Back - to - School

September 9, 2021

 Here is my catch all back to school post.

We did some fun, super non traditional, back to school photos. I love how they turned out!

Georgia was so worried at Meet The Teacher. She cried in the car. She didn't know anyone in her class. Now, she has declared that 5th grade is her best year yet. She still sees all her old friends and has added a few super sweet girls to the group. It's really going well! 

Back to school dinner set up.

Georgia's first day of school. She loves this outfit so much and picked out her lunch box and backpack. It's really hard giving her small bits of independence.

This was either the second day of school. She was already feeling so much better by then. Such a relief.

Promotion Sunday at church. I have one on the first floor, the second floor, and the third floor. Lots of stairs on Sunday!

Milam's teacher sent him mail. He was so excited!

These cute boys all dressed up for meet the teacher. Barrett isn't in preschool but I love a good theme, and Barrett is obsessed with buses, so it works.

Milam "meeting" his kinder teacher. She is actually the mom of one of his adorable speech buddies so he/we actually already knew her quite well. It's going to be a great year for my two big kids.

Jonathan also opened a brand new middle school campus. Its an amazing three story building for 6-8th graders. It's been stressful but its a great building. The teachers and kids are loving it!

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