Barrett - 38 Weeks

October 18, 2019

I'm 38 weeks!
And look how tired I am.  I shot a wedding for 8 hours today!
At my appointment on Wednesday I was 80% and 2cm which is exactly where I was with Milam at 38 weeks.  We're not thinking I'll be making it to Halloween even though my due date isn't until November 2nd.  I'm still swelling which is super annoying and uncomfortable.  No stretch marks, belly button is in, and he hasn't "dropped" but is lower than he was at 37 weeks.  I'm shooting a wedding today so that's insane and then I have a newborn shoot on Sunday.  I just really need to get through this weekend and then he is welcome to get here.  I think mentally I am ready to meet him or maybe I'm just ready to not be pregnant anymore (this is for sure true!).  My neighbor asked me the other day if I was ready and I said, "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be" which I think is how it is with any pregnancy. You can only do so much to prepare although I could have done a few things better this time around.  I've put so many things off thinking I would get time but the time just never came and now we have two weeks or less.  Their brother/sister shirts just shipped yesterday, his hospital gown hasn't shipped, we've done zero meal prep, and I haven't finished the notes for my mom and Jonathan. But hey, it will all work out, right?

Fall Break Part Two

We didn't do anything super note worthy this weekend.  Just got a lot of to do items checked off of our list which is why there were not a lot of pictures taken.

Jonathan has off this entire week and Georgia had off today so we had a long weekend which was nice.  I worked so much on Saturday and Sunday that I needed a day (or a few) to recoup. Georgia still had gymnastics and I did A LOT of editing.

Milam was at school all day, Georgia went back to school, and Jonathan was the Watch Dog at Georgia's school so I was home most of the day by myself and again did A LOT of editing.  We ended the day with my mom, step dad, grandmother, and aunt coming over for dinner.

I had a "Fresh 48" session Downtown Houston and was able to make it home for just a bit before I also had a doctor's appointment.  I edited A LOT and Georgia had gymnastics.

Jonathan took the kids to school/speech and I did more work at home.  When he got home I switched into nap mode and napped off and on for a few hours.  Eventually Jonathan went on a bike ride while Milam was napping and I worked A LOT more.  By the end of today, I had edited 12 sessions in 4 days.  With my due date looming and a wedding and newborn shoot coming up I just needed to get those done and sent out.

Also, Barrett's carseat came in and we got all three kid seats situated in the car in a way that hopefully works out.  We got a lot of baby stuff organized and taken care of so that felt good to get out of the way.  Georgia had a private gym lesson.

Jonathan cooked a super yummy dinner and we ate outside while we watched the kids play.
Jonathan woke the kids up early and got them out of the house early enough to go out to eat for breakfast before school/speech and let me sleep in.  When I got up he had made me some protein/oatmeal pancakes.  Such a nice treat especially since I have a wedding to photograph today.  It's going to be a rough one.
This week with Jonathan being home has been so nice! I got so much work done and the kids loved having him home since his work hours are super crazy.

Fall Break Part One

October 14, 2019

On Fridays Milam has speech at Georgia's school but on this Friday, Georgia also had her Storybook Parade and a cold front was coming through bringing a lot of rain so I tried my hardest to rush the kids out the door so we could get to school early to snag a good parking spot.  We were successful on all fronts and got a good spot and were able to get into the building before another downpour. While her school was still doing arrival we were put under a tornado watch.  Right at 8 Milam went back for speech and then we got put under a tornado warning.  All the kids had to get under their desks and all the parents had to go to an interior room.  Milam stayed put with his speech teacher.  Eventually it was lifted and the Storybook Parade got started later than it was supposed to. We stayed to watch Georgia but by the time we got back to the office it was almost 10 and she had early dismissal at noon so I just checked her out so we could have a normal lunch and nap time.  I stopped on the way home with the kids and got them some donuts and they came home and instantly put on their skeleton PJs and I turned on, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" per Georgia's request.
Once it stopped raining it got chilly outside and the kids wanted hot tea.  Georgia made them some and I fixed them a little shared buffet.  They ate almost everything.  I was impressed. They ate so much because they ended up playing, "Restaurant" while they watched, "Magic School Bus". Georgia was the waitress and Milam ordered and reordered and paid with invisible money.
We were all super excited because Jonathan DID NOT have to work a football game this night and was able to come home and kick off his fall break since he didn't have work the entire next week.
We didn't do a whole lot other than hang out and check a few Barrett things off of our to do lists.  The kids played outside a lot and ended up going to my mom's while Jonathan went with me to work some mini sessions.  Taking pictures isn't super hard but standing up after getting close ups of kids can be.  Haha.  So, he was my assistant.  So glad he joined me.  Made my work a little easier.  Georgia fell asleep in bed with us that night.
The kids and Jonathan went to church.  I stayed home because my and those pews just aren't working right now.
They've been really into playing "dentist" and "restaurant" lately and it is so so funny.
It's Monday now and Georgia has off today and Jonathan has off this entire week! I'm just giddy that he'll be here all week to help out! 

Barrett - 37 Weeks

October 11, 2019

I had my 37 week appointment a few days early and I was 1 cm and 70% (with Milam I was 1/2cm and 70% - so pretty much on the same track).  His heart rate was in the 140s I think.  He wiggles and squirms to get away from the wand the best he can.  Lord, please don't let him be a trouble maker.  I still have no stretch marks.  Good genes I guess.  Thanks, mom.  Belly button is still in although it looks out because you can see it's outline through my shirt. I'm still swelling despite the couple days of below 90 degree weather we've had.  

I'm really looking forward to losing this water weight, sleeping on my back, breathing normally, being able to bend over and have my general range of motion back.  Ahh.  The simple things.  I've gotten all his newborn things washed and put away and my hospital bag in mainly packed.  We are well on our way to being "ready" if one is ever really ready to add another person to their family.  See you soon Baby Bear!

Weekly Favorites

One of my favorite things about this week was that Jonathan took the time and prepped four meals for me for my lunch this week.  It was so nice to have fresh and healthy meals ready to go.

Georgia also made our front porch into a "pumpkin patch" and took these pictures on her (super old) iPhone right before she cracked the screen.  Found them uploaded to my phone.  Fun surprise.
Tuesday was a rough day.  Milam got in trouble at school for the first time and both of my kids acted like terrors getting their flu shots.
I made a ton of progress on Barrett's clothes.  I got all newborn items washed and put away and our bags are almost done being packed.
This day was Milam's first day of speech.  That means I have to get two kids dressed and out the door  by about 7:40 to have everyone in their classes by 8.

Our Weekend

October 7, 2019

A lot was going on this day!  The previous night a part on our A/C went out.  It was still coming on and still blowing air but it wasn't cooling.  Luckily, someone was able to come out around one on Friday and had it fixed in all of 5 minutes.  One small part had gone out and luckily it made a strange sound Jonathan was able to describe over the phone and they knew exactly what it was.  

Milam had his first ARD meeting on Friday as well.  It went really well and the staff just kept going on and on about how cute he was.  As I've said before, he was just on the edge of needing speech or not needing it.  He's only being seen for "articulation" because he will talk your ear off all day long but you may not understand him.  Luckily, the speech teacher could understand him so hopefully they will be a good match.
Since we were already at school for the ARD we went ahead and checked G out at noon and stopped by CFA for a quick lunch since I didn't know when the A/C guy would get there.  Luckily it was at one-ish but I just knew he would come when I was getting her for school in the afternoon so it was just easier to already have her home.

Jonathan had a late work night working his school's homecoming football game.  They won.  So far they are undefeated this season.  I took G to gym and my mom picked her up since Milam was already asleep.  She, of course, convinced my mom she needed McDonald's for dinner and her and I watched a Tiny Home show on Amazon.

We spend the first part of the day at Trader Joes getting all of our fall favs and a few random staples.  I mainly just love their indoor pumpkin set up because it is HOT here in Texas.
I had photo shoots that evening so J took the kids to my mom's while he was off to the Homecoming dance.  G convinced my mom that she needed to spend the night so I brought Milam home and put him in bed and enjoyed an evening to myself watching for Tiny Houst shows.

I spent the morning at home prepping the kid's ginger bread haunted house.  Church has just been too hard for me lately.  We have such uncomfortable seating and after sitting for an hour my calves, ankles, and feet get so SO swollen.  
I also sorted most of Barrett's things he'll need and am getting ready to deep clean all his stuff.

I had more photo shoots that evening as well.  My body is so tired.

Barrett - 36 Weeks

October 5, 2019

I had an appointment and final ultrasound yesterday.  Barrett is currently weighing in at 6 pounds and 12 ounces.  His heart rate was 146, his head was in the 98% for a baby at 39 weeks (!!), and the rest of him was about the 90% for 37 weeks.  My doctor thinks he'll be about Milam's same size (8.8) if we get to 40 weeks.  In his pictures he was opening and closing his eyes and mouth and sticking his tongue out.  So cute.  The ultrasound tech was cracking up laughing and saying he was doing "yoga" because he had one foot in my ribs and one foot near his face and was trying to grab it with his hands.   He has such a chubby little face and the same nose as his brother and sister. We're still considering induction but not 100% on anything.

If you've read any of my other posts about this pregnancy you know it wasn't planned and that I've pretty much been over the entire thing since the day I found out.  Seeing his little face though helps so much.  I'm actually getting excited about meeting him.  I'm not ready to take care of a all but I do want to meet that chubby face.

Belly button is in, no stretch marks, still swelling, he moves a lot, no idea how much I weigh, I've developed pregnancy carpal tunnel (fun!), my back and tailbone hurt a lot, and sleep is hit or miss.


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