Friday (A Lemon)

September 30, 2018

Some days start off well enough but just quickly go down hill.  Friday was one of those days.

The kids slept in...they slept well.  I got them fed (healthy! yay!) and off to school.  I brought Milam home, we ran two miles, came home and got dressed and was getting ready to go back to Georgia's school for her little, "Writer's Celebration" (so cute by the way!) 

but...Milam locked me out of the house.  I know he can lock and unlock doors but when I went into the garage to put his stroller in the car (to contain him at Georgia's school) I thought he would open the door and follow me.  He didn't.  I tried to get him to unlock it but he wouldn't and got into so much stuff while I just had to stand there and watch (and tell him no while he wouldn't listen). I went next door and used my neighbor's phone to call my mom.  She had to leave work and as soon as she pulled into my drive way Milam unlocked it.

I had to fight him to get him in a pull up, which I don't really believe in but he had wasted enough time with me outside that I didn't have enough time in my day for potty breaks.  He wore his undies as a vest for awhile before he threw them (clean) into the washing machine.

I had planned on going to CFA to grab her lunch and then go by Montgomery Bakehouse to get the kids some treats before heading over to her school.  I went through the line at 10:20 and they said I couldn't order lunch because it wasn't 10:30.  Ahh...what?!  I headed to the bakehouse but realized I had to pick bakehouse or CFA...didn't have time for both after being locked out and already being stuck in the drive thru once.  I got a different server this time and they said I could order lunch all day.  Yes, that's what I thought.  (I had to get out of my car at the drive thru to put Milam back in his car seat!)  Frustrating.  So, we got our food (wrong drink but I was still running out of time!) and drove to Georgia's school

I go to get Milam out of the car seat and he's soaked.  He poured his sippy cup out but he also leaked out of his pull up because he smelled like pee too.  I, of course, didn't have any thing to change him into so I just put him in his stroller and went with it.

He was ok at the school...better than I thought.

I didn't want to get his carseat even wetter than it already was so I got him to pee outside...oh his feet and on mine...and then I dropped my his puddle of pee.  On the way home he got out of his carseat again.

At this point my day was still a joke.

We got home and I fought off turning the TV on and fought off him watching videos on my phone.  He can get the TV on Netflix and he can get my phone and watch videos (on his own) on Netflix or YouTube.  While I was trying to eat my lunch he stood in a breakfast room chair and peed.  It kind of pushed me over the edge.  Diaper went on and I put him in bed soon after.

I tried to get a lot done during his nap but he didn't nap even an hour and a half.  Super frustrating.

The rest of the day was fairly normal but oh goodness I was exhausted from the first half of the day and Jonathan was working late.  I was very glad when bedtime came around!

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