Week-ish in the Life - 10

March 19, 2018

Let's catch up a bit!  With the Rodeo and Spring Break I'm a little behind.

We bought Milam a pair of boots and he's obsessed!
 I've added a few little Easter touches around the house.  I'm just not in the mood to decorate for holidays which is odd but I really like this little platter I won at MOPS.
I've been adding hidden veggies in Milam's food when I get the chance.  I blended spinach into his eggs and it was a big hit.
 Not only did this girl get all A's this grading period (more on that later) but she also got a music award and an art award.  I'm so proud of her!
 Static.  Bring back the humidity.  Haha.  Kidding.
 In addition to thinking his boots are the coolest his discovery of pockets is also the coolest.
 Georgia's class celebrated the 120th day of school.  I used her same shirt from last year's 100's day and added 20 more buttons.  Mom win.  
 Lovely day for a spring walk with BunBun!
 Last year in kinder I forgot to order spring portraits but just happened to take a good picture of G that AM.  I followed suit this year but didn't order on purpose and just took one of her myself.  Came out good if you ask me!
 We have been getting a lot of rain so on sunny days we take advantage of our huge yard.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

March 17, 2018

One of my favorite times of the year is spring in Houston because that means it is RODEO time!  The Houston rodeo is the largest in the world.  Carnival, fair food, real food from hundreds of real restaurants, concert, livestock show, rodeo, art show and THOUSANDS of scholarships for high school students, special children's displays, a lot of educational displays... We LOVE it all.  I've gone most years since moving to the Houston area when I started 7th grade.  I grew up in Dallas going to the Texas State Fair (which has the same kind of feel) but I have to say the Rodeo is way better, but I think that's why I've always been so drawn to it.  I've grown to love all the rodeo events and get so excited to see the bull riders every year and the rodeo clowns.  Those guys are amazing! (I also love looking at all the cowboy names and where they are from.  So interesting!)

Jonathan's dad gets tickets every year.  His company buys them and they all get to pick and choose who gets what.  Their seats are phenomenal and really close to the gates they pull open for the riders.

We love getting dressed up to go!  Jonathan wears boots about 99% of the time but the kids and I don't.  We wear ours often but wearing our boots to the rodeo is so much more fun.  Georgia and I get so many compliments on ours.  They are Maci Bean.  Milam had two sweet appliqued outfits that he randomly outgrew.  They were super high water so he couldn't wear them to the rodeo unfortunately.  I dressed him like a little cowboy and he looked way too grown up and I was not happy about it.
We went through the "Farm Experience" and that is a lot of fun...you get to see where your food comes from and get two prizes at the end.
 This girl won two prizes.  One for herself and one for baby brother.  This was our first year to do the carnival and we had a lot of fun.  J was skeptical but enjoyed it too.
 Inside is another favorite of mine.  You get to see all the animals on display.  It is always super interesting.  This was probably Milam's favorite part.
 Sadly, the rodeo was his least favorite part.  He loved watching it but lost interest in between contestants and became super irritated.  He still looked super cute.
If this doesn't say, "I'm a stinker!" I don't know what does.  Ahhh...18 month olds are the life of the party aren't they?!
Right after this we went home.  We didn't want to go home but at the risk of ruining the time of everyone around us it was the best option.  We're hoping for better results at the actual rodeo part next year.  I was bummed to miss the bull riders this year.  Next year Milam, next year.

Week in the Life - 9

March 5, 2018

I have some other posts coming up besides our every day life but that's all I have for right now.  We are going to BIG BEND over spring break (FINALLY!) and are super pumped to hit up ALL THE sights.  We're going at the end of next week so follow along on Insta (I over InstaStory so beware!) @MrsEmilyPowell for all of our West Texas fun!

Another week another...
This week was Dr. Seuss week.  Growing up my mom taught first grade and actually didn't care for Dr. Seuss books because they have made up words and typically make no sense.  Anyway, so we didn't read them a lot so I never really get excited about Dr. Seuss because I think he's kind of weird but I'm that strange mom that likes dress up days/week.  It's like a personal challenge.  All of that to say, Monday was college day (Oh the Places you'll go day).  We love Green and Gold at our house.
This weather has been killing me.  We can't play outside and I can't work (photographer) but we've been seeing little tid bits of sun every now and then and we love it when it does!
I also had a newborn shoot this day.  They came to my house so that was super nice.

Stripes day was fun!  If she had a striped bow and shoes we would have worn those too.  I peaked around my phone and said, "Georgia, smile pretty!" and this is the face that I got.  Oh well.
After the previous sun oh, we got more RAIN.  Our back yard is so SO muddy.  Trying to keep my kids, house, and dog clean with all this yucky weather is impossible.  So much laundry!
But then sunshine again.  We need sun more than a few hours so that my spongy backyard can dry out.
 Hey mom, I just drank muddy water is that cool?
 Yeah, it's cool? I thought so.  Loved it.  Thanks.
Tried getting good 18 month pictures but he wouldn't look at me and smile.  I got one and his arm is up in the air but it's still cute.  I just need one to put on the wall.
Mustache day was funny.  I don't remember where I got the idea for this but we pretty much nailed mustache day.
Milam and I went to Home Depot to pick up some stuff for our planter boxes.  We're so close to being done...and Milam likes the riding lawn mowers.
They added so much curb appeal and I love them.  I knew I would but I didn't think I would love them this much.  The plants aren't planted in this picture hence the plant tags still in there.
AND Jonathan's mom came by to bring us lunch from Chick fil a.  So nice!

Milam is obsessed with stuffed animals.  Georgia was (and still is) at this age as well.  He kept trying to swing on Georgia's bar while holding his puppy so I just stuck the puppy in his outfit and he was so happy about it.  He thought it was so funny.
Georgia had her fun run at school and it overlapped with crazy sock day.  I went to her fun run last year but because her brother is a bit on the rowdy side (won't sit in his stroller nicely...he'll scream at the top of his lungs until someone gets him out) so we had to pass this year.  I felt really bad but I would have had to wake him up after an only hour nap so I just couldn't do that him...or myself.  I hate when I have to miss out on things with her at school because of him (which is a lot) but she's ok with it.  Mom guilt but if I go to one of her events I want to actually experience it and not be drenched in sweat chasing her brother.  She looked so cute and was so excited.
We ended Dr. Seuss week with dressing up like Cindy Lou Who from the cartoon movie version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Georgia was so excited about school on Friday because she got to dress up, her grandmother brought her CFA and read to the class, and then after school one of her little friends came over and they made pizza.  We made heart pizzas and Texas pizzas (because it was TX independence day!)
Milam ended the day with ice cream on his head.  This was all him.  I promise.
Saturday was just for house work and walks the first part of the day.  I'll try to post about our house updates later.  We walked around the neighborhood and went to an estate sale.  After naps I went to a photo shoot and then we went out for italian.
Another rainy Sunday for us.  Well, at least the morning was.  We went to church, I went to a baby shower after, and the kids played outside with all the kids in the neighborhood while I was gone while J worked on projects, and then ended the day with family dinner at my mom's house with everyone.
Happy Monday everyone!


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