Our Week

September 30, 2016

The past 7 days have been a bit trying to be honest but now I feel like I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  A lot goes on at this age with a newborn (Milam will be 6 weeks on monday) whether it's the six week growth spurt, the 5 week wonder week, or the peak of fussiness...who knows...BUT naps have been shorter and difficult and at night he was sleeping a lot less.  Anyways, today is FRIDAY and that is when all this started (last friday!) so it's been a week.  BUT, he slept SO WELL last night (I think he did 6 hours and then 4.5 hours and 1.5 hours...from 7:45 PM to 7:45 AM exactly! And, Jonathan did the middle of the night!  We'll see if it lasts.)

Georgia's school hosted a father/kids night on Thursday to gain more male volunteers.
 I told Georgia she could help me decorate the house for fall.  We needed a few more things so we went to Target to look for some fall decor.  We struck out but Georgia had a lot of fun.
 Our church did a kindergarten Bible presentation.  Georgia and Jonathan are on the very far right.
 This week was a donut breakfast for the moms.  We had to take Milam after a very long night and morning.  It was tough.
 This week was also picture day.  Georgia's sub lost her money and order form (ugh) so hopefully I can buy them online and not have to do retakes.
 My neighbor is out of town so my mom is taking her son to school as well (so his grandma doesn't have to wake his two little brothers up).  I say, "as well" because my mom takes Georgia to school every day and picks her up.  So no, I don't do car rider line.
 So, what else was baby Milam up to this week?  Other than us really working on independent sleep (that he previously had been great at) we have been going on walks and working on tummy time.  He's been pretty smiley in the mornings which is really cute.
 He's obsessed with the TV so I try to make sure he isn't honed in on it...just watching some PLL ;)
Two really boring videos unless you are one of Milam's parents

 This week we also tried Blue Apron.  We honestly don't have a need for it and I don't think it is cost effective at all but it was fun and I got a three meal box (for two people) for $10 with a coupon code.  I knew I couldn't get that amount of groceries for $10 at the grocery store so I figured I had nothing to lose.  Georgia loved opening up the box and seeing what we had.  We let her pick the meal that night and she cooked right along with Jonathan.  She ate everything on her plate and loved it.  If not for the experience of opening the box, selecting the meal, and cooking I don't think she would have even tried it.
Tonight we're having another Blue Apron meal and our traditional movie night with our little lady.  I cannot wait.  Snuggling with her and watching a movie is the highlight of my week...because she no longer spits up on me...and doesn't head butt me on the regular ;)

Happy FriYAY!

Newborn Pictures - Milam

September 28, 2016

I did Milam's newborn pictures myself.  I am so sad I did this.  I should have hired someone.  It would have been so much easier.  Ugh.  Live and learn...I was so tired.  I don't even like doing newborn pictures.  They are my least favorite shoots to do so again, not sure why I thought this would be a good idea.  I mistakenly thought it would be easy because he's mine and I could get him during his sleepiest time.  I was wrong...and he hates being messed with when he's asleep.  And our house gets zero natural light so for a photographer that is a nightmare.  These are just a few.  I didn't edit them all because who has the time for that.

Now, I need to actually order his birth announcements.  I keep forgetting...

Our Weekend

September 26, 2016

Our weekends are not really that exciting.  Mainly because Milam sleeps so much. Or, let me rephrase that...he needs to sleep a lot.  He sleeps so we're home a lot.  I know a lot of people who just love newborns.  I am not one of those people.  Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Milam and his first week or so I was super content to hold and nurse him all day.  He's the cutest little nugget ever (well, he's tied with his sister) but I'm one of those people who loses their mind on lack of sleep.  I wish I wasn't but I just am, soooo Jonathan and I are both very happy to be inching our way out of the newborn phase.  Everyone says, "oh, you'll miss those newborn days" and you know what...not one time have I ever missed newborn Georgia.  Not once.  I may miss newborn Milam in some fleeting hormonal moment in the future because he actually is sweet but Georgia, sorry sweet pea, you were not sweet.  (You are now though which makes up for all the tears you caused me those first 6 weeks.)  Georgia is lucky she got a sibling...that I was able to overcome her newborn-ness. (My mom says it's a good thing I was third because if I had been born first she would have never had any more kids...sorry mom!)  Milam is the kind of baby that makes you actually want to have more.  All of that to say...we stay home a lot...because #newborn Oh, and he's in his first "Wonder Week" (read more HERE.  These were always spot on with Georgia) which means he wants to be held more than usual and isn't sleeping very well...right when we managed to conquer thrush week 2016.  This is where our baby tree frog wants to sleep.  Not happening little brother.  Momma and daddy are tired!
We DID venture out of the house and went to Georgia's fall festival and I'm really glad we did.  It was crowded with long lines but fun any how.  Her book fair was also that night so she enjoyed picking out books for herself and her teacher.  She's been pretty good about laying low since having Milam so we try to let her know how much we appreciate her.  
Me and my sweaty little friend having some curb sitting time while the other two waited in lines.
 We also let her dye her hair purple...we washed it out that night but she felt pretty fancy for a few hours.  (Hair dye was a station at the festival)
A little snap of her outfit before she got sweaty at the festival.
On Fridays and Saturdays we do movie night with Georgia.  We let her stay up late and watch a movie with us in bed because we miss her so much.  Milam being born coincided perfectly with her first day of Kinder and Jonathan's first day at a new position at work.  To say the timing of his birth was totally not perfect is an understatement.  Jonathan gets home from work later than he used to and Georgia's in school so our little former family of three really misses each other.  And add to it that Milam has put himself on nearly the exact same schedule as his sister.  He wants to be in bed anywhere from 7-8 and wakes up anywhere from 6-8.  Those times overlap when she gets up and goes to bed as well so our evenings are very much divide and conquer.  Where I would love to put Georgia down for bed and get a break from Milam she only wants her dad.  So, all of our time is very divided...when Friday rolls around we are so excited.  Especially so this friday because the past two fridays Jonathan has worked late (as in midnight or so) and last week he actually had to work late on Friday and then go in on Saturday and Sunday as well.  That just devastates Georgia.  She never misses me but just dies if she doesn't get to see Jonathan.  Movie night this Friday was after the fall festival and I just had to laugh when Georgia fell asleep in our bed.  We have a no kids in bed rule, it just would not work with our dynamics, so this never happens.  She was moved to her bed within a few minutes.  Saturday movie night, girl was amped up!  We had to bring her down a few notches before bedtime arrived.
Getting cleaned up before the movie started.
Annnnd, she's out.
Milam had his one month appointment on Friday (read about Milam at a month HERE) and he was 11.1 pounds, 22.5 inches, and the 90% all around.  The PA said he was absolute perfection and keep doing what we're doing because he's doing amazingly well.  She kept commenting on how alert and responsive he was, how strong he was, how he for sure knew his mom, and passed all his "skills" tests with flying colors.  We go to a family practitioner and they don't see a ton of babies so they get pretty excited when Milam comes in.  I didn't take any pictures because he was a hot sweaty mess from crying the entire car ride there...the ride home he fell asleep :)

A lot of saturday and sunday were spent trying to get an overly tired baby to sleep...so that was fun...and running errands.  I told Georgia she could help me decorate for fall and she did such an awesome job.  I'll have to post some pictures soon.  I was so surprised.

Happy (?) Monday y'all!

Life Update

September 23, 2016

Linking up HERE

We're still here and starting to come out of our newborn induced fog.  Lately I've actually been trying to do normal things like, unload the dishwasher...

I'm on instagram mostly these days and I'm loving their new "Stories" function.  I mainly like it because Jonathan has insta on his phone now so I don't have to bombard his phone with pictures all day of the random stuff we're up to...which is what I normally do while he's at work all day and then I get irritated when he doesn't message me back.

Follow me on insta at MrsEmilyPowell

I spend most of my time holding Milam...
sometimes because I want to and sometimes because he wants me to ;)
Or, taking pictures of him while he sleeps...
because that tooshie and those lips
Or, keeping him clean...
Georgia loves his, "bow-hawk"
Or, working on bedtime routine...
because I'm a stickler
Or, trying to get outside more...
because I've become a recluse.
these legs :)
And there is Georgia...my sweet sweet Georgia.  She started school the day Milam was born so I've had some serious withdrawals (and frustrations).  We went to her open house the other night and she was so so proud.  I loved seeing her in her classroom with her new little friends.  School has her so excited to learn again and I'm so excited about that!  Milam slept the entire time and Georgia's teacher told me she was quite the hit with all the teachers in the school.
She was so excited to show me all her work.
We have been keeping our house so cold.  Milam seems to be hot natured like his dad and sister and I am not!  It's nearly 100 outside but inside I'm wearing sweaters and drinking hot tea...usually with socks and house shoes on.
I feel mom guilt about everything.  Breast feeding.  Patience.  My house not being clean enough.  The list goes on...thank you SheReadsTruth.  You're my life saver :)
 A few Georgia quotes just because...
We've also been battling thrush for what seems like FOREVER!  Dare I say I think the worst of it has passed?!  Yesterday he wanted to sleep all day but seems to be doing much better now.  Plus, we've had two sweet sets of friends bring us food on Wednesday and Thursday, knowing how hard it is when your babies are sick, and I just cannot say enough great things about them.  It was so nice to still have people bringing us food even though Milam is already a month old.
Food from friends
Tried Jonathan's old clothes on Milam...of course they are too small.  The straps are covering his nipples.  Not the actual outfit.  Inappropriate ;)
I'm a member of Influenster so I occasionally get free items to try in exchange for my honest opinion.  So, I got the Cottonelle Mega Roll VoxBox.  I figured I would get a coupon for some toilet paper and that would be it.  I had to laugh and was so surprised when a HUGE box of TP landed on my doorstep.  Right in time to take it off the shopping list as well ;)  I'll be honest.  I don't do the shopping so Jonathan is the one who picks out our TP.  The other day I bought some and was appalled by my choice.  Seriously...I never knew there were such huge differences in the stuff.  Lesson learned.
Happy Friday everyone!  We're excited the weekend is here!


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