Barrett - 29 Weeks

August 19, 2019

So, here we are.  Last week in the 20's.  I've made a master list of what needs to be done and we think it would be doable with two kid free weekends.  (We actually got a lot done this weekend) We can dream. I've started every two week appointments.  I'm getting more uncomfortable but nothing too too bad just yet.  Belly button is in, I don't look at the scale, the dress in this picture is a medium and was too big so I can't be doing that bad, right? RIGHT?! No stretch marks.  I've been sleeping pretty good.  Sometimes not even getting up to use the restroom! That's a win.

Scroll past this post for a weekend update!

Weekend Update

This was our first weekend of the school year!

Georgia got out of school.  We snacked at home for a quick second and then she got dressed and we were off to gymnastics.  I set up our first movie night (Fun Friday!) of this school year and just did a small simple back to school theme.  Just popcorn and cookies and some Hulu movies that revolved around school. Nothing too crazy.  Hopefully I'll remember to do September and October because I know we'll be taking a few months off once Barrett gets here.  My bedroom is like my sanctuary.  The only place I can really have peace and quiet.  Unfortunately my kids see it as their second living room so movie nights are not my favorite event but Georgia loves them.
Oh, and that morning I met up with one of my best friends for a post first week of school decompression time. We brought our little loves too.
I shot a wedding from 10:30-4:30.  It was close to home and a really sweet couple but oh goodness my feet were feeling it the next day!  Jonathan did so much around the house while I was gone.  He went to his grandmother's and my mom's and collected a few things for Milam's new room and cooked and cleaned.  I was pretty much dead to the world when I got home.  I ate a lot of strawberries though.
Milam and I skipped church.  I've been so bad about that lately.  Milam has a horrible rash and on Sunday morning we weren't quite sure what it was.  Around dinner time we remembered he had been getting into Jonathan's beard balm and we're thinking that may have been the cause. Also, standing or sitting for any period of time was so hard for me after the wedding.  I have got to find more comfortable shoes for working weddings. My lower body was hurting so brother and I just stayed home. These two cuties went off to promotion Sunday without us. Aren't they a sweet duo?!
Later that day we had a little grandparent dinner to celebrate the birthday buddies.  Jonathan's is August 21 and Milam's (as well as my grandfather's who passed away when I was 9) is August 22 so they always celebrate together and I think it's really cute. Sometimes I really enjoy doing a party and going all out but lately I really have been loving small scale. Especially in August because we have so much going on and also because Milam has zero friends besides his sister and our adult neighbor who he's obsessed with (who happens to be one of our close friends)

Friday Favorites

August 16, 2019

It was our first week (3 days) of school.  Here are my favorites.

We've totally stepped up our meal planning and prepping.  Jonathan does all the prep and then I get it all cooked/heated.  We've been using the crock pot and insta pot.  We've been at it two weeks now and so far so good.  Hopefully we'll have our A game ready when Barrett gets here. Lord help us!
Milam's snuggling.  As always.  He's just the cutest.
Last day of summer yogurt!!!
Morning walks and wildlife.
Front door pictures and yes she does look SO BIG! I cannot believe that beautiful face is eight and in third grade. And yes, she mostly wears New Balance tennis shoes.  She wears them about 85% of the time because she has a foot issue that is not correctable and so far she's been pain free while barefoot at gym as long as while she is in shoes they are New Balance tennis shoes.  She cannot wear cheap shoes anymore and she picked pretty much the only sport that is barefoot so she has no support at least 9 hours a week in class.  Luckily she loves them and so do I.
Having all the alone time (for now) with this little buddy before he becomes a big brother.  Ugh.  Makes me so sad.  This boy is MY baby.  He's almost three but he's all mine.
Here's to the weekend!

Back to School 2019

August 15, 2019

It was 
Back to School Week
at our house this week!

Jonathan started on Monday while Georgia just had meet the teacher on Monday.  She had gymnastics right after so we had to go in gym clothes.
Wednesday was her first official day as a THIRD grader!
One of her best friends was in her class so she was good to go.
We thought brother would cry but he didn't.  He was too sleepy to care.
As always, here are her official back to school pictures.  Milam doesn't start until September.

Back to School Dinner 2019

August 13, 2019

Our annual back to school dinner.  I let the school cafeteria circa 1990 inspire out menu.

Weekend Update

August 12, 2019

We finished running errands and Georgia had an ice cream party at the end of her gym class with all of her team mates.  The girls all had so much fun and Milam got a lot of attention.  They tried to petition their coach to have Milam as their newest member.  He said, "I so silly. I show the girls my muscles". Oh goodness.  That boy.  I love this picture because 90% of the girls are looking at him.

Jonathan being the amazing dad he is whipped up some homemade (eggless) cookie dough for G's party.  They were supposed to bring their favorite topping and that's what G picked.  It was a huge hit.  I guess cookie dough and girls are a timeless combo.
I had two photo shoots.  One in the morning and one in the evening.  In between my grandmother treated us to Mexican food. Yum.
This was Milam's last day in the 2s class and Georgia's last day in 2nd grade.  Next Sunday is promotion Sunday. I can't believe how big my babies are getting.  I had a shoot Sunday evening and Jonathan went and got Milam a dresser (that was my grandmother's) and a back up crib for his big boy room (since I am NOT pushing transitioning out of his crib).  He already has a bed and sheets if he decides he wants to us them.

Barrett - 28 Weeks - 3rd Trimester

August 11, 2019

Holy cow.  Third trimester.  Sorry baby Barrett we are so not ready for you yet.   While I am curious about what you'll look like, and praying you'll be my best baby yet, and how big you'll be, we have still done nothing to prepare for you.  Super sorry bud!

I passed my glucose test but am anemic which I'm not surprised about.  I was with both my other pregnancies and had to get on iron.  The iron is making me feel so much better though! I was so tired to the point of not functioning and now I'm doing so much better.

Nothing new or exciting to report really.  We're getting furniture together for Milam's big boy room.  Getting a back up crib and dresser for him today and he already has a bed so his room is mainly lacking paint and a functioning closet.


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