October 8, 2015

Themed Dinner - Lady and the Tramp

We've started doing themed family dinners on Friday.  So, we either do pizza and a movie or eat food that goes with the theme of the movie.  The first Friday Georgia picked out Fantasia so that was a pizza night.  This time around I was making Italian so I went with Lady and the Tramp.

I didn't go all out.  I just gathered a few things from around the house for Georgia and I.  Jonathan wasn't home that night so it was just us two.  Georgia really enjoyed it.

She felt so grown up drinking her pomegranate Italian soda out of a fancy glass with all the candles.  We really enjoy eating on our back porch.  Its very shaded and is screened in so we are spared the heat and bugs back there.  

I can't wait to see what themes we come up with in the future.

October 6, 2015

Themed Dinner - Rockin' School

I'll be real honest.  I didn't have my act together to have a back to school dinner.  I wanted to but it just didn't happen.  So, I waited until we had been in school for a whole month.  So, now that's it's October we had a celebratory, "You're doing a great job in school!" dinner.

It was really simple.  I just gathered a few things we already had and Jonathan put together a nice, home made, from scratch dinner.  Chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  Yum.

We talked about how well Georgia was doing in school and gave her lots of praise.

She enjoyed it and really loved the decorations and taking pictures.  Maybe next year I can get it done the first week of school...or before.  But, since we home school I have a lot on my plate.

October 5, 2015

Day Downtown

I scheduled some photo shoots for McGovern Centennial Park in Houston and I had never been there.  So, Georgia and I braved the chances of traffic and headed into Houston for the day.  About a 45 minute drive from our house.  We had a great time.  She absolutely loved it.  It was October 1st and that's practically a holiday here at our house.  My birthday is in October so fall (specifically October) has always been my favorite time of year.

She's mine.  But, she's gorgeous.
(She always asks to wear her hair up.  Maybe because that's how I wear mine 99% of the time.  I like hers pulled back but not up.  She likes a sloppy bun or all down.  Kids are funny.)

There is a huge "mount" in the middle that has a spiral sidewalk up to the top and a water fall that flows down the center.  She kept saying, "look, I'm flying!"

 Shades were a must.  There was not one cloud in the sky.

I loved that we were in the center of Houston and couldn't hear traffic.  All we could hear was the water fall and we just watch butterflies fly from one flower to the next.  I used to HATE Houston.  I was born in Dallas (everyone else in my family was born in Houston) but eventually we all moved here when I started 7th grade and I thought it was terrible even though every single member of my family lives here (even extended).  But, I've really grown to like the city.  Especially all the trees.  It's a very "wooded" city and I like that.

The best part of the park, in my opinion, was this beautiful tree.  I love the subtle spiral of the trunk and how huge it was.  Just gorgeous.  

It was so nice and quite.  It had lots of shade and tables and also restrooms, vending machines, and water fountains.  All huge perks with a preschooler.

I'm just soaking up all this time with Georgia.  My heart literally is about to explode.

September 28, 2015

Our Week

It's officially fall now.  Yay for the weather soon turning cooler and all things orange and pumpkin.  I picked up some of these at TJ's.  So yum.  They were soooo good that I had to give some away because I was pigging out :)

Hellllllllo fall!  Glad you're here!

I deal with a lot of mom guilt with Georgia being an only child.  It's not forever and it's not my choice but in the mean time she likes to love on all her pets HARD!  She has such a huge heart and smothers all living beings with love.  Her sunday school teacher says, "she's the prettiest tom boy" and my mom says, "I see a future at vet school"  Both, so SO true.  The other day she had two chickens.  One under each arm...that girl.

She's also a handy little photographer side kick and quite the fence climber :/

And, other than loving on animals, helping me, and climbing everything in sight, she's SUPER in love with her new gymnastics class.  This was before her class started.  Lovely little beam routine ;)

I'm really heavy into Bible study this fall.  I do MOPS every other Monday, BSF on Wednesday mornings, Wednesday night Bible study at church, and Home Group on Thursday nights.  It's a lot but so far I'm keeping up.

With fall comes routine and I love routine.  Along those lines we started pasta Monday and taco Tuesday and I'm so excited about it. We've also initiated a movie and pizza night on Fridays.  I let Georgia pick the movie and we veg on the couch.  I have no photographic evidence that any of this happened but it did.  Promise.  

Georgia wanted to watch, "Asia.  You know, the other Asia".  Took us a while to figure out that she meant Fantasia.  She also loves the "Little House on the Parity" books...and on that note, she also likes necklaces with "narbles" aka marbles.  Love that girl.

I had some photo shoots this weekend, some birthday parties, and dinner at a friends.  On the way home I took this.  It was cloudy all day sunday and the clouds broke long enough for me to get the gorgeous sunset but then the clouds came back before the whole blood moon thing...so missed that.

September 21, 2015

Is it Fall yet?

I've started to get out my fall decorations earlier than ever before.  I'm usually such a stickler about dates I'm allowed to decorate for holidays.  I don't decorate for Fall until the first day of fall...makes sense.  Well, I was anxious this year.  Last year we had only lived in our fixer upper a few months and the thought of decorating was overwhelming.  This year it sounds fun!

So, here is what we're going to be up to this fall.  Our schedules are busy but hopefully it will work out.  

1. Pick apples
2. Renny fair
3. Pumpkin Patch
4. Starbucks trip-only purchase pumpkin things
5. Trader Joes for pumpkin items (we each pick one)
6. Play in a pile of leave
7. Watch Wizard of Oz
8. Haunted House at NCHS
9. Trick or Treat in our hood
10. Fall fest at FB Conroe
11. Halloween photo shoot
12. Leaf art
13. Make apple pie
14. Make pumpkin bread
15. Make Halloween Cookies
16. Plant Bluebonnets seeds and sunflower seeds
17. Decorate Pumpkins
18. Make a pine cone bird feeder
19. Make Hot Spiced Cider
20. Buy Winter Gourds
21. Have a chili Party
22. More family walks
23. Make German food to celebrate Oktoberfest one night (sausage and beer)
24. Fire in a chimenea 
25. Jack o Lantern Pizza
26. Build a teepee
27. Make an indian vest
28. Pilgrim thing
29. Decorate for fall
30. Dress Perry up for Halloween
31. Tailgate
32. Fall candle
33. Buy G new boots and jacket
34. Watch hocus pocus
35. Splash in puddles
36. Gratitude craft
37. Family photos

Happy Fall Y'all

September 18, 2015

Late to Friday Favorites

Linking up here, although a little late to the game.  Long week.

"Farm Life"
 I mean, we live on one acre.  So "farm" is a huge stretch.  But we have chickens and some herbs...so go with me here.  Anyways, Georgia LOVES her chickens.  Here she is getting her eggs from Ella in the morning.

One of my favorite things is how the morning dew looks on strawberry plants.  Doesn't it looks so cool?!  Is it just me?

Then, there is the purple basil.  Hello gorgeous.  Again, not sure who or what I'm turning into but it's so pretty in our flower beds.  We haven't cooked with it yet so I can't attest to the taste but it's easy on the eyes ;)

More animals...snake killer Posey and our pup Perry.  Not pictured: snake killer #1 Pearl  (Yes, our domesticated animals all have P names)

Georgia's awesome personality
This lady has me laughing everyday.  I just love her.  She told me here she wants to be a scooter teacher when she grows up.  Big plans y'all!

Sipping coffee and drawing dragons.

Enjoying breakfast with grumpy cat.

Her choices for drinks.  A girl just doesn't know if she's going to want water, milk, or tea.

New gymnastics class
We have now signed Georgia up for a real gymnastics class.  She was in a class at the local rec and now she's at a real gymnastics place...a gym I guess you would say.  She's loving it.

She's doing really well with everything...just not the tuck roll.  I die laughing every time.

Still knee socks
Guys, y'all are probably so sick of them but I'm not.  Not even a little bit.

We went to Waco to visit Jonathan's sister and her fam.  We did a lot of relaxing and eating which was great.  I got two little pink glass votive holders at Magnolia Market and I use them as glasses for G.  She loves them.

Georgia drank more coffee...

Home school
Home school is still going really well.  We are 9 days ahead of schedule with our curriculum.  My mom was her first sub.  My mom taught first grade for 20 years so she's way more experienced and qualified than I am so it worked out well.

Summer coming to an end
I'm actually glad to see it go.  I love the cooler weather and the routine.  So long sprinklers :)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

September 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #3 - September 2015

First post HERE
Second post HERE

Get your own HERE

Or, not familiar?  Scroll to the very bottom to get more details.

Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans - Kut From the Kloth - 2 - $78.00

I asked for distressed jeans and got them.  I really like them but don't love them.  Kept them though and have already worn them several times.  They are super comfy.

Sent Back:

Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit&Flare Dress - Brixon Ivy - S - $74.00

Good material but I felt it was over priced and I didn't love it so I sent it back.  The fit was perfect so I would have maybe kept it if the price were better.

Neela Maxi Dress - Renee C - S - $78.00

About 1/2 to 1 inch too long.  So, too long for flats and too short for heels although it doesn't look it in the picture.  Loved the print and color but the fit in the front I felt was a bit awkward.

Enid V-Neck Top - Fun2Fun - S - $48.00

Didn't like the fit, pattern, colors, or arm length.  Big fail.  Seemed like something an older woman would wear.  And, it's a blurry photo.  My bad.

Randall Scoop Neck Polka Dot Tank - Market & Spruce - S - $48.00

The fit was good, price was a little high, but I didn't like the black, white, and red combo with polka dots.  I bit too retro for me.  Not me at all.

Here's how it works if you're not familiar.

You sign up HERE, fill out an in depth style/size profile, pay $20 styling fee, they ship you 5 items, you keep what you want, and mail back the rest.

If you buy anything, your $20 styling fee goes towards that purchase.  If you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your order.  It is totally free to mail your returns in.  They send you all you need to do that.

You can do it as a monthly service or you can just schedule them whenever you want.  Mine are on an as needed basis.

To get better items connect them with your style Pinterest board (mine is HERE), give them a lot of feedback in the notes section, and fill out your style profile honestly.


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