May 20, 2015

Post Party Catch Up

Georgia told me she didn't want cake or cupcakes for her birthday.  She said all she wanted was pancakes.  So we did a Princess Pajama Party.  Her friends came over in their pajamas with their sleeping bags.  We ate breakfast foods and watched Aladdin.  It was super easy and Georgia loved it.

Her actual birthday was the next day, Sunday.  We had a quick birthday breakfast, opened gifts, got dressed and went to church.  I told Georgia she could pick lunch and she picked "Uncle Donald's" aka McDonald's.  Ick.  We tried to change her mind but she wouldn't have it.  My family came over later for dinner and cake and more presents.

We were able to celebrate all weekend.  Love my sweet four year old!

May 18, 2015

Georgia is Four!

Georgia Emiline Powell you are FOUR
-as of May 17th-
(and I cannot believe it!)

40 lbs - 82%
41 or 42 in (can't remember) - 89%
You sleep 7:30 - 7:30
Sometime (once or twice a week) you still take a nap.  Although you are still in your room for two hours, lights off, everyday.

You know all your letters - upper case and lower case
You know about half of your letter sounds
You can spell your name and write it
You can spell and sound out "Mom" and "Dad"
You count to 30
You know several states and countries
You can identify a handful of famous landmarks and works of art
You know your school prayer and the pledge along with a few Bible verses

About you:
You aren't shy at all and are very social.  You love going to church, MOPS, friends houses, the Rec center...pretty much anywhere and any body is your favorite.  You love getting dressed up and wearing skirts and dresses.  You love to pick out your clothes.  Your favorite pass time is playing dress up or playing with your baby dolls.  You have an amazing imagination.  You love everyone in your family and love when they come over...or when anyone comes over for that matter.  You get so excited when we have visitors.

You are very strong willed and get in trouble several times throughout the day for being sassy, saying things you don't mean, being impulsive, not cleaning up your toys, breaking toys on accident.  Your absolute worst is when we have to leave friend's houses.  Total melt downs (only child problem.  for real.  you get lonely.)  You mostly get in trouble for talking back.  Like, "Georgia, last time I am asking you to clean up your toys.  If I ask again the toys are going in time out for a week" and you respond with, "Fine.  I don't want them."

Funny things you've said or say:
Georgia:  "Molly Kathryn was trying to pull my head off of my neck."

G: Momma, do you want to go to the mall today?

Me: I don't think so...
G: But, sure?
Me: No.

Georgia:  "I like bread because Jesus liked bread.  Jesus broke bread and had a cup of wine that was like blood."

Georgia:  "Uncle Donald's (McDonald's) is not a restaurant.  They just serve pancakes."  

Georgia: "Daddy, can you catch the alligator so I can eat the chicken nuggets inside him?"

Georgia:  "I'm going to have baby brothers.  I will name them Evett, Jesus, and Dusty."

Momma my pencil is dead.  Can you charge it up for me?  (Her pencil broke and she needs it sharpened.)

"Momma, can I have some oatmeal and hot tea for breakfast? I've been bless-you-ing and it will make me feel better."

"At church today we learned about an old lady who put two coins in a money machine"

Georgia:  Momma, thanks for that guinea pig you're getting me.
Me:  Nice try.  Not happening

Ridiclious = Ridiculous
Movie Avator - Movie theater
Cheese sandwich = cheese burger

I love you so much Georgia.  You are a true blessing to your daddy and me.  You bring me so much joy everyday and endless amounts of laughter.  You are so smart and so funny.  Can't wait to watch the beautiful little lady you become.

May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

1.  The gifts and celebrating.  
Not only did Jonathan get two items off of my wish list HERE (Sephora gift card and Yummy Mummy body conditioner) but he also out did himself and booked me and my mom friends (obviously their husband's booked theirs, but it was J's idea) a night at Magnolia hotel downtown Houston and made us all reservations at Sambuca for dinner that night as well.  Seriously?!  Best husband ever.  Oh, and he made me chocolate chip pancakes and brought me breakfast in bed.  So sweet.

The card says, "Love.  Love, Georgia"  But, then she drew a million flowers all over it so it's a little hard to read.

2.  Family time
We saw my mom on Saturday and Jonathan's parents on sunday.  There was lunch at the country club, long naps had by all, yummy turkey burger sliders for dinner, and free frozen yogurt for mom's at our local place.  Such a good day and weekend.

3.  Other things
I was able to visit one of my college besties for just a bit.  That was fun.  I did THREE Etsy orders this week. {Visit my shop HERE}  So that was busy but fun.  They were all, my popular, bachelorette itinerary/invitation.

I hope everyone had a blessed Mother's day weekend!  I know I did!

May 8, 2015

Finally Friday!

So, another week of not much happening here at the Powell casa.

Jonathan made Georgia's day by picking her a Magnolia flower.  Such a flower girl.

Living in Texas, of course we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some yummy Mexican food at our favorite local spot with family.  And yes, we wore the appropriate attire for the occasion.

We've also had some deer eating our plants in the garden.  Here is Jonathan's oh so lovely solution.  Don't be jealous.  Now that I'm looking at it on the ol blog...I need a cuter solution.  STAT.  They've also eaten some of the flowers in the front yard.  I love the wild life but don't eat my plants.

Happy Friday Y'all!

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May 5, 2015

Lazy Days

We've had a lot of lazy days around here during the week and pretty busy weekends.  Last week Georgia and I did manage to get out of the house and head to HEB.  I died laughing when I saw how she was entertaining herself.  So funny.

She also really wanted to write her cousin Molly Kate a letter.  So, she wrote her name.  Those lower case e's are hard.  My mom was a first grade teacher and told me I could NOT teach Georgia to write her name in all caps.  So, we are learning to write the correct way and it's hard :/

My sister in law and two other friends had birthdays all in May so one of them threw a huge birthday bash.  It was a lot of fun and we stayed up way too late.  Good thing G was at the grandparents house.

I also did a cake smash/family session on Saturday.  Super cute and sweet family.  Love meeting new ones :)

On Sunday night Jonathan was ordained as a deacon at our church.  So proud of him.  Cutest new deacon around.  He's the one in no suit.  Mind you, all the men told me they were not wearing suits so I told Jonathan he didn't have to wear one.  And then he was the only one NOT wearing one.  Our luck I guess.

The weather was so nice on Monday so we went to the park and then came home to eat on the back porch.  Just lovely :)

I also FINALLY ordered my second stitch fix!  YAY!  I need some new spring items.  My first box was so good that I hope I still get a good one this time.  Finger crossed!  Now that we homeschool any type of shopping is so SO difficult.  But, it won't get here until about June :(

Happy Cinco!

April 29, 2015

Mother's Day Wish List

Here are a few things on my wish list for Mother's Day

Ring. Ring. Robe. Night Shirt. Monogram Patch. Shirt. Yummy Mummy. Sephora.

Jonathan, this list is in both your email dropboxes.  Just covering my bases ;)

April 27, 2015

Oh, Monday

I'm not a fan of Mondays.  I just want to lay around and do nothing and recover from the weekend but that never happens.

This weekend Georgia played.  Her and Jonathan made "robots".  She'd been begging to for weeks.  Every time she would have garbage she would ask if she could save it for her robot. She also caught lizards and posed for Jonathan.

Jonathan and I also found a version of Oregon Trail to play online {here}.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long, LONG time.  I named all the players after friends.  So so funny.

Siri and I had some issues.  She would NOT go away on my phone so I just said, "Go away!"  This was her response.  Oh goodness...

On sunday I went to a Catholic baptism.  So excited to be there for such a special family occasion.

Happy Monday y'all.


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