Weekend Update

June 24, 2019

I love that Jonathan has Fridays off in the summer but oh goodness Friday sucked.  I did manage to snag this cute picture of my sweet duo. Jonathan's car spent two days in the shop getting the AC fixed.  Also a bummer.
I had FOUR photo shoots.  I had three in Houston, then we ate a picnic lunch, which I'm glad we did because we had time to kill before our exhibit time, went to the Van Gogh exhibit, came home and napped, and then I had ANOTHER shoot.  It was scheduled for Sunday but rain was predicted so I wanted to get it out of the way.

I woke them up at 7am because my first shoot started at 8:30 and I really wanted to make it to the exhibit this weekend.  Waking up early on Saturday is tough.
A tree limb fell on our gas line and broke it.  Luckily our neighbor heard it while he was outside and came and told us AFTER he called the fire department and the gas company. It really pays to know your neighbors.  In less than an hour all was resolved and we were only slightly late to church.  Georgia spent the night with my mom so we only had Milam to get ready.  We went to lunch, napped, and then they all joined me for a photo shoot.  I worked and they played.

August - 21 Weeks

June 22, 2019

Much more to update this week.  I had my 20 week ultrasound and Gus is weighing it at one pound even.  Georgia was 10 oz and Milam was 11oz at this point.  The ultrasound tech is the same man who did Milam's and exactly guessed Milam's weight.  Guessed 8 pounds and 8 ounces on the dot. He said Gus is on track to be bigger than brother (if he makes it to 40 weeks like my other two did). His leg and head were in the 95th percentile.  Said he looked, "tall and smart, nothing average about him". Ha, so I guess that's good!  We were able to count all ten of his fingers and all ten of his toes and see both of his eyes.  He was already head down and the tech mentioned how big his head was.  Fantastic.  Gus's profile and 3D ultrasound look strikingly similar to Milam's.  Even the way they were tilting their heads all the way back.  Took the ultrasound tech a good long while to get him to pull his head up.  Their profile shot does not look like big sister's.

One minor issue came up, which the doctor isn't worried about, and has a 99.99% of resolving on its own.  Worst case I would have a c-section.  I have marginal Previa. My placenta is a little too close to my cervix opening (it's not even touching or partially covering) but since your uterus grows up my doctor said it is nearly impossible for the placenta not to move up.  She'll check it again at 26 weeks so we should be seeing him again pretty soon.

He's had the hiccups several times this week which is kind of funny and I want to eat a lot of BBQ.  Nom.
Milam is on the left and Gus is on the right
Comparing all of their profiles

Friday Favorites

June 21, 2019

Beating the Summer blues
I have been in a super bad mood lately.  Just a lot of things that I can't control happening and if I can't control it or immediately fix it, then I'm angry.  I've been trying to get out of the house (and out of my head) to keep my mind off of things (mostly doesn't work).  Hasn't really been helping but here's to trying.
Beating the Heat
Oh my goodness.  Texas brought the summer heat this week! I feel bad because I've been making Milam stay inside but he sweats so much, I'm pregnant and don't want to start swelling, and even in the morning when it is only 80 degrees the grass is so dewy and gross.  Anyhow, I'm been coming up with ways to stay busy but not get hot.  This week we went and got treats at our local fav Montgomery Bakehouse! (I literally just got a heat advisory on my phone...at 7PM)
We had Gus's 20 week scan and all looked good. One small issue that's getting checked again at 26 weeks so we should get to see him again pretty soon!
This is what our garage looks like 95% of the time that Jonathan is at work.  Chairs out and eating popsicles.
Their Faces
Although to be honest they drive me insane just as much as they make me smile.

Traveling with Kids and Dogs {Helpful Tips}

June 18, 2019

This past trip we were 1) in the car a lot 2) swam a lot 3) took our dog.  Knowing you're going from swimming hole to swimming hole and taking a pet with you can require just a little forward thought.  Some things I thought of and some things I didn't. (Like Milam's lovies! Didn't pack any of them!)
First and obvious, do your lodging options allow for dogs? Ours did so that was easy!

Will your dog and all she requires fit in your car? Ours did, even with her kennel up and put together. Double win. I packed her a bag so all her things would be in one place.  Travel bowls, metal tether, leash, her lovies, food, and treats. Also, lots of places will require updated shot records so have those on hand or make sure her dog tags are accurate. Luckily our dog travels well and does not get car sick or pant and rarely barks.

How you pack.  Make sure your swim bag (sunscreen, towels, goggles, bug spray, floats, puddle jumper, water shoes, sun hats, swimsuits, wet bag) are all packed last so you can get to them first and have a game plan for how you're going to change once you get there.  Google searches will let you know if your destination will have bathrooms.  Ours all did but changing in the car was easy enough for us most of the time.  To save room Jonathan and I packed in one suitcase and I packed the kids in one suitcase.  Plus we had two swim bags, Penny's bag, and a bag of food.
FOOD! Snacking makes for happy kids in the car so I do pack snacks but I try and pack things that aren't going to make huge messes.  Granola bars and cereal bars are a no because Milam gets them everywhere.  I do pouches for him because he eats them so quickly that he doesn't make a mess.  I don't do a lot of drinks because the more liquids equal more potty stops which slow us down.  We do eat a lot of popcorn.  I just pour it in the kid's cup holders and they do a good job of keeping it there.  Also, since we were traveling with a dog we needed to have outside eating options that allowed dogs.  Most of the time we ate at food trucks and found really good ones.  Also, where there is one food truck there are usually several so everyone can get something they like!  I also like having breakfast items packed so we can get going easily in the morning. One of our hotels had an amazing breakfast so we ate there one morning but our first hotel did not have any food options.  So look into that before you leave home!

Sleeping.  This one is harder for us.  Our dog is easy.  She sleeps in her kennel and doesn't cry, bark, or dig.  Milam is harder.  He's still in a crib at home in his own pitch black room with a sound machine.  I bring extra blankets when we travel to use as black out curtains and we travel with a sound machine but Milam still doesn't sleep as well in a shared room as he does in his own space.
Odds and ends that we traveled with? Medicines and a first aid kit.  We never travel with out all of that.  Georgia has gotten way too many random fevers and we've learned.  An air pump for our floats. The water is cold so a float helps and the pump fills them up so much faster.  We have a hand one. I also pack a hammer and handful of nails to discreetly hang up blankets over windows if need be. I never leave visible holes. We bring headphones for the kids and us and I have earplugs because it's so hard for me to fall asleep with little random noises that are different than home. I also have a bag full of little car games that are from Chick Fil A that we always enjoy busting out on long car rides.

When I'm packing I mentally run through our daily routine and keep a list on my phone of things I need to pack.  Any must have items you always pack? Let me know!

Weekend Update

June 17, 2019

Jonathan was gone all week and Friday was his first day home.  Finally!
Jonathan took Georgia to the dentist (because she has anxiety over her adult teeth being loose...like balling in her room every night and we're so over it that we took her in to have a talk with the dentist) and she was fine...like we told her she was.  He also took her to gymnastics that night and we finally got her aerial on video! Woo hoo!
We had lunch with Jonathan's parents and ran a few errands. Then, everyone matched so I made them take pictures because why not?!
Church like always...
and then we went out to lunch to celebrate Father's Day (because I don't cook and Jonathan does).  We went home and rested and I made our May 2019 home video.

20 Weeks - August

June 14, 2019

I've been feeling pretty good other than being occasionally tired.  My reflux is manageable and the nausea has been gone for awhile even though I'm off my meds.  My hardest symptom right now is that I'm really tired a lot.

Honestly, I am still coming to terms with things we'll be set back on with having another little one.  Another 2-3 years of a crib, diapers, and baby proofing.  We were also really looking forward to being on the cusp of easier travel and now we'll be starting all over again.  When you think you're done it's daunting. I'm not whining, these are just things going through my head.  I keep telling myself three years isn't a long time and that we'll make it but we were just SO CLOSE.  And even though I can feel him move and SEE him move it still doesn't feel real.  I'm so not prepared for this life change in any way, shape, or form.

I'm still back and forth with his name.  99% it will still be August Alexander.

Friday Favorite

Hair Week
The past two summers we've let Georgia dye her hair a fun color.  Just highlights on the under layer of her hair.  It looked so fun but unfortunately it is 95% gone as of now because two days after she got it done she swam all afternoon and colored hair dye and chlorine just do not mix.  She's super bummed.

Jonathan comes home today!
We came home on Saturday evening and Jonathan had to leave on Monday morning before we woke up.  He rarely travels for work and has been gone for five days and four nights. That's a lot for us and we sure miss him when he's gone not to mention I sleep horribly when he's not here. So it's just a terrible combination of me being exhausted from not sleeping and doing all the cooking, cleaning, and parenting which Jonathan and I typically divide equally...plus I'm 20 weeks pregnant (today!) so growing a human doesn't help.

I didn't work VBS this year.  We were late to sign up and I wasn't sure we would even be in town but Georgia ended up being able to go and had a lot of fun. Even better since my mom works at the church and picked her up in the mornings to take her! Trying to style these VBS shirts is tough work!

Wild child
He regularly climbs all the way into the fridge.  This picture is him getting down.  He was standing in side.  I don't know why I haven't bought a latch for it yet. He goes from total chaos to snuggling with me on the couch. He's a total disaster but I can't get enough.


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