said...

You must be getting so excited to meet Georgia! I'm only 21 weeks and I already can't wait to meet baby Liza. I love your post (and your blog) and just posted one for me!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Thanks for the great idea!! This post was a lot of fun :) Here's my post:


ps-I love the baby name you picked out!!

Anonymous said...

Great post idea - I just finished mine! Love your blog!

Ms. Chianne said...

Hey Emily! I just finished mine! Oh & thanks for the link to do my signature! I've been wanting one for a long time, but I didn't know how to do it! So thank you so much girl! Hope all is well! :)

Jamie said...

Fun post! I'm SO indecisive too!

Sarah Pete said...

This is such a cute idea! I think I may copy ;] Thanks

Lauren said...

Hi Emily,

I found your blog on Kelly's Korner. Congratulations on your healthy pregnancy! I just love your blog! Check out my blog to see my "Who I am" information. My blog is chattingwiththechicks.blogspot.com.

Lindsay said...

I just did this on my blog!


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