Barrett - 2.5

April 28, 2022

 Dusting off the cobwebs on this blogspot for the sake of documenting the baby of the family turning two and a half. He's all baby y'all. Partially because of his personality to do what ever the heck he wants and not caring but also partially because he's our last baby and we're hold on for dear life to every shred of baby-ness he has left. We just adore every little bit of him.

Two months ago was the last I weighed and measured him. So, back in February he was 38 pounds (99%) and 37.25 in (93%). He's a big BIG boy. He has a big head, big hands, thick legs, chubby ankles, and we are here for ALL OF IT! His eyes are still basically black and his hair is a dirty blond with just a hint of red sprinkled in there. (These pictures are the worst because they were taken on a bright green swing as the sun was reflecting off of it so any chance of accurate color is long gone)

You probably talk the least of your siblings and I'll have your speech evaluation done in September maybe. I'm interested to see what they have to say. You have way more words and talk way more than what the "milestone" says you should so I'm not worried about you at just drop off the first syllable of words so we've got to get that takes care of.

You are so funny and head strong. You have zero interest in potty training even though you can hold it for hours. We're working on counting, your favorite color is red and you don't really care about the other colors, you're learning your shapes. Your favorite is an octagon. You know some of your letters and know that a "B" is your letter. 

You love being outside. You ride a two wheel bike (with pedals and no training wheels) really well. You love to play with Nerf Guns, dirt, dump trucks, and race cars. You love anything that goes! You also adore animals. Especially dogs. I've really never seen anything like it. You are obsessed with our dog Penny but in public we are always running behind you say, "Sorry, can he pet your dog" because any dog you see you just have to go to it. 

Barrett, we love you so much and I could never have enough space or enough words to describe how special you are to us. You are just the little amount of spice we needed in our lives and I'm so glad God gave you to us. We're so lucky to get to watch you grow up.

Barrett - Two Years

October 26, 2021

 Our sweet Baby Bear is TWO today!  I just cannot believe how the time has flown by. Barrett, we just love you so much.

I don't know your exact weight. You are somewhere around 32 pounds (90%) and 36.5in (97%) Slightly bigger than Milam at this age. You have a lot of words that we know and have your phrases that you say but you aren't super articulate just yet. We understand a lot of what you say but also DON'T understand a lot that you say. Ha!

You've dabbled in colors and counting. Nothing has really stuck yet. You love spending time playing with your brother and playing hot wheels. (Which is probably why you talk less...Milam only had me to play with while sister was at school) You hate singing. You're good at your sorter puzzles and LOVE your little balance bike. You especially love trying to do skids and wheelies. You've even raced in a few BMX races and have several trophies. 

You love animals. LOVE them so much. Penny is your absolute favorite. You also love anything that. goes but especially buses.

You are sleeping about 12 hours at night and taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day.  Bedtime is from 7-7:30 and nap time is 12 or 12:30.  You are in 2t or 3t and size 8 shoes.

Barrett, you are the surprise you didn't know we needed in our life. We just adore you...even little rotten bit!

Barrett - 23 Months

September 27, 2021

Yesterday Barrett hit 23 months and I literally cannot believe it. He has a stuffy nose and is teething with his 2 year molars. (He literally pointed to his back gums and said "bobo" so I know it's his teeth - smart boy).  I always say (and think) he's pure sugar and 100% rotten. The true baby of the family. He loves his daddy, buses, and puppies. We just love him. (And, he hates having his picture taken so these are literally the best I got to remember him at 23 months.) If looks could kill...

Still Hurricane Season

September 20, 2021

 Last week I was a little pre occupied making sure I got my weekend shoot done before we were FINALLY getting some rain! I mean, it was a hurricane, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Spoiler: I got the session done and we got some rain and wind but nothing bad. At all.

I'm thinking I may need to be done blogging for awhile. I know that nobody reads this but I like having the record although at this point with my instagram it is very redundant. We'll see what happens. Work is about to take over so I don't think I will have much of a choice.

It was "tailgating" Sunday at church so the kids were all matchy matchy in their Baylor gear. I LOVE this picture so much. Jonathan had to be included because Barrett is LItERALLY glue to him always and Penny would not leave them alone. They're my people and they're so cute.

Random weekly happenings. Just quick phone snaps.

Barrett and I were gearing up for raining day school pickup. It's a lot but it happens.

Before the hurricane Georgia and I saw this. She pointed out that it was a rainbow behind a cross (on the steeple) she told me it was God's promise and she knew the storm wouldn't be bad. Smart girl. She was right.

Milam watching, "Spirit" gets intense. He's sensitive.

Family photo outfits have been picked out!

A lazy hurricane morning. They're nice when they aren't stressful.

This weekend Milam had his first birthday party with friends (not just a family party) and it was a lot of fun seeing him playing with his little friends.

The other day my kids looked so cute. Accidental matching. I promise. And this is the best pic I got. Little stinker!

My friend and I are 35 and booked our first mammograms together. We have the same doctor and she recommends getting one at 35 as a base line and if that is normal then to start getting them yearly at 40. Ours both came back normal (praise!) so we won't need another for five years. It was so easy, painless (I promise), and they even let us do our billing together. It was actually a fun little afternoon.

After the hurricane I told the kids that whoever had the best attitude while doing yard clean up (picking up branches too big for the lawn mower) could pick an after dinner treat. Georgia won and she picked Starbucks.

Milam: I'm going to lay here so I can see Jesus.

Car line issues

Still obsessed with THIS polish. This is my latest color I rewarded myself with after redoing the grout.

Our boys

I bought this amazing chair at a garage sale for $15 I think. I had been looking for an amazing cushion and also a prop for some fall photos. I cannot believe I found the perfect cushion (size and color!) for only $13 at Ross. YAY!

I also got this sign for $10

We celebrated my mom's birthday. I had the kids wear green because she loves green. Barrett insisted on the hat.

We skipped church this Sunday because I had a nagging cough and didn't want the side eye from anyone. Georgia and my niece had a nana sleepover so they went to church with her and then she dropped them with us for lunch. They're getting so big. They are one year, one month, and one day apart. So funny.

Here's to a new week. I don't know if I'll still be posting somewhat regularly. We'll see.

Back - to - School

September 9, 2021

 Here is my catch all back to school post.

We did some fun, super non traditional, back to school photos. I love how they turned out!

Georgia was so worried at Meet The Teacher. She cried in the car. She didn't know anyone in her class. Now, she has declared that 5th grade is her best year yet. She still sees all her old friends and has added a few super sweet girls to the group. It's really going well! 

Back to school dinner set up.

Georgia's first day of school. She loves this outfit so much and picked out her lunch box and backpack. It's really hard giving her small bits of independence.

This was either the second day of school. She was already feeling so much better by then. Such a relief.

Promotion Sunday at church. I have one on the first floor, the second floor, and the third floor. Lots of stairs on Sunday!

Milam's teacher sent him mail. He was so excited!

These cute boys all dressed up for meet the teacher. Barrett isn't in preschool but I love a good theme, and Barrett is obsessed with buses, so it works.

Milam "meeting" his kinder teacher. She is actually the mom of one of his adorable speech buddies so he/we actually already knew her quite well. It's going to be a great year for my two big kids.

Jonathan also opened a brand new middle school campus. Its an amazing three story building for 6-8th graders. It's been stressful but its a great building. The teachers and kids are loving it!


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