CoronaLife Week 3

April 7, 2020

I cannot believe we finished our third week of CoronaSchool and are starting our 4th (with it being our 5th week at home all together because of Spring Break.

Here is what we did last week

Milam rocked those stitches.  His mouth was feeling better after about two days. My brother took them out after a week. Not super pleasant but he survived.
I literally lost Milam for about 5 minutes the other day.  I told Milam he was doing speech on the computer and he didn't understand.  My poor baby was waiting in the car, in his carseat, all buckled in.  When he saw his friends on the computer for speech he just sat there and cried.  It was the saddest thing.  Life needs to go back to normal.
Barrett still loves his chubby little thumbs, he sits up, talks all the time, and loves playing outside.
We spend a lot of time under this tree.  Its a big magnolia tree at the end of the drive way. I get my bluetooth speaker out and the kids draw with chalk and we can chat with neighbors as they walk past.
We're trying really hard to get Georgia to keep up with her gymnastics.  It's really hard because we obviously don't have all the correct equipment but we're making due.
Zooming her class
We took a little post dinner quick trip to Washington on the Brazos. Was a lot of fun.
Found a creek in our town to wander through.
Celebrated Palm Sunday at home...of course.
Took some pictures on the porch...because we're always home.  Always.

Wish us luck as we go into this next week...and scroll down to see the previous week :)

CoronaLife Week 2

April 6, 2020

I finished this post and then never posted it.  That seems to be happening more often.

We finished everything that was on our list for week one of school.  Our district is still feeling out the details as of what to do for our schooling. Her school has provided one day of lessons and then the district provides another day of lessons and then I fill in two more days with my own lessons and we don't do school on Fridays. Jonathan is working from home.  We have a four bedroom home with a breakfast room and a formal dining room but no office.  Womp womp. I put Jonathan's home office in the seating/vanity area of our bathroom because its a strange in between area of our bathroom and master bath and he needs privacy for all of his video meetings and calls.
When we can fit it in and when everyone is being good and when Barrett is sleeping we have been working on some small home projects with things I have around the house already.  We've been painting the master bath and the dining room.  Previously we did a lot of yard work, which in general we really enjoy doing.

 :: Moving onto the week of March 23, 2020 ::
Monday, Jonathan had a lot of meetings and Georgia had a lot of school work but we managed and we got it all done with only a few fits.
Wednesday was a crazy day because it started off with Milam getting two stitches on his upper lip.  He fell off of his bike (first bike ramp).  His helmet fell of and he face planted into it.  What are the odds. We spent a lot of the day outside though...both before and after the stitches.  Jonathan had a big work meeting that day that was luckily cancelled so I only had to take one kid with me to urgent care and not all three.
Thursday was another crazy busy day.  Jonathan had to work from 7-11 handing out chrome books to students in his district and my kids were insane.  Georgia whined most of the day. Milam threw Georgia's chalk in the ditch with water, spilled a bucket of paint in my bathroom, and dumped everything out in his closet (while in time out in his room).  We had to break quarantine and my mom came and got him so I could get Barrett in bed without another disaster on my hands. I got 15,000 steps on my Fitbit and I never even worked out. We did manage to get all Georgia's school work done so that was a plus. I have got to find a better system.  No routine, because of Jonathan's super unpredictable work schedule, has totally sucked.
The rest of the week we went to Georgia's "Honk and wave" parade and just tried to spend as much time outside as possible. We got a hand me down trampoline and a hand me down swing set to go along with the fire pit, gymnastics bar, ninja line, and swings. The kids are having a lot of fun with it all.

Milam at 3.5 years

March 26, 2020

You have more life and energy in your little finger than any person I have ever met. You have so much personality and so much energy. You drive me absolutely insane most days.  I am just constantly putting out fires with you.  All day.
You are 38.9 pounds (88%) and no idea how tall you are. I think you're in a 9 shoe and wear mostly 4T clothes. Most days you will still give us a two hour nap if you just give into it.  You aren't the best eater but we can usually talk you into eating anything if we bribe you enough.
You can spell your name, write it on a good day.  Count to 20. Know your ABCs. Can break into anything that is "Child proof". You love to jump ramps on your bike and stand on the seat and do all kinds of other tricks. 
Milam, I love you so much. Or, as you would say, "I love you the most the most!" You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and I can't wait to see what you do with that busy mind of yours.  Big things I'm sure.  I wouldn't expect any less.

Barrett - Five Months

Happy five months Barrett!
You're in 6-9 clothes.  You weigh around 18 pounds I think. We're currently on coronavirus quarantine and we don't own a scale so sorry!
You are still on three naps a day and do 11 hours straight at night.  Swaddled for both.
You love to eat.  You have five 6 oz bottles a day and eat three servings of baby food. Down it like a champ.
You started grabbing faces today. You love to chew on your hands or thumb. You smile and laugh a lot. You enjoy standing up the most.

CoronaLife Week 1

March 23, 2020

We found out on Friday, March 13th that Jonathan wouldn't be going back to school the following week.  Georgia's school canceled as well.  So obviously we're all just in this strange in between time.  We can't go anywhere or do anything.  We're taking this time to continue to educate our children at home and get A LOT of home projects done.  I'm extra blessed in this situation because Jonathan is a principal so he gets to be home with us.

We get up and get dressed and ready and do...
Bible study
Creative Play

Over the weekend we worked a lot in the yard.  We had let the yard get away from us while Barrett was a newborn.  We live on an acre so we maintain it ourselves because I don't want to pay someone to mow and maintain that much yard. It's a lot of work every few weeks but we both find it rewarding for now and don't dislike doing it. Actually, Jonathan and the kids LOVE burning stuff.  We have a lot of trees so down limbs are common.  We've pretty much burned everything we can at this point.  I LOVE cutting down limbs...we shove all of those in the trash.  Our house and yard were in such bad shape when we first bought this house and it's been a long slow process.  We don't seem to ever do anything fast, unfortunately.

After we got the far back yard cleaned up we told the kids we could do s'mores.  We still have a lot to go but can only go as fast as we can get stuff in the trash or timed with large trash collection times. (When we bought our home there was a lot of random junk in the yard so its been a hassle to get it all gone. I still haven't cleared one main section because it's hiding these huge blocks of broken concrete that weigh a TON and we don't really have an easy way to get rid of because of where they are on our lot)
Jonathan has been doing PE with the kids in the morning while Barrett takes his longest nap.  This week they're learning how to play soccer and going on bike rides.
We usually walk down to my mom's house and talk to her in the front yard and don't go in the house. Milam was giving Nanny kisses on the glass door.
All three of my kids have had a super quick virus the past few days. Milam had it first. His temp was 99.5 for not even half a day.  Barrett's was 100.5 for a few hours and Georgia's was 100.4 for a few hours.  It was literally the strangest thing.

Georgia has to know what's going on.  Always.  She made a desk to look out her window onto the front yard so she doesn't miss one thing.  Here she was doing her Prodigy Math game.
Honestly, Barrett makes this entire situation a little more difficult. Kids inside all day are loud when you need your baby to nap. That is probably the hardest part.  Keeping the bigger two quiet while he's asleep. The first day he was still sleeping great but now he isn't. Boo. Like, horrible. I mean he's happy...look at that cute fat face but momma needs him to sleep so I can get some things done!
I didn't take the time to print out our schedule because I knew it would change when Georgia's school gets more info to us.  They are supposed to tonight (Thursday) so we'll see what happens but we've done a lot of school related work. Cooking, YouTube, documentaries, slime, reading, flash cards...all kinds of stuff.
We've also been sleeping in a lot and enjoyed naps
We have spent a lot of time outside and went to take our bluebonnet pictures
 We wore green and rainbows for St. Patrick's day
 Just yesterday (Friday) did we get our first bout of bad weather. We sat and watched it rain because we had nothing else to do
My stomach is in knots today (Saturday the 21st) and I guess it's just anxiety.  We're home bound at it wouldn't be so bad but Barrett is still on nap strike.  We have in the sleep suit at night and he's doing great (11 hours straight) in it then but his naps are just horrible. We've tried to find the correct amount of "wake time" but it just isn't working.  I put him in his swaddle again today after a 37 minute sleep suit nap and he cried for a bit but eventually fell asleep. Then, there's Milam. He is having a rough time with the quarantine and more focus being on Barrett.  We give him all the love and all the snuggles we possibly can but the disorder of life right now is getting to him.  He wants to know why he can't go to speech or see his teachers or go to HEB. Having to be quiet all the time so Barrett can sleep is hard on's hard on all of us.

Our Spring Break

March 17, 2020

I stated before that we were basically home bound over spring break. This is currently Georgia's spring break, Jonathan's isn't until April, he's actually out of town this week for work, and Georgia still has two travel meets left (Dallas and San Antonio). Jonathan couldn't take off because he was already out of town for work and Georgia can't miss in April because she's already missed for gym, can't miss gym practice, and now has standardized tests for school so it's harder to take her out anyway. While it is super frustrating because our family loves to travel it's just where we are right now. Georgia was also supposed to go to her grandparents for several days but because of a death in the extended family she wasn't able to go.

Milam and I are still a bit congested to we tried to stay inside all day to stay away from the yucky yellow pollen that it covering everything outside. We went to Subway and visited my mom at work. After dinner we got Marble Slab. Funny story: When I mentioned that we were going to Subway Milam said he was so excited to go into the city but was scared we might get stuck underground. I died.  So funny. He was very confused that subway was a restaurant and not a means of transportation.

We ran errands in the morning. I seem to always be going to either Goodwill, the Post Office, or both. After Barrett's long morning nap we went to the park and sonic. We came home and the boys took naps. After Jonathan got home from work we went to Taco Tuesday at my mom's for dinner.
Snow cone day!
Went to chick fil a for cookies!

Knew life was going to get crazy because of this coronavirus situation

Weekly Update

March 9, 2020

Yay! We're currently on Spring Break! This was our last week before Georgia got out.
(Jonathan isn't out.  His spring break isn't until April so we can't do anything fun for Spring Break because we would have to take Georgia out of school or Jonathan would have to take off.  Super bummer! But also, Jonathan is out of town for work and Georgia still have gymnastics because she has two meets the coronavirus. Blah!  Such a boring spring break!)

I think the most exciting thing we did all day was head to the post office. Super exciting day. Oh, and I took Milam to Urgent Care that night because he was starting to get a barky cough and had some drainage and a super low low that by the time we got there it was gone. He got a steroid and some cough meds.  I wanted to get him see quick because I do not want Barrett getting sick at such a young age.

We took Barrett back to Texas Children's because his abscess will not totally go away.  We saw a pediatric surgeon who said it was totally fine/normal and could just take awhile.

I woke up with a really sore throat so Milam and I have been drinking about 100 cups of hot tea a day.  It's insane. I'm also lysoling the house over and over. I have no idea if Milam and I are nursing some crazy allergies (ridiculous TX pollen) or if we're contagious.

I got us all up and dressed and to Georgia's school at 8 AM like I do every Thursday and Friday only to remember that Milam doesn't have speech this week.  He missed school on Tuesday because I wanted him to rest and now he doesn't have speech so with Spring Break he'll be out of all school for two weeks.

Throat still sore :(

Feeling so much better.  Everyone in the house had so much energy and was driving me nuts.  I told them to go outside and burn stuff.  For real.  Haha.  We live on an acre and had a lot of leaves, limbs, and wood that I needed gone.  They made a huge dent in reclaiming our yard from the winter and our lack of yard work during the newborn days. I had a photo shoot that evening.
Church and more yard work and I had another photo shoot.


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