Cooler Weather = Happy Weekend

September 23, 2013

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Miscellany Monday

{All just totally random and in no real order}

I've been working on my blog design.  I think that I'm set on the design for the header but I'm still working on the sidebar.  Don't love the design over there and it all feels jumbled up.  I just want simple and small-ish.  Any tips or good tutorials?  I want things to look more streamlined.

The weather here has been ALL over the place this weekend!  Friday it rained for HOURS and HOURS.  Pretty much all day and all night bringing in cooler weather.  I took advantage (we're back to 90's this week!) to break out some long sleeves and cardigans!

Also, now that it's cooler we're enjoying being outside more and getting in the fall spirit!  (That's Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Trader Joe's J is holding)

This Friday Georgia and I had a breakfast date at Whataburger and then went to Pump it Up with our little neighbor friend.  They bounced for over and hour and I didn't take one picture.  Just too busy all around.

Just some random pictures of my sweet girl

I have an iphone 4 (that I REALLY do NOT like) and just updated to ios 7.  Now, instagram looks like this!  Any idea why or how to fix it?  I don't have any updates in my app store either so I don't know what to do!

My child needs a few more driving lessons!

Hope y'all are having a lovely Monday!


Tami said...

Georgia's little fall outfit is too precious! I need to get a few cardigans for Emerson because it gets pretty cool here at night. I like your header! Redoing the blog design can be such a pain but it's always worth it when you're finished!

Suburban Girl said...

:) You commented on my header...and I just streamlined my blogs too. I started working through the site below until I got distracted. I should get back to it. I found it very helpful. I ended up just deleting a bunch of distracting stuff.

deborah said...

Pumpkin Spice coffee sounds yummy! I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I love getting a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks in the fall~if I get to a Starbucks. We don't live all that close to one.

I adore sweater/jacket weather. Not COLD weather...just a light sweater and still wear flip-flops too! :)

Your daughter is so cute. It's so much fun to dress them up when they're little.

I've been working on my blog look some and it can be hard to get just what you want I think. I know just enough, but not enough most of the time!!

Megan C said...
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Megan C said...

I didn't do the update on the iPhone because I saw Paul's and couldn't get used to it. I heard there were more updates coming so hopefully that will fix the Instagram problem.

Loved the cooler weather this weekend!! Oh and also since I saw your Whataburger post, I went for breakfast the next day!!

Emily said...

IG looks the same way on my phone after my update. It's frustrating!

Lyndsey said...

Love your new header! I need to do some updating too, but I lost the motivation a while ago :)

Also love G's fall dress! That's weird that IG looks like that? Mine didn't do that, but I'm not a big fan of the new updates in general either.

Megan said...

Love the new blog look- especially the sidebar! And those truffles- are you kidding me?!?! YUM!

Stephanie said...

If you ever get too frustrated with the blog design I have a few great inexpensive packages (starting at $40) that include a lot of great items :) I totally understand wanting to do it yourself, that's how I got started! But I hear from a lot of women that they just are fed up with trying and would rather spend time on other things!



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