First Week{end} in December

December 5, 2016

It is officially December and the count down to Christmas is on.  I'm still trying REALLY hard to get into the spirit of things.  Slowly but surely.  Part of the issue is that I am SUPER OCD and don't like clutter or messes so holidays can be a bit too much for me sometimes.  Other moms are ok with chaos and, not so much.  But you know's me and I'm owning it.

I had to laugh at Georgia's face on Monday.  Smiling but tired all over.  Coming off of a break is hard.
Georgia FINALLY got moved up to silver level in gymnastics and power tumbling.  She hasn't been in tumbling that long but she's been in bronze gym forever.  I finally just asked if she could be moved up and they said yes.  So, I'm wondering if she could have been moved sooner had I just asked.  They were a bit hesitant to move her up in tumbling but only because, "she needs to focus".  ha.  Tell me about it.  Also, her power tumbling teacher said it takes her longer to master skills because she's ambidextrous in her legs.  So, she performs equally as well with both and practices equally with both so each leg is getting practiced on 50% of the time rather than 100%.  He said that is totally fine but while she's trying to master her round off and one arm cartwheel she should focus on her right leg.  So, that's all fun. 
On Tuesday we had to take Milam to Texas Children's to meet with a doctor to see if he had an inguinal hernia or hydrocele.  Luckily he just has a hydrocele and 80% of the time they resolve on their own by one year.  Even if his did turn into a hernia (only 20% chance) they wouldn't do surgery until he was 2.  Jonathan had a hydrocele and his corrected itself before he was one.  My brother and I both had hernias that required surgery (him at 6 months and me at 2).
This building hasn't even been open 2 months so it was really pretty and clean.  I told Jonathan that Georgia would love to spend a day there.  haha.  But seriously, we are so beyond blessed that Milam and Georgia are the picture of health and happiness.  We know how big of a blessing that is and we don't take it for granted for one second.
(Insta Story words just kill me @MrsEmilyPowell)
And just because, look at his toes.  So funny how much longer the second one is than his big toe.
#HollyJollyPowell is underway.  Georgia got in on the decorating...and I have to appreciate her very eager and very sweet excitement about decorating.  But no, I just can't leave it.
...that has since been remedied. 
She has three pink trees in her room all decorated with pink ornaments, garland, and pink tree skirt.
This happened...I'll post the final master piece at some point I'm sure.
We went to the Conroe Christmas tree lighting with my mom and step dad.  It was fun seeing all the down town lights.  We walked the entire square and looked at all the shop's holiday displays.  Georgia and Milam both enjoyed it.  Bitty Boy's eyes were so big looking at all the lights.
Dressing Milam up for winter cracks me up.  So many of his hand me downs for winter are 0-3 months or 6-9 either tight or too big.  Guess which category this outfit falls under?  I need to get the boy a few 3-6 before he makes the jump to 6-9.  He's growing so quickly.  He was 15 pounds 9 oz (76% which seems so small to me) and a little over 25 inches (77% again - seems so small!) on Tuesday.  (Georgia was always in the 95+ %) 
December first and hot chai tea.  Yum.
We also drove through the live nativity.  And yes, this is Milam chewing on Jonathan's hand in the front the last supper.  This was on Friday and this night did NOT end well for me or the bitty boy.  More on that later.
I am enjoying all the Christmas tree photo ops :)  I feel like now that we have a mantle that the Christmas area seems much more put together.
I've been working through all the spaces in our home.  I did the entry way and now I finished the tree area.  Just a few more to go...mainly just the porch and I'll be done.  I'm still sorting through all my decor from past years and getting rid of a lot of things I don't like or don't go anymore...a lot of which has been given to me.  I'm just buying a bit here and there as I see things that I really like.
On Sunday...
I tried to wrangle all of our Christmas books.  One year I did a book advent so I bought a ton of Christmas books and then I got all of my mom's Christmas books from her teaching first grade for 20 years.
If you live in Texas, good luck planning your clothing each day.  This weather is all over the place.
Let's also note that Friday Milam and I had a small stomach bug.  We each threw up once and were done.  We got it within a few hours of each other so I have no idea where we both picked it up (church on Wednesday night?)  We thought we were in the clear tonight (sunday) and now Jonathan is also sick...probably because he's the one who cleaned up all the Milam throw up.  I cannot even count how many people in my community (via Facebook) have had this bug the past few days.

At some point this week I paid off my car.  I don't remember which day and I thought I would be super excited to go car shopping and get something new. (Jonathan and I have been talking about it for months!)  Turns out I had the total opposite reaction and am now loving not having a car payment.  There are a lot of house and travel goals we have and I feel like those (right now) sound way more fun at the moment.  We will get one soonish but for now I'm liking not having the extra payment.  I'm deciding between a full size car or an SUV that has an optional third row.  For ME I don't like full size SUVs, vans, trucks, wagons, or hatch backs.  I REALLY like cars.  Anyway, I'm rambling...

Happy beginning of DECEMBER!

Fall Favorites

December 2, 2016

Click the item to get your own
(some affiliate links used)

This outfit is my favorite to wear in cool(er) weather.  It's comfortable but looks put together. You've probably seen me in it on Insta (MrsEmilyPowell)  When I go shopping I instantly like things or I don't buy them so I have a pretty small wardrobe.  Then, I wear the same things over and over.  I also need to say that in general I don't like "booties".  Not only do I loathe that word but as a fashion statement I don't totally get them since they don't lengthen you.  I've softened a bit to them but I've always like the Tom's version so I finally bought them.  These pants and shoes pair so well for me and don't seem to cut me off at the ankles so I like it.  I love wearing heels but never do during the week but I've worn these nearly every day since buying them and they make me feel so dressed up.
3. Low-Rise Rockstar skinnies
Here I was wearing the same pants but a different top.  Most short sleeve tops can be for all seasons in Texas.  This shirt is so comfy and airy.  When it gets cooler I just put a tank under it and then a poncho over and that is good enough for here.
This is John Mayer's newest release.  Lyrically, it's weak.  Yes.  But, I like the music so it's worth mentioning.  I'm obsessed with John so I have to let it slide.
6. Sally Hansen Dark Hue-mor and Can't Beet Royalty 
(second one is step one of two)
These are great no chip polishes and I love the darker colors for fall.  They are by far my favorites right now
7. My front porch
When I told Jonathan how much I spent on our porch he nearly died.  He told me next year to get all fake pumpkins so I don't spend that every year.  I told him it didn't count because we had just gotten a HUGE refund check from Milam's birth. (Now, I need to figure out what to do for Christmas!)
8. Hanna Andersson pilot caps
Like the ones Milam has on in these pictures.  They make ones that don't look like pumpkins too and I just love all of them.  They cover the ears without being too hot.
9. Plaid poncho
Unfortunately this is sold out at Old Navy.  None online or similar and I snagged one in the store and the only one left was on display.  I saw it online and instantly had to have it.  Took me about a week to find one but I finally did.
10. Cat and Jack footie pajamas
I love these pajamas so much.  Simple patterns.  Soft materials. Great zipper.
11. This sign!
They actually have one for each season.  I bought mine already framed and for only $14.99 at Kirkland's.  I need to go back and look for the winter one.
I'm compiling my winter favorites but winter here isn't so, "wintery" so we shall see what I'm able to come up with.

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Waco Trip 2016

December 1, 2016

Jonathan booked at trip to Waco for Georgia and I as a surprise for my birthday back in October.  We left early in the morning because I told Georgia, "we can leave as soon as you get up in the morning" so...up before the sun it was.
 We started the trip off with some Montgomery Bake House treats.  Super healthy. A lot of these pictures are from Insta Stories (hence the words and rainbow filter-my fav) and you can follow along at MrsEmilyPowell
 We first stopped at Jonathan's sister's house.  She lives in Waco and has 3 boys (and one girl now).  After that we went to Magnolia.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Magnolia but it was so so crowded.  It was a holiday week so I think that is what made it so bad.  Georgia was miserable.  We need to go back on a non holiday time so she can play.  We could hardly walk inside or outside.
 Then we headed to The Findery and snagged some Pokey O's.  Also went to Spice (a local fav!) and Roots.  My favorite store was actually Harp.  Really great stuff and no crowd.
 After that we needed some of our favorite Mexican food.  We love Ninfas.  NOT the Ninfas in Houston ONLY the one in Waco.  We even sat on the same side of the booth.  SO funny.
 Next up, the new candy store Hey Sugar!  It did not disappoint and checked out with a ton of goodies.
 The parking lot there has the best art wall.  Lots of it was blocked by cars but G found a few areas she liked.
Saw a few more random murals...
 We went by Cameron park and G played on the playground and explored by the river.  Schooled some kids on the monkey bars.
 A few of the other stores we went to (Junque in the Trunk) were closed but we stopped by to see their sign) We also love all the other antique stores on LaSalle.
 For dinner we wanted to go to Baris but it was closed so we went to Poppa Rollo's instead.  They dropped our first meal so we got it all for free.  Winning.
 That night she swam in the hotel and then we were off to bed.
The next day we went to Cafe Cappuccino for breakfast.  By this time it was starting to rain.
 I gave Georgia her own money and we hit up our favorite random store. Drug Emporium, next to hobby lobby.  It has the most random stuff and really cheap Beanie Boos.  Georgia bought three with her cash and we were on our way to campus.
 We bought some collegiate gear and headed back home.
 I did manage to snag a candle and mag for once we got home.
We had a really great time!  Thanks for the trip, Jonathan.

Let's Catch Up

November 28, 2016

Here is a random mash up of what we've been doing since I left you last.

Jonathan took Georgia to see The Wizard of Oz at his school so we met up with him before to have dinner.  I said, "hey we're all dressed.  Take our picture!" So, J snapped these gems ;)
 Milam had some rough naps last week.  He would wake up.  We would try to cry it out some times it worked and some times it didn't.  I would feed him and then he would do this.  This nugget has softened me so much.  I still call myself "mean mom" because I run a tight ship but seriously...that FACE!
To try and get us out of our nap strike funk I took us outside to take some pictures.  It didn't work but I'm glad we did it :)
 I hate that some of these pictures have words on them via Insta Stories (MrsEmilyPowell - I post a lot but I like to think my husband enjoys them while he's at work.) but this one is so SO Georgia.  She is quite the individual.
 Those little baby legs.  My goodness!
 Milam will sleep on us anywhere and everywhere.  This is him during a big family after church lunch.  (Heart eyes for days)
 As a surprise for me, Jonathan booked a trip for Georgia and I to go to Waco.  Just the girls.  As much as I hate formula, and begrudgingly make Milam's bottles, it is moments like this with Georgia that I'm so grateful God has given me this time with her, that I will never get back, through a choice he made for me.
 I'll have more details about the trip later but I did snag a Magnolia mag and candle.
 I made two impulse purchases that were so worth it!  This hat and vest.  He is so stinking cute that I just can't stand it.  Ahh!
 Wednesday (thanksgiving eve) Georgia got sick and threw up twice.  Once and then again an hour later.  She insisted she was fine and that she didn't feel bad until she ate a peppermint patty after her mexican food dinner.  We didn't really trust her judgement so we made her sleep on our love seat in our bed room.  She was great the rest of the night.
 That same night was the first time in a LONG time that we decided to swaddle Milam for bed.  He's been a tummy sleeper mostly and was sleeping really well that way at night but then progressivly was getting worse because he would NOT stop rolling over (tummy to back) but then couldn't fall asleep on his back or roll back over.  So, we swaddled him and put him to bed.  I even slept in the play room thinking he would be up all night (while Jonathan was sleeping in our room with Georgia) because he never liked being swaddled before.  Well, that morning I woke HIM up after he had slept 12 straight hours.  We were so bummed when G got sick.  I was like, great.  Sleep training night is now accompanied by barf but we lucked out on both and it all went smoothly (praise hands!!!)
 The next day they watched the parade together and happily ;) posed for some photos together!
 On Friday Georgia and Jonathan went to my brother's deer lease and bitty boy and I stayed home.  He practiced sitting on his own (because he thinks he so so big) and dressing up like a cast member from "Grumpy Old Men"
 Not sure why they drove two hours to hunt when this was in our front yard...I took this from my front porch of our across the street neighbors.
They were only gone friday and came home on Saturday afternoon.  We started Christmas decorating before they left but we still aren't done.  I haven't gotten in the mood for Christmas decor yet.  Getting there.  Sunday was church as usual. And Then I was off to do more photo shoots.  I had two on saturday and two on sunday.  After the shoots Georgia and Jonathan ventured off to have their deer processed and when they got back her and I headed off to the mall.  The break gave us a lot of one on one time with our girl and we really enjoyed it.
Now we are getting back into the school routine!


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