January 26, 2015

Our Week{end}

So, this is me looking back at my Instagram account and wondering where my week went ;)

AND, I didn't proof this post...just a heads up!

We tried to enjoy the warmer weather while it lasted.

Had another usual week of home school.

We went to get Georgia her passport application.  Jonathan and I have been able to travel more lately because of his work schedule but we don't usually take Georgia with us.  I'll be honest.  I like to travel without her.  But, this year our family vacation is to Mexico instead of our normal Gulf Shores, AL.

Before ballet Georgia showed me her "perfect ballerina pose"

My brother brought his lady friend over for dinner.  Too bad our power went out.  The estimated time to come back on was 7pm...too bad it came back on at midnight.  So, we decided to go out to eat instead.  They did bring us dessert, wine, flowers, and two gifts for G so that was super nice.

Our weekend was quite the opposite of relaxing.  Actually, we didn't really get in that much fun or relaxing at all.  

On Friday Georgia was diagnosed with the flu (type A this time around) after she just had it this same time last month.  The dr said that is possible because there are so many strains.  Like, I'll ever pay for a flu shot again.  Not likely.  But, this flu was less severe than the first bout and it lasted less than 48 hours (which is how long her first case lasted).  No tamiflu.  Just Advil and a lot of Essential Oils.

Then, on Saturday I woke up feeling pretty yucky so J let me stay in bed most of the day and rest.  Saturday night and Sunday morning were even worse so again, I stayed it bed.  I never had a fever though so I'm thinking it's just a cold or allergies and not the flu.  So the two pictures below sum up my Saturday.  Meals in bed and a really messy room!

Jonathan and Georgia played the days away and planted a garden (and planted grape vines a few weeks ago) while I vegged in bed watching Friends all day.  I also had a lot of time to stare at our house and contemplate the time and energy it will take to finish our remodel.  I also started planning a lot of vacations in my head.  I was mentally spending a lot of money ;)  We did miss a birthday party (which I hate) and another party was cancelled because the birthday boy got the flu as well.  It's so bad in our area right now.

All of it just really stinks because as a new home school mom I SO value the time Jonathan is at home and I feel like I didn't get to maximize that.  Life happens I guess.

So, today is back to reality for me.  Busy Busy!  Although we're missing MOPS at church and I'm missing The Bachelor at girl's night :( :(  I don't think we're contagious but I just want to give it an extra day.  I loathe people who go out and about and are sick.

January 23, 2015

What Makes me Relax

Relaxing is a really hard thing for me to do.  I mean, really hard.  But there are little moments in each day (usually) where I breathe and smile.  I read this topic first at The Nester and then, Ashley wrote a post too.  I really like this topic because it makes me actually sit and think about the best moments in my day/week which is a really good practice.

bubble baths
climbing into bed and under the covers any time of day
closing the door when I put Georgia down for her nap
the morning sunlight coming into the kitchen and laundry room
the afternoon light in the playroom
the sun setting in our front yard
looking at a clean kitchen
seeing my bed made
freshly shaved legs and freshly washed sheets on the same night
night time oils
reading outside
my current reading list
texting Jonathan at work
a finished home project
painted toenails
netflix in bed next to Jonathan
netflix in bed by myself
drinking hot tea

January 21, 2015

Sunny Days

The weather here has been so great the past few days.  I've heard it is going to be cold and wet the second half of the week so I'm documenting this nice weather while I can.

And, P.S. I am really enjoying that my iPhone 6 plus has a way better camera than my last iPhone.

Georgia doing "yard work"

Seriously, such wonderful days lately.

A quick video of Georgia painting!  Just because.

January 12, 2015

Homeschool Week One (And, a peek into our room)

In short:  

Did it go as well as I thought it would?  No
Did we have fun?  Yes!
Did we both enjoy it?  Yes!
Am I glad we're doing it?  Yes!
Was it easy?  No

First, here is a small peek into our homeschool area.

This month our theme is ballet.  She's really enjoying it and so am I.  I'm using two ballet packs from Here and Here.  I made a few things for her myself and her handwriting book is from May Designs.

January 9, 2015

Happy New Year {And, 2015 goals}

Here is how we rung in the New Year.

New Year's Eve
We went to a friend's house.  We drank swirly drinks and played with their pet pig.  I painted my nails for the occasion ;)  Georgia would not participate in the fireworks.  She's terrified.  But, she did make it to midnight.

New Year's Day
We went to Jonathan's parent's house to eat and watch the Baylor game.  I was dying for some candy and we needed gas so we made a pit stop on the way.  I told Georgia she could pick anything from the store she wanted.  This face was her reaction and she just decided to go for it.  Did not hold back with her answer of, "all the candy in the store and lots of sugar."

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, that's it.  We're very exciting people.

And, I don't really make resolutions but I'm really trying to set a few realistic goals for myself.  Here they are in order of importance to me.
1.  Have a baby
-Lofty but possible.  Matthew 19:26-
2.  Finish the Old Testament
-It's been three years in the making.  It's time to just get it finished!-
3.  Make forward progress on the house
-This is a no brainer.  Naturally it will happen.  It has to.-
4.  Read one book a month.
-I read one book all of last year so if any of these don't happen I would say it would be this one-
5.  Continue being physically active.
-I started working out more this year.  The holidays have been slow so hoping to pick back up-
6.  Find easy new healthy recipes.
-Jonathan and I tend to eat healthy but we need knew, cost effective, recipes.

January 7, 2015

Our Kitchen Remodel Plan

Phase I
{Make it livable)
change the floors
paint the cabinets
new cabinet hardware
door into laundry
remove cabinets
add shelving
update lighting
convert appliances to gas
have new appliances installed

This phase was finished before we moved in.  It had to be done.  Remember, this is the kitchen we bought.  Dark wood.  Three layers of linoleum flooring...one containing asbestos.

And, here we are today.  A FAR cry from done but hopefully at some point we'll be able to kick off phase II this summer.  We are just so tired and burned out from Georgia's room.  Once all the loose ends in there are tied up we will hopefully feel energized towards the kitchen once more.

Phase II
{Get it to look finished}
Here are the options and finishes we will most likely be going with to get the look I want.  After this phase it will appear to be totally DONE.
back splash
finish cabinets
touch up cabinets
wood open shelving
new door
recessed lighting

sources: 1.Corian Witch Hazel 2.Ikea 3.Ikea 4.O.co 5.Here and Here 6.Here, Here, and Here 7.Here 8.Link Broken

Phase III
{Open it up a bit}
wall comes down
new hood
move microwave

Hood and Microwave inspiration from Here and Here.

Phase IV
{Add storage}
-This phase may actually come after phase II-
Butler's pantry
Stackable washer and dryer (concealed)

(In the picture of the left we are putting an ice maker in place of the microwave)

Inspiration from Here and Here.

Soooo, we will be busy for awhile.  When we're done it will be a dream.  Sigh.


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