Corona Life - Week 10

May 26, 2020

Just in case you're keeping count...this was our 10th week of homeschool, our 9th week of lessons from Georgia's school, and our 11th week at home. Wow. We live in Texas and our state is opening up and so far has no spike in numbers.
Sunday was all about Georgia's party.  Running last minute errands, getting set up, and eventually...the party! She had a really great time!
Monday we did school and Georgia started back at her gym. They've cut it down to 7.5 hours from 9 but we're all so glad to have one little part of our life back to normal. Georgia and Milam need some time apart and I need someone to burn all her energy.
Tuesday we buckled down and finished all of Georgia's school work and got it turned in. With Jonathan starting to spend some time at school and gym starting back I needed "homeschool" checked off of my list. We also started to get that awful Texas heat + humidity so its now hard to get out of the house. I need all the summer help I can get. Milam and I did play baseball for a bit and it was so cute. He kept saying, "oh mommy, you're such a good thrower!" "Look mommy! I hit it! I'm so proud!" I kept putting my hand up to give him a high five after each hit (pitch, not tee) and he would go in for a hug every time. It was the cutest.
Wednesday Georgia had gym, it was our first day with no school, and it was really, REALLY hot. I can't complain too much though because since the "stay at home order" started we've been blessed with really great spring weather. I knew it had to come to an end. Barrett has also started feeding himself and its super cute and means sink baths. We just can't get enough of him.
Georgia had gym again and then I don't remember what we did the rest of the day. Oops

Jonathan worked most of this week and really odd hours. Milam had his last speech class on this day. I did some cleaning. We played outside.
This day was super exciting because we got a treadmill. A friend just gave it to us and we're LOVING it! Jonathan has his bike trainer and weights in the garage and now we have the treadmill. Makes a nice little home gym. Georgia spent a lot of time with my mom (much needed time for them both) and I took the boys to Sonic.
Jonathan has been working a lot lately so my days are kind of just blurring together. I cannot believe Barrett has done three monthly shoots under house arrest...and he's only 7 months old.

Barrett - Seven Months

Our little Barrett Boy is seven months old today and just the yummiest thing ever. He is so sweet and so happy and just so so cute! We just cannot get enough of him. He loves his family and Penny. He is super easy to make smile or laugh. He loves to follow us around in his walker and beg at the feet of anyone he sees eating.
He is now crawling, has two teeth, says "dada" all day, and loves to eat. He eats purees but has also started eating anything we're eating and just loves it. If you eat and don't offer him anything you're just the meanest person in the world. All kinds of crackers are his fav and we've been making about 90% of his baby food. He loves to be sung to and does great on all our long walks.
I have no idea how much he weighs or how long/tall he is. He's in 12 month clothes and then I usually size up for PJs. He's in three diapers and never wears shoes. Head is still big and has a nice flat spot on the back right.
He is sleeping from about 7:30 to 7:00 and then takes two naps a day. They fall around 10 and 2:30 and usually total 3 hours worth of sleep. He wakes up and eats a 6oz bottle, an hour late he eats breakfast and once he's been up 3 hours total he takes a nap.  Then, he wakes up and eats another 6oz bottle, an hour later has lunch, and then once he's up for 3 hours again he has his second nap. He wakes up from that nap and has another 6oz bottle. He eats dinner with us and then has a bath at 7ish and is in bed by 7:30. He is teething right now so he's been having some wake ups from naps and at about 6:30 am but eh, no one's perfect. I know it's a phase and he's pretty good at putting himself back to sleep so that's nice.
Barrett, we love you so much and I can't wait to see you grow even more!

VSCO Girl Party (Social Distance Version)

May 20, 2020

Georgia is very much a social butterfly so we were determined to have some sort of party to celebrate her turning NINE! I texted my sister in law and two neighbors to see if they had any issues with a front yard party of crafts, cupcakes, pizza, and bike riding. They all said they were fine with it. (We're in Texas and our state is open). So, including Georgia there were four people at her party. The parents just dropped off and picked up. It was actually a lot of fun having such a small party because we were able to do whatever we wanted favors wise. 

Georgia is really into the whole VSCO girl/sea turtle thing so I wanted to do something like that but I couldn't find turtles anywhere. I went in a tropical direction. I added sea turtles onto the party favor purses and they were a huge hit. The decor was from Target, the balloon garland kit was from HERE on Amazon, the purses were from the Target dollar spot, I had the decals made by a friend, and the tassels were from The Dollar Tree. I just LOVE how they turned out. Super cute. Inside I put two chapsticks, lots of girly stickers, and a crazy straw. Really fun.

I already had the placemats, the table and chairs, and the yard hooks were borrowed from my mom. Our front yard is luckily really big! We live on an acre and our house is placed nearly in the center and we get a lot of shade in the front almost all day. I got her tie dye shirt and white shorts at Target and I'm fairly certain she's rocking her rainbow vans.

After eating and doing crafts Jonathan took the girls on a bike ride and they rode through Taco Bell (on their bikes) to get strawberry freezes. They had so much fun.

I'm really glad we found a way to celebrate our new nine year old. And, on her actual birthday too!

Georgia is NINE

May 18, 2020

I always feel at a loss when I sit down to write these birthday posts because it is impossible to encompass all that a child is. Georgia is smart (always has straight As) and funny, thoughtful and kind (sometimes), ridiculously strong, a great big sister, and very social. She loves her dad so much and comes to me for all kinds of girl advice which is so funny to me and something I'm trying to get used to.
She can be really insecure, doesn't pay attention to details. We call her "flighty". She's carefree and surprisingly clumsy for the amount of gymnastics she does. People always comment about how confident she is (or appears to be) but she is at an odd age, beginning of a tween I guess, stuck between dolls and fashion and just wants to fit in and be herself.

She is so amazingly weird and we just tell her to lean into it. To quote Jonathan, "you do you, boo!" She loves all kinds of animals and loves to get dirty. This girl has never minded a mess. Her room is a disaster zone. She loves to read and hang out with her friends. Enjoys being outside and tumbles ALL the time. 

Georgia, we love you so much! I would never have enough space to tell people all about you. You're one of a kind! I can't wait to see what you do with your life.

Corona Life - Week 9 AND Mother's Day

Week 9 of homeschool

Week 10 at home 
(Milam has been home 11 I think because he had a small cough the week before so I kept him home even though he didn't have a fever. Ugh)

(Just some back story on our time the past couple of months)
I have really enjoyed all this time together but it has been a time of a lot of change for our families. Other than the obvious changes like Jonathan working from home and the chaos (and good) that comes from that, my mom over did it cleaning out the garage and injured her back.  I've been helping out a lot at her house because her 96 year old mother lives with her. She was cleaning the garage because my step-dad has a high stage of Alzheimer's and after a stay at the hospital for pneumonia (non covid) he went to a rehab facility and now he's at a memory care residence because it is no longer safe for him, my mom, or grandmother for him to live there.  My mom hasn't seen him in almost two months because of this covid ridiculousness and up until this week she was barely walking. Once her doctor reopened she was able to get an injection to speed up healing. So, it has been great in a lot of ways but really life changing in others. Alzheimer's is an absolutely heartbreaking disease. I hate it for my babies that they won't have the PawPaw memories they deserve because even though he doesn't know them now he loves them so much. It's entirely unfair because my step-dad is a living saint (I love my dad and he in no way replaced my dad when my parents divorced and never tired) and this disease in no way honors his spirit. I'm not writing any of this for sympathy (although my mom could always use your prayers) but I just want to fully remember what this time was truly like for our family.

In a moment of Rona, home bound, frustration I told Jonathan for Mother's Day I just wanted to talk to nobody all day. Then, on Mother's Day he made me breakfast in bed, brought me a ton of chocolate, a target gift card, $20, and a super cute itinerary. The itinerary told me to go on walks, shop at Trader Joes with my $20, spend my gift card at Target, listen to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, get dinner at Flower Child, and enjoy a night to myself at a hotel. When I realized he had booked me a hotel and planned a whole day for me to be by myself I was super taken aback and not at all excited. It seemed odd to me that I wouldn't spend Mother's Day mothering but then I was out on a run by myself about to check into the hotel and then clean up to go shopping and was like...this doesn't suck and then I remembered I TOLD HIM I DID'T WANT TO TALK TO ANYONE ALL DAY. Oops. It was actually really nice. I ate a lot of chocolate, bought beautiful peonies, shopped, watched Home Town while I ate my yummy Flower Child glow bowl...and then actually did a lot of work but I got so much done because nobody was distracting me. It was great.

On Monday I came home and it was back to reality. I didn't even really start waking up until 8:30. We did some back and forth parenting while Jonathan had meetings and we played outside a lot. Barrett crawled ONCE! Just once but it was still forward progress. He'll make some progress and then we all jump and cheer and he gets so excited that he drops and buries his face and smiles and laughs. It is so darn cute. 
Tuesday we had a lot of school work to catch up on since I was out of the house Monday morning. We played outside, Jonathan worked on building a bike with my brother, it rained, I went to the store for my mom (she has two bulging disks so that stinks), Barrett worked on crawling and devoured some corn bread.
We went on two hikes this week. Milam feels really cool when he gets to ride trails on his bike. He loves it.
On Thursday Georgia went to spend a few nights with Jonathan's parents. So things were a slightly slower pace for us. Jonathan actually had to go into work that afternoon. Then, we ate dinner and took a walk to my mom's.

Friday Milam had two zoom meetings and it rained.  That's all I remember about Friday.  Oops!

Saturday I know I ran a lot of errands and Georgia came home from her grandparents. I did a lot of birthday prep for Georgia. She turned nine on Sunday!

What have your covid schedules been looking like?!

Corona Life - Week 8

May 11, 2020

I wrote an entire post but it got deleted so here are the pictures.  I'm done.

 Blue Angels fly over

 Mother's Day


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