September 1, 2014

Schools In Session

Here is an end of the summer recap for y'all :)  Now that we're in a house I'm really anxious for fall!

We modeled our clothes

Worked on the house
(clearly I like blue)

Got two outdoor cats...who then got sick and died so we got a third who is now our one and only.  I'm so over pets.

Played hard


Worked on cleaning Jonathan's new office.
(all the strange things in his office)

Had a very successful garage sale.  Jonathan made me wear a gun.  He's paranoid.  And Georgia picked out this lovely number to wear.

And, with that our summer is officially over.  We're headed towards FALL.

August 28, 2014

Three Year Old Must Haves for Girls

1. An electronic microphone
This is not the one we have, I couldn't find a picture of it.  But, if your little girl hasn't heard herself singing into a microphone...well then, y'all aren't really living ;)  Buy one now!

2.  Dress up high heels
Georgia has several pairs, and wears mine a lot.  She just loves them.

3.  Any and all wands
My fairy princess needs at least (at least!) one wand in her hands at all times.  We have this one pictured plus about 20 more...I only wish I was kidding.

4.  Her own purse
Georgia has a similar Vera Bradley purse (bought for $3 at Goodwill!) and she thinks she is the STUFF when she has it.  It goes every where with her.  Filled with wands and jewelry.  For real.

5.  Lots of jewelry
She has some on all day every day.  Her outfits are not complete without it.

(links for the only two things I think need to be these exact ones)
I bought this for Georgia almost two years ago and it's a favorite for sure.  She loves to build her own flowers and I love that she loves it!

7. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
Hands down her favorite book of all time.  I'm totally serious.

And, if your ever in doubt of what to get a three year old girl you can always throw some fairies or My Little Ponies into the can't go wrong with those.

August 27, 2014

For Granted

I take Georgia for granted all the time in a totally unintentional way.  But I do.  And, I never realized I did until other mothers said something about it.  Not in the way you would think though.

Most of y'all know that Jonathan and I have been trying to have another child.  For over a year now, and suffered through a miscarriage this past May, we have wanted to grow our family.  All I can focus on is the negative and I'll be the first to say that infertility has a whole lot of negativity involved in it.

One day I was leaving ballet and I mentioned Georgia and I were going to Barnes and Noble to get a book and cupcake for her upcoming birthday.  Another mother (who knows what I'm going through specifically and has dealt with the loss of a child) said to me that I was so lucky to be able to do that.  She went on to say that her three kids were too close in age to be able to do something like that. She explained that I was so lucky to be able to have so much one on one time with Georgia because she never gets that much time with her oldest (who is Georgia's age).

Then, another mother jokingly mentioned that I made her feel guilty (she did NOT mean it in a rude way, I swear!) because her fourth child, who is Georgia's age, has NO pictures up in their house but I have an entire wall of just Georgia. (This mother actually doesn't know anything about my fertility issues).

And, in looking at my own mother's experience with infertility she had 7.5 years with just my oldest brother (and I say this with no ill feelings) and her and him just have a different bond than us younger two siblings.  (Had Travis, 7.5 years later they finally decided to adopt, and then whoops - 9 months later she got pregnant with me!)  I never really got it until I had Georgia but my mom and Travis had a lot of one on one time.  Not that she loves him more than me or Austin but they're just a good way and I totally get it.

God has me and Jonathan's family planned already.  He knows when I'll get pregnant again and in the mean time he's gifted me this alone time with Georgia.  One on one time to do whatever we want whenever we want.  I also have plenty of time to myself and I'm very well rested!  Which are both huge pluses to me!

So, I do know that this specific time right now with Georgia is a gift.  Whether or not I ever realize what all this waiting is for...I may never know.  But, when all is said and done I hope (really hope) that I can look back on this time with Georgia fondly since I will never get this time back.  So many people have to wait through infertility with no baby, at least I get to wait through it with Georgia :)

I was 6 weeks pregnant in this picture.  I hated this picture for awhile.

August 26, 2014

Georgia's Preschool Memories

Today is Georgia's first day of school!
(These are last years pictures)

So, I decided to tie up some loose ends before I started posting about this school year.

Look how much my baby grew!  Oh my goodness.  And her hair!  I like it shorter but Jonathan likes it longer.  She even had one BIG hair cut.

Her last day of school was splash day and she had so much fun!

Through out the year I took pictures of her work from school and stored them on my phone app (ArtKive) and plan on ordering that book soon.  The items I really liked I kept in our family binder.  At the end of the year Georgia's teacher gave us a hand print alphabet book the kids had worked on all year and a huge stack of pictures of our child.  So, I cleaned out my family binder (where all her school work had been) and put all Georgia's two year preschool memories in that one binder her teacher gave us and now it's stored away. I have a whole other post on organization coming up :)

The left is the cover of the binder the teachers made.  On the right are her pictures that were on her desk and chair all year, her backpack rack name tag, and the beginning of her alphabet hand prints.

A lot of the pictures they put in sheet protectors in the the back of the binder. 

And, my favorite artwork from the year I saved, punched holes in, and put in the last section of the binder.

AND, I've started another binder that I plan on giving Georgia when she graduates from high school.  I have her first day of school picture, last day of school picture, and picture with Georgia and her teacher, as well as a letter I asked her teacher to write to her on the last week on school all on one sheet.  I'm going to do that every year (that she'll let me!), keep them in the binder, and then give them all to her with all the sweet words from her teachers!

Here is the cover sheet I made for it.

Now, onto the three year old class!

August 25, 2014

Blessings in Disguise

Why it's a good thing the homes we wanted didn't work out.

The first house we tried to buy is across the street from where we lived when we lived in my mom's house.  My father in law inspected the home (that's his job) and did not want us the buy the house.  The house was fully remodeled but since buying it the new home buyer has had to replace all the kitchen cabinets (because they were in such bad shape), get a new roof, get a new AC, they had the retention wall in the backyard replaced and now water is leaking into their back room through the back door, they had to have several large trees cut down in the backyard because they were too close to the house.  Obviously we know all of this because they are our neighbors.

The second house we tried to buy was an entire cluster of issues.  The homeowner was crazy (and she got even crazier so we heard with the new home buyers), it had tax issues, and those tax issues caused the process to drag on forever.  If it hadn't dragged on FOREVER we wouldn't have know that a convicted rapist had moved in across the street.  Once we found out the tax lean was lifted the very next day.  Obviously we let our contract run out.  That was divine intervention for sure although we lost well over a $1000 dollars on this home.

The third house we really liked and it was behind my moms.  We were tied up in the second house for a time on this one but we got out bid by a cash offer.  The cash offer then fell through because of a failed inspection.  Worked out in our favor because we were able to see their inspection report and realize the repairs were expensive.  Needed new wiring and a foundation repair.

The fourth house we tried to buy...we just loved it.  The inside was open and airy.  Built around a gorgeous courtyard in the middle.  Luckily our good friend is our insurance agent and told us in the next few months the house was going to be put in a new flood plain and flood insurance is very expensive and unpredictable.  He didn't have to put in the extra leg work to find that out but he did.  He was very honest and said if he was us he wouldn't buy it.  Dodged another bullet.

The fifth house was  new build and I backed out on the deal and we lost a bit of money.  I would have never been as happy there.  Not really a bullet dodged but a lesson learned in what we really wanted and holding out for it.

The sixth house we tried to buy was a remodel from a house fire.  We put in an offer after my step dad looked at the house.  After we put in our offer we found out there was already a full price offer so we retracted our offer.  My step dad then told us that not all the rafters in the attic had not been replaced and seemed to be weakened from the fire.  He didn't tell us because he was just waiting for an inspector but we ended up passing on the house.  Thank goodness.

Now, we bought the 7th house we offered on.  Seven.  God's perfect number.  It's fitting.  Everything with this house has gone nearly perfect.  It's just right and feels right.  Everything moved quickly, was under budget, had a lot of pluses like the AC and roof.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we've done a lot of work already, but we're enjoying the process of making this house our home :)

August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Happy 29th Birthday Jonathan

Georgia and I love you so much!
...and how hardworking you are
...and your one dimple.

Actually, his birthday was yesterday BUT I wanted to be able to write about what we did to celebrate so here we are.

Georgia was DEAD SET that we were getting her daddy some pocket knives for his birthday.  I'm sure a little birdie planted a few messages in her ears ;)  So, we picked three out and she was very proud of herself.  Then we picked up a pie, because he's a pie guy, and I realized I NEVER bake for him on his birthday so I decided to keep that tradition alive (I think I usually don't because his mom bakes SO MUCH for him on his birthday).

I was going to cook dinner for him (even though is had been an exhausting day up until then) but one of the cats got sick and that turned into an ordeal so we ended up going out.  He was able to take off early since he's been getting home around 7 each night...and that's REALLY late for him.

All in all I'm pretty sure he had a great day.


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