Friday Favorites

March 5, 2021

 Friday favorites

This cream. All three of my kids have had strange bouts of dry skin and other skin issues. I bought this for Milam and it didn't work for him (probiotic + colloidal silver did) but I had it on hand to try for Barrett. The backs of his thighs and the backs of his arms had these rough patches. I used this twice and it was about 80% better. Two more uses and it's now all gone. No more rough spots. I was shocked it worked so well but so glad. Yay, soft baby skin!

Milam's poses are always my favorite. I did Dr. Seuss week this week for two different schools so that was fun. Luckily, we made it and everyone looked cute in the process.

His face. I cannot stand how cute he is.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. It was busy one. But, a good one.

Weekend Top 10

March 1, 2021

 1. Pizza night

Friday is pizza night in our house. It's a new things and we're liking it. It is so fast and so easy and something we really look forward to. During the quarantine we did Chick Fil A Fridays and that was fun but pizza is even easier.

2. Friends

This pizza night we were joined by some close friends. The kids had a great time playing and it was so fun watching them.

3. Perseverance 
Georgia has had a tough gym season. Her new level is harder but she also isn't a details person. Pointing toes and things like that just aren't her thing. Anyhow, her scores aren't what she wants but she's physically so strong and working so hard. I don't know if she'll continue with it next year...we'll see but I'm proud of her anyhow.

4. Car naps
Milam went to the gym meet with Jonathan and Georgia. He was so sleepy. So cute.

5. Go Texan
The Houston area does Go Texan day to kick off rodeo season. Most of the area still did it but for some reason G's school didn't do it this year. I was so bummed so we dressed up for it anyway on Sunday.

6. More friends
Georgia had a friend spend the night after her gym meet. Her parents came to drop her off and ended up staying a few hours and we talked. Nice to have friends over two nights in a row.

7. Church
Our Sunday school class just started a series on marriage by Andy Stanley. It's going to be a lot of fun.

8. Meal Prep
We didn't prep last week but this week Jonathan got on it and it makes the week go so much better!

9. And, more friends
We had some college friends randomly in Conroe and they stopped by for like 10 minutes to say hi. Jonathan and I feel so full and loved after seeing so many friends this weekend. It was really, really nice!

10. Today is March 1st
I'm so excited that spring is on the way. I have never been more done with winter than I am right now and I've never liked winter to begin with.

Happy Monday, y'all!

Barrett - 16 Months

February 26, 2021

Our little baby Bear is 16 months old and growing and changing faster than I can keep up with or approve of. I feel like he's had the funniest nicknames of the three. Baby Bear, Bear Bear, Nugget, Baby Nugz, my Sweet Prince, Angel Baby, Angel Face. I called him Angel Face ALL the time until he started getting his molars now we mainly describe him as "Spicy". 

So, he now has 12 teeth and that includes his four one year molars...praise the Lord! Getting those four teeth was painful on all of us. Obviously he was not into doing pictures today but that is so him. Never wants to stay still. He "talks" a lot but we mostly have no idea what he's saying. He signs, "please" all the time and has his own set of words that we understand.

He is literally the cutest little doll face and I could just eat him up. Ugh, love him!

Friday Favorites

 Jonathan and I were talking last night about how tired and drained we felt this week. It was really just a normal week but coming off of the previous snow week and weekend we did not feel refreshed and ready to take on Monday like we normally do. Jonathan's winter break was snow week and we mentally were expecting to have some down time since he had a week off and when we didn't it just kind of did us in. All that to say, we're still tired and need a vacation. Ha.

Here is what we were up to this week

Monday, Milam has speech. It's a busy morning but the sun was shining and the boys were being nice so I was thankful.

This little guy is trying to get the hang of his balance bike. He's doing pretty good!

Then he goes and does this. Yay. At least it all washed off!

I love living in the same town as most of my family. Barrett and I were at my mom's while she was at work to grab a few things and my brother showed up there too to pick up some mail she had gotten that was his. He was helping me load my car. He got the baby. I got everything else ;) These two share the same middle name and I'm glad my kids get to grow up around family.

More sunshine and finally getting out for more walks. I LOVE walks. Barrett is contained and snacking. The bigs are occupied. Usually a little bit of peace in my day and I miss them in the yucky winter weather.

Jonathan usually does a ton of meal prep on Sunday but we just never got around to it...hence, mid week Jason's. I love that they have outdoor seating because my kids are messy and loud.

F week at school. Love these pictures from his teacher. He's so cute!

My kids are so used to being outside all the time that we get so bored in the house. Jonathan got a new coffee maker so I gave the kids the old one. I set it out with a few other things and it's been a big hit. My older two kids were never super fond of play kitchens, because I think we gave them too much time playing with real kitchen stuff, so we got rid of the play kitchen years ago since they were never used. So nope, not buying him a pretend coffee maker because he'll know it's not "real" and won't play with it. Little stinker!

A sweet moment on Thursday night. Jonathan was working late and I was struggling to make it to bed time. It was a long day but luckily matching pajamas are really cute.

Happy weekend, y'all!

Weekend Top 10

February 22, 2021

 So, Jonathan already had all of last week off. (His school has a mid winter break) Georgia had the previous Friday off as well as that Monday. Then, the snow came and life stopped for a week / became insanely stressful and messy. Last week was literally the longest week ever and not how we planned on spending our "break". But, we made it. We were safe and healthy although had some cabin fever and got nothing on our to do list done.

1. The weather warmed this weekend and I ended up with a lot of work. I had a senior session, a newborn session, and a senior consult. 

2. I got new Keds boots. Super cute. Darn smart ads. You got me. THESE are the ones I got.

3. I'm excited about spring weather and really liking this outfit. Here are the links to the HAT and DRESS. The sweater is Aerie. LOVE it.  I really hate pictures of myself but I had a lot of new items so this seemed easier for the sake of posting.

4. Georgia spent A LOT of time with her cousin, Molly Kathryn and our neighbor (who is actually Molly Kathryn's cousin). Two sleep overs in a row. Cookies and face masks and laughing.

5. Georgia got to go back to gym. Gosh, all these kids need a break.

6. We've started doing pizza night on Fridays and it's fun, easy, and, something to look forward to.

7. We finished a portion of Milam's outdoor "trail" in our backyard so he can practice for his bike trail ride over spring break.

8. I did not know that I needed this little nugget in my life.

9.  Jonathan took the kids to church while I had to work. I had a newborn shoot. I don't normally work on Sundays but every now and then I just have to squeeze them in. He did good getting their picture before church.

10. It was really nice to be able to play outside this weekend like we're used to. No extra layers. No snow or wet clothes. It was really nice...we live in Texas for a reason. ;)

The 2021 Snow Storm...

February 19, 2021

 ...that broke Texas

This would have been fun had it not been one of the more stressful few days of my entire life. Texas does not have the infrastructure to support weather this cold. Picture frozen power plants and no electricity when it is 10 degrees and top it off with no snow plows or salt trucks. It's a real cluster of a situation.

Some highlights would be driving to and from my mom's house, almost getting stuck a few times, Jonathan holding a generator behind our SUV as we slowly drove home over ice, 10 hours with no power, then 6 hours without power (in the middle of the night!), no fireplace...I think I'll remember all of this fondly but when you have a real threat of keeping your family (and pipes) from freezing that kind of puts a damper on all of the snowy fun...especially when you have young kids who cannot care for themselves.

It has been a really tough and stressful week but I am so thankful we had the supplies to keep ourselves warm. Praise the Lord.

Lots of blankets, tent time,  and snuggles

Why this week was so stressful. Generator was outside (exhaust pointing away from the house) and extension cord were run through our old window. You're not supposed to run space heaters off of extension cords but we had no other choice. It was 10 degrees outside. I know people who's homes were 33 on the inside. Jonathan set his alarm for every hour to get up and check all the cords to make sure none were running hot and to go check the generator and add more gas if it needed it. Luckily we only had to sleep like this for one night. The 6 hour stretch of outage. The 10 hour stretch was during the day so were were able to keep an eye on things a lot better. So stressful but we were so blessed to have the resources to care for ourselves and children. Without a doubt the worst night of sleep I have ever had.

Happy Friday and here's to warmer weather!

Weekend Top 10

February 16, 2021

 1. Date lunch

Jonathan and I were able to sneak away to grab some lunch before this awful weather hit. After church we went to a local place (because it's better to support local) but also because freezing rain was coming and we didn't want to be far from home. (Our area doesn't have snow plows or ways to salt the roads so don't make fun). My mom came over to watch the kids. The bigs watched a movie in a tent in Georgia's room and Barrett was asleep the entire time.

2. New hat and dress

Jonathan got me a new hat and dress among other things for Valentine's Day and I was excited to wear them to lunch. HERE is the link for the hat (my friend has the same one and I LOVED it and she got it because another friend recommended it so it's a good buy!) and HERE is the link for the dress. (He's super great at picking things off of my Amazon wishlist.) I rarely buy things for myself and usually get pretty peeved when he buys me stuff...because I don't need anything. It's the simple things.

3. Valentine's Day Sunday morning
Y'all know I love matching my kids, especially on holidays!

4. Movies + a tent
The kids spent time here during our date but then we also just left it up because we knew it would entertain them during the nasty weather.
Their new little desks and lanterns were also a lot of fun in combination with the tent and bad weather.
5. Second sibling sleepover... 
in a row and the first one in Georgia's room. Look how cute they are.
6. Bundled babies
He has a sherpa blanket and a quilt. He loves the snow outside but is not a fan of the cold inside.

7. Valentine's Day goodies.
Here are their little treats that I mentioned above. They loved them all. Well, Barrett wasn't super interested.

8. Eating so much sugar
I cannot stand how cute he is
9. Plants...
I hope I can keep alive
10. This winter weather that I hope I can survive. ha.


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