Monday Monday

July 25, 2016

This weekend was a HOT and BUSY one but good.

Jonathan had off of work so he worked on the giant flag I wanted him to build for my mini sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  He worked so hard and I was so pleased with how it turned out.  He used six pallets so it is gigantic! (I spy Georgia in the background climbing into her tree house)
We have this random slab in the back yard so I turned it into a photo area for the weekend.  It worked really well.  Jonathan claims this flag weighs at least 250 pounds and says he will not be moving it any time soon.
While Jonathan was doing all of this Georgia and I set up a lemonade stand in my mom's front yard with her little neighbor friend.  They had such a great time and each earned $5.  We luckily had a lot of customers!  Great neighbors, construction guys from my mom's kitchen reno, and several homes having their yards done.  We lucked out.  We were both so exhausted so I grabbed Chinese takeout for dinner.  Yum.
I had four flag sessions on saturday and was so pleased with how they turned out.  Now, to edit the rest.  We ended the day with dinner at my mom and step dad's with my sister in law and niece as well.
Just a a picture of my crazy self still doing photoshoots while I'm 36 weeks pregnant.  Not sure what I was thinking when I planned these.  It was hot y'all!
On Sunday we went to church, grabbed a quick lunch, did one flag session, went back to church to be interviewed for a video series at church, and came home and did another flag session.  We were all over the place on sunday.  Jonathan grilled during all of this and Georgia found some time to run through the sprinklers.  We also stopped by a book store having a going out of business sale.  It was a bust for us but Georgia had a great time...reading Star Wars books.  Oh goodness...
I've also been trying to get all of Georgia's things ready for school while also getting Milam's nursery ready and his hospital bag and mine.  It's a tall order but we're making progress.  My due date is August 23rd and Georgia starts kinder on August 22nd.  So, I know I want to have all her school clothes laid out so that if my mom is getting her dressed for the first week or whenever they are all ready to go.  We used six baskets (one for each day of the week and one for her hospital outfit) and attached them to the wall so I can easily divide things out. (Once Milam is born and I'm not planning her clothes out by the week I plan to use the baskets for her random odds and ends in her closet and attaching little labels on the front.)  Organization makes me so happy.  Jonathan clipped the bows on there randomly because he said it made them look better.  I took the bows off needless to say and will most likely clip the bow of the day on the basket so my mom doesn't have to think about it.  Yay for closet, school, and baby progress all in one!
Happy Monday everyone :)

Fun Friday

July 22, 2016

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Fridays are even better around here because Jonathan has off all Fridays during the summer.  YAY.  But, as soon as we got back from vacation two weeks ago we've been running non stop.

On Friday my college besties came into town for my upcoming shower.  Jonathan and I made a last minute trip to Ikea to get them a bed and Jonathan and Georgia put it together.  Once they got here we did a lot of eating and shopping per the usual.  It showed at my 35 week appointment.  We also did a lot of sleeping in...or trying to keep Georgia quiet until all the adults were ready to get up.  We also celebrated national ice cream day...because...duh.
My shower was on Sunday and it was really nice.  I didn't really want a shower and told people no several times but they finally got me to agree.  I got so many wonderful things.  I am so grateful.  And, I had never paid much attention to Milam's initials, "JMP" because I usually look at monograms, "jPm".  Didn't realize it almost spells, "jump".  Kind of funny.
Monday I had a doctor's appointment.  I was luckily able to go alone.  I dropped G off at my mom's and had a nice quiet visit.

On Tuesday Georgia had swim and gymnastics, it was me and Jonathan's 8 year anniversary, I turned 35 weeks, and we took our maternity pictures.  I didn't take any pictures at dinner but it was yummy and it was nice to be able to talk.

We hadn't had someone take our pictures in over two years so this was a real treat :)
On Wednesday Georgia and I knocked out most of our back to school shopping.  Supplies and clothes.  She needed a lot of basics to help her wardrobe transition into the school year.  She even picked out an outfit all by herself and was so proud.  Totally not my style but I had to get her into the school supply mood.  We got snacks, then shopped, and ended our outing with CFA.
Jonathan and I were also able to get away for a little date night to celebrate.  Actually, my mom gave us a gift card and said she would babysit so off we went while my mom took Georgia to tumbling and then home for bath and dinner.  Honestly, I've been having a hard time lately dealing with the fact that so much of our time (energy, brain power, money, prayers) the past few years has been spent on selling or buying a home, infertility, and now thankfully another sweet baby.  I'm ready to take a breather and be able to enjoy my husband for a change.

I spent the majority of my Thursday paying bills, balancing the checkbook, trying to revive my slowly dying computer, calling bill providers to ask them why their auto draft system wasn't working...annoying.  I finished so many edits at lightning speed because I had no idea when my computer would die (it didn't...but it does need a new battery and then all should be well).  While I was doing all of that I set up centers around the house for Georgia to keep her occupied.  She stayed busy for well over an hour so that was really great.
We don't have a lot planned for today.  Jonathan is getting my prop ready for a shoot this weekend and I'll probably be catching up on laundry.  FUN.

35 Weeks - Milam

July 19, 2016

35 down and 5 more to go!

A bit of swelling this week.  The more we eat out the more I swell.  I told Jonathan that for the next 5 weeks we are only eating at home.  I can't handle the chubby feet.

Belly button is in, no stretch marks, crampy achy legs, lower ab muscle pain, lots of movement, and a handful of braxton hicks during the day.  I'm not totally sure on my weight anymore.  I think I started from the wrong beginning weight so I think I've gained more than I originally thought.  I'm not even really keeping track anymore.  I know a lot of my weight gain will be water weight.  This August baby thing is tough!

I am exhausted and have insomnia all at the same time.  Not eating very much and not very hungry.  Probably because I'm drinking so much water and it is so dang hot outside.

I had my baby shower on sunday, my doctor appointment on Monday, and today is maternity pictures and our 8 year anniversary (hence why I snuck J in on my weekly pic).  It's quite the week.

My baby shower was wonderful and I have everything I need now to bring home baby!  My doctor appointment was uneventful.  She's estimating he is currently about 5.5 pounds and on track to be about the same size as Georgia (7lbs 6oz).  I feel massive when I look at my weekly picture.  That's why I don't usually take these things after dinner.  Oh well.  Here's to another week down!

Happy Anniversary {8 Years and Counting}

Happy eight years, Jonathan!

Our wedding day...
And eight years later.  Couldn't love you more.
Dating all through high school, a break up and long distance relationship all through college, becoming parents, me far less gracefully than you, home buying and selling, infertility, miscarriages, new jobs, I would do it all again with you...a million times over.  You're the best person I've ever met.  I love you!

No fancy celebrations this year. 1) Because I plan these things really poorly.  I book tons of photo shoots and then have no free time 2) my belly makes it seem far less fun and 3) paying to have to car A/Cs fixed is a bummer. Hoping to go all out for years nine and TEN!

Fri-YAY {For Real}

July 15, 2016

We got back from vacation on Sunday night and Jonathan immediately went back to work on Monday morning for the first time in four weeks.  This time he went back as Associate Principal.  For the past four years he was Assistant Principal (one of four) and now he's Associate (the only one) which is right below Principal.  He does have off Fridays during the summer so that's nice but Georgia and I have been pretty busy here at the house.  Trying to keep her busy and trying to catch up on house cleaning and laundry.

First thing was first on Monday.  Get my NASTY car washed!  Dirt and sand.  It was so disgusting.  G was perfect watching.  She was playing with legos (as dirty as my car I'm sure) and listening to classical music.
Then, I made us a "we have got to get through these summer days" chart.  I literally drew this up in all of 5 seconds (as you can tell) and it keeps us on track for the day.  We do these things before iPad time.  She gets one sticker for each activity in order to earn some free time on her iPad.
Before and after lunch.  I wish I had the same taste buds as her.
 Building towers with marshmallows and toothpicks
 Cleaning up her lunch she spilled on the floor
 Working in a few of her workbooks (while I sort laundry in the background)
Georgia goes to gymnastics once a week and tumbling once a week.  She's Rio Ready everyone and she's got the gear to prove it! Her tanks are all too big so in the spirit of modesty around her male coaches I got her two "sports bras" to go underneath so you can't see her chest through her arm holes or when she hangs upside down.  All I've got to say is Jonathan and I are IN TROUBLE!  I've never seen someone so excited to wear a new "under garment" in my life!  I discussed the idea of modesty with her and she totally got it so I think we're ok for now ;)  In the pictures of her with the blue top you can tell how it's too big and she didn't have a cover underneath.
Georgia had the best day ever on Tuesday.  She went to gymnastics.  Then swimming at a neighbor's house.  Earlier that day my middle brother called and asked if he could take Georgia to the movies that evening.  YES!  100 times yes!  He took Georgia and our niece and nephew to go see, "The Secret Life of Pets" and Georgia had the time of her life.  Luckily she took a good nap that day because she got home very late and very EXCITED about her day.  It was so funny.  Best uncle ever!
On Wednesday we went to "Bust a Move Day" at church.  Basically inflatable and games day.  Georgia loved it.  We brought Chick-fil-a and ate with friends.  While Georgia was eating some waffle fries her second loose tooth fell out after some tears and a few break downs.  I don't know where my bitty little baby has gone :(
Milam's nursery is inching closer and closer to being finished.  The dresser is finished.  The lamps are done.  I hung up one map...among other things.  We're getting there.
Now, we are frantically trying to get ready for house guests.  So much to do!

34 Weeks - Milam

July 12, 2016

34 weeks has brought even more swelling.  My ankles and feet (although usually not my toes) and sometimes my calves.  I feel so big and am seriously wondering how much of my final weight gain will be water weight.  My guess...A LOT.

He still moves like crazy.  He pushes my left rib and right hip bone (at the same time) constantly.  Georgia would kick my ribs or try to get under them.  This kid is trying to get his feet on top of my rib cage.

Belly button is in.  I have no stretch marks.  I have an appointment at 35 weeks and an ultrasound at 36 (I think).  My shower is on sunday and the count down is starting to get really short...

Friday Favorites - Summer Favorites

July 8, 2016

I like them because the keep my arms/bra straps covered without having to wear a tank under my clothes which is really uncomfortable.  I got this one at Target several years ago in the swim section. The picture I never posted of the latest wedding I did.  Milam has been quite the photo assistant these days.  Hoping he'll make as good of a subject come August ;)
Land's End bags
I use these for all of our trips and I just love them.  They are easy to use and clean and I like all of the color options.  I need to get Jonathan one.  He's the only one who doesn't have one and I need to replace my brown one (my college art bag).  I have colors for everyone in the family.  Georgia is yellow, I'm turquoise, Jonathan is green, and Milam in blue.  It makes things visually easier on me.  I was excited to put them to more use this season (remember I had to cancel our fall disney about that cluster HERE) well now it's looking like Jonathan and I won't be able to take a trip on our own because both our cars A/Cs went out this month so we had to pay to have those fixed and it wasn't cheap.  Bummer to being an adult and budgeting with cash.  Our bags will be ready and waiting when our life decides to calm down!  I'm anxiously awaiting that!
Rtic Cups
The biggest on the left is actually a Yeti and so far the cheaper Rtic cups have served us far better and kept ice for way longer.  Georgia left her's in my black car, in Dallas, on over 100 degree weather for 24 hours and it still had ice in it every time we got back in the car.  Ours are total life savers when we are out and about and running errands.
Fresh eggs
Our chickens are still beating the heat and laying those eggs!  They are mainly finding their way into our chocolate chip pancakes and waffles or to our friend's and family's homes.  Our newer chicks should start laying in the next few months.
NOT snakes!
And, with chickens and eggs...come snakes.  Apparently.  Not fun.  We were out of town and my mom and step dad found a 5.5 foot snake (I'm 5'6) curled up in our CLOSED chicken coop eating two eggs.  My step dad hated to kill it, since it wasn't poisonous, but it was SO big and this breed only eats eggs BUT they can be aggressive (and big) and bite if cornered which can lead to bad infections from bacteria in their mouths.  Anyways, I read about simple snake traps, made one, placed a slightly cracked egg in the trap (every now and then the chickens lay one that is cracked), and was so excited to go check it every day and catch snakes (strange, I know) but the egg never got taken and no snakes we caught.  Womp womp.  I guess we don't have snakes in our yard...just that one.  Which is totally a good thing!
Happy FRIDAY everyone!


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