Barrett - 11 Months

September 28, 2020

I honestly cannot believe our little baby nugget (Nugz for short...hahaha!) is ELEVEN months old. How in the world did that happen?! As a third, I knew the timeline would feel sped up but goodness, someone must have hit fast forward because it feels like just yesterday we were still in sleepless nights (Thank the good Lord we are past that!)

I don't know your weight or height. I'll work on that for your one year post. You're walking all over the place, switch daily from two naps to one nap, sleep 12 hours a night typically, say momma, dadda, nana, bye, hi, ball, bike, bite and sign more and all done. You try and bark like a dog. Its real wimpy and cute. You're a pretty good eater and have a really sweet personality most of the time. Some days are fussier than others and some days you don't sleep like I would want you to but you're pretty easy. You still just have your same 6 teeth and don't look to me like you're teething but I could be wrong. You seem to like your dad and I equally and really love your nana too. You love hugs and being held or being outside. Love you Angel face!

Friday Favorites

September 25, 2020

Oh goodness. Every Thursday I'm like, "how on earth is it not Friday already?!" But, we've made it again! Here are my favorites from this week.

My boys in these jammers. Oh my. So cute. They are from Carter's but are now sold out online. I did see THESE similar (girl) ones on Amazon.

I finally caught up on all of our home videos. Yay! You can watch them HERE but they're super boring. It's just all the videos on my phone from that month edited all together into one video.

Snagged a picture of these two reading. So sweet.

This little nugget y'all.  He's so cute but he's been such a handful this week. Still a favorite but oh my goodness the climbing and not napping is NOT my favorite. At all. But, his skeleton PJs are so cute!

On Monday and Thursday I have to have all three of them at the school at 8 am. Georgia starts school and 8 and that's when Milam's speech class is as well. Matching them is like a sickness but I'm obsessed. Matching is my favorite. Barrett took his shoes off in the car.  Little stinker.

We've made it to Friday!

Happy Fall - Fall Treats

September 22, 2020

 I get my kids fall treats because we all love fall at my house but also because it's fun to have something to look forward to and to make a normal rainy Tuesday just a little more interesting. I always believe in celebrating the little things in life. 

Barrett got the least amount because well, he's 10 months old and has no idea what's going on.

(I think the jammers I got the kids are sold out but THESE are similar)

Pajamas // Shirt // Book // Food

The buckets are from the Target dollar spot, which I got because they needed new trick or treat buckets, and all the food filler is from target as well as the stickers and glow sticks.


Weekend Top 10

September 21, 2020

Any weekend under tropical storm warning is an interesting one. (Spoiler: We're still under it!) Here are some of my favorites. Mom, there will be typos. It's ok.

1. Georgia being my photo assistant. I actually took her with me because my dad and step mom were evacuating from Kemah and Jonathan was getting things ready with two boys while I had to work (rescheduled so we would miss the storm) just to get one of the kids off of his hands. But, doesn't she look so cute!

2. Celebrating my mom's birthday. Georgia and her cousin just got done with gym practice.

3. Such a sleepy face trying to switch to one nap again.

4. Holding hands. Milam has his sweet moments with Barrett.

5. Cousin pictures in Crosby. Jonathan's sister and her fam were visiting Jonathan's parents so we had to snag a cousin photo.

6. Sibling sleepover (first one - yes, for real) The evacuees were in G's room so these two had to share. Yes, first time ever.

7. First pumpkin food item of the season! We have had pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Aldi. Thanks, Aldi!

8. The Russian Rulers podcast. More on this later but I'm taking a deep dive into Russian history and I'm really loving it.

9. Georgia waiting for her nana to take her to church. We stayed home to keep the evacuees company.

10. Babies LOVE dog things. It's so funny!

Friday Favorites

September 18, 2020

 Goodness this was a long week. Not bad, just long. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Finding time to rest. I don't like to plant the kids in front of the TV but some days it feels good to just collect yourself while the kids watch a bit of TV. Milam loves to be snuggly.

2. This kid had the best week at school. He just loved it. No tears and no fear. I'm sure every day won't be great but so far so good.

3. While the big kids were at school this little nugget go a lot of one on one time which was a nice change of pace. (Stroller HERE)

4. Milam and I did a fun little fall project. He painted a spooky spider web. Just white paper with a spider web drawn with white crayon. Milam is using THESE water colors to paint all over his paper. I have had them for YEARS. I have two sets just like this. Pretty sure I got them before the kids were born and they are still going!

5. Brothers. Need I say more.

Happy Friday

Weekend Top 10

September 14, 2020

1. Playing in the rain. Barrett discovered the spot on our porch where the rain pours down and and Milam was being so sweet trying to follow Barrett around with his umbrella in an attempt to keep him dry.

2. Clean shoes! I bought my favorite detergent combo. (I usually use free and clear but it just doesn't cut it on really tough stains.) I got THIS and THIS. I did a big load of the kid's stained stuff and then did my shoes. I pour the detergent directly on the stain and scrub it with a soft brush. I let it sit while I fill the washer with hot water, a cap full of detergent, and four scoops of oxi-clean. I put the items in the washer and let is agitate for a minute or so and then stop the cycle and let it sit over night. In the morning I turn in back on. After it washes the stains are GONE! Even set in ones. Then I let the items dry in the sun to let the sun bleach them a little more just for good measure. Works every time! 

3. My boys at church. Georgia went with my mom but these boys looked so cute!

4. This gorgeous boy at Mod Pizza after church.

5. Favorite books. Barrett will sit in my lap now to read books and this one is his favorite. It is so cute.

6. Vitamin refills. These are the vitamin my kids take everyday. (Barrett only gets one half of the multi and neither of the others). And I bought the wrong elderberry. I usually get THIS one for the added Zinc and C. THIS is their multi and the other is HEB brand...and I take it too!

7. Penny. She's rotten but a very good girl.

8. Weekend lounging. Aren't they so cute?! And he's been living in his Hanna pajamas. Jonathan even commented on how cute they look.

9. So many helping hands. Jonathan is working on our old four wheeler and the boys are super interested.

10. Jonathan got me a fall candle at Aldi and it has made the house smell so yummy. Go get you one! It looks like a giant silver pumpkin. I don't have a picture but I keep it going most of the day!

Happy Monday.

Friday Favorites

September 11, 2020

 Happy Friday.

Here is what I've been loving this week!

On of my favorite things about this week was that it was a short one! We started on a Tuesday so that makes any week better. And, this was Georgia's first real "week" at school.  She rides the bus on Tue, Wed, and Fri and I honestly got a little teary eyed when she got on. (She rode it the previous Wednesday and I'm not a crier typically.) I'm not sure why. I'm not fearful for her to be at school. At all. I think I'm just a little sad at what she now considers to be normal. Makes me sad to see her in her little mask.

Penny is always sweet and loving with our kids but I captured some sweet moments. And she was a shelter dog y'all. Over a year old when we got her. You don't have to get your dog as a puppy for it to have a gentle spirit.

Barrett's bed head lately. His hair has more body than Milam's (who has none) and so far appears kind of similar to G's as a baby. But sometime parts of it make me wonder if it may start to curl at some point.

These boys and their bikes. Just so funny. Someone gave us Barrett's little Radio Flyer and it's so cute.

Selfies with my boys are my fav. They are just so stinking cute!

Forts. Milam's favorite for sure. Good in theory until your little brother smashes them over and over.

I finally finished our dining set. YAY! Covid quarantine makes you do some crazy things but I'm so glad it's done! You can see the details HERE.
I'm really excited about no photo shoots this weekend and I got all my edits done from last weekend so I  have no work on my schedule. It's a nice feeling. Happy Friday.


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