December 18, 2014

Christmas Decor 2014

Decorating for Christmas was a little different this year.  We are still renovating our home and not everything is finished yet.  Also, we don't have a fireplace yet but hopefully will next year.  Fingers crossed.

Here is our entry way.  When I decorate I like to use white, silver, gold, and a little green.  So, not a whole lot of color.

I made the Noel sign at MOPS, the tall glitter trees are from WalMart as are the small white trees, the small green house I found at GoodWill, the gold tree is from Kohl's and it's covered in Baylor ornaments.  It's my Baylor tree :)  The little gold key was a gift from Georgia's classmate last year and it's great because we don't have a fireplace!

Georgia has two pink trees covered in pink ornaments and one little turquoise one she plays with.  They are all in her playroom.  On the right is our travel ornament tree that is in the back of our living room.

I think the white felt wreath is from Kohl's.

I forgot I even bought these two small trees so I have no idea where they're from.  I found them in the attic and feel like I've never even seen them.  I have them sitting on cut trees from our yard, the gardland was from GoodWill, the table runner again, don't remember buying it...just turned up...who knows.  My mom gave me the lantern/candle thing and the other candle sticks are family antiques.  The small deer was a PTA teacher gift one year when I was still teaching.

Here is our big tree with our pretty ornaments.  It also has our framed ornaments I put on each year with a picture of our family posed in front of the Christmas tree.

My mother in law buys me the Hallmark Christmas album each year so I have the past few years set out near my WalMart glitter deer.

My Christmas plate and dish of Christmas cards is perched on one of our open kitchen shelves.

I also only use white, gold, and silver wrapping paper.  Jonathan wrapped a few already...we're kind of behind :)

Then, there are our stockings...that I snapped real quick with my cell phone.  I had no where to put them so I just randomly put them on our map.  But, everyone likes them there so it works!  It's just a small grainy picture.

We never got around to putting lights on our house...kind of the point of no return on that now.  But, I did decorate a cute little wagon with faux and real garland.  Not usually my style but I really like it for now.

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 11, 2014

Stocking Stuffers {3 Year Old Girls}

Here are Georgia's stocking stuffers!

1.  Stickers
2.  Necklace
3.  Bracelets
4.  Body spray (which she thinks is perfume "refume")
5.  Earrings  (getting hers pierced for her birthday)
6.  Little People princess (and aladdin) she already has the castle.
7.  Nail polish

December 8, 2014

Flying By

This holiday season is already flying by and it's only December the 8th!  Wow!

Here is what we've been up to!

We've been ticking away at our advent activities.  More on that later.

The house has been decorated.  More on that later as well.

Georgia and I went with her ballet friends to see the Radio City Rockettes at the Hobby Center downtown.  We had a lot of fun.

Our Christmas clothes are in full force :)

And, Mary and Joseph are on their journey through our house and leaving some sill surprises along the way.  Again, more on that later...

December 5, 2014

Our Home Buying Descision

A lot went into the decision to buy an older home.  Our first home was brand new and adorable.  It had a ton of lovely features but we still always felt it was lacking something...for us.  I don't dislike new homes but if we ever live in a new home again I want to build it 100%.  As in, with an architect and on our own land so it's all us.

Must haves for this house were:
3 bedrooms and a flex space or four bedrooms, a formal dining room, master bath, laundry in the house (rare in older homes in our area), one story (Jonathan just couldn't deal), one very specific elementary school zone, established neighborhood

Wish list:
fire place, bath tub in master bath, no neighbors behind us, split floor plan, NO POOL!

We knew right off the bat we didn't want a new build for our second home.  Not only did our first feel lacking but we also lost money on the sell (assisted with buyer down payment and realtor fees) which is not uncommon in our area with new build neighborhoods.  Especially because ours wasn't built out.

So, when searching for our home all our requirements narrowed the list A LOT.  First we had to be in one specific elementary school zone.  Possibly for G and a lot for resale.  And we wanted an older home, so our list of neighborhoods just from those two items was three.  And old on this side of town is at the oldest 50's.  The other side of the highway has houses from the 20's but nobody wants to live over there unfortunately because of the schools.  So, we only had three small neighborhoods, in our entire area, to choose from.  So, we waited.  And waited.  We knew this going in, that it would be a waiting game but we were willing to wait it out.

Which, you may wonder why we were so dead set on this smaller area.  Why we picked this town.  My brother and sister in law and their kids are here.  My mom and step dad are moving here this summer but have owned a house here for years.  Jonathan's grandparents live here.  We love our church.  Short commute for Jonathan.  Small town feel.  Close to bigger cities.

Anyhow,  we looked at a lot of houses and put in a lot of offers (read about one huge fiasco HERE and more about all the offers HERE) that always ended up falling through.  One was even a new build.  I freaked out on that one.  I started crying one day because it just felt wrong and I couldn't do it.  It was even two story which I adamantly did NOT want but it's so hard to find good square footage in a one story.  I think two story homes are beautiful but I just knew it would never work with Jonathan.  Things would just pile up.  I know this.

So we decided on this older home.  The only thing I didn't get was a fire place and by adding on Georgia's room we made it a split floor plan.  I plan on adding a faux fireplace so it's all good.


Plus, this home has a lot of added bonuses that made it a winner.  Screened in back porch that I eventually want to make a part of the house.  It's on an acre (something about having a kid just made me want more space for her to run!) and I really want to add a guest cottage or art area...something like that.  We have no back neighbors.  Maybe refinancing since we got if for a steal and paying it off before/while G goes to college. We also have high hopes of buying our next door neighbor's house/lot and renting it out...eventually bulldozing it (small old home.  owned by smokers) and fencing in two acres IN TOWN!  Then, maybe building our forever home on that lot and selling this house...which is all up in the air.  I know, BUILD a forever home when we love older homes.  But, it wouldn't be in a new build neighborhood (which is actually my main issue with new builds...the neighborhood feel) and we would hire an architect so it would be 100% us which, I've already said. And, I'm rambling.

The one thing I cannot change about our house that I wish I could is the ceiling height.  But, since I've started to add curtains at ceiling height that is feeling/looking better.  And, you can raise ceilings but our roof has a very low pitch and I don't want to lose our attic space so it's a no, I can just image that would cost a fortune.

After:  Tall tree is still there I just was standing next to it when I took this picture.  And, it's not really an's an "in progress"

So, all of that to say a lot went into our home buying decision.  I never thought I had that much criteria until I re read this entry.  I was very picky but it worked for us.

December 3, 2014

Up To This Fall

Here are a few things we did this fall:

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Food

Halloween Costume Pictures

Family photos

Georgia's school program
-Georgia had a speaking part.  She said, "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise."-

Hosting our home's first Thanksgiving dinner

Spent Thanksgiving day with Jonathan's family

NOW...full speed onto winter!

December 1, 2014

Back To Work He Goes

So today marks the first day Jonathan goes back to work.  It's was wonderful having him home all week but back to our routine we go!  That's good and bad.

While he was home we kicked off the Christmas season as soon as Thanksgiving was over and got a little house stuff done as well.

I started putting up some trees.  We have a lot this year.  Stay tuned because I will have to have a Powell Family Tree Tour.  Not sure how I've collected so many...

Jonathan and Georgia made gingerbread cookies and we watched White Christmas while Georgia danced the night away.  I love seeing her enjoying movies that Jonathan and I love as well.

We also made an Ikea trip to get curtains and eat lunch.  We love the Ikea cafe.

I was also able to start organizing Georgia's closet and started to organize my mom's teaching materials for Georgia.  Luckily our hall closet is one of the biggest closets I've ever seen and Georgia's closet is the biggest closet she's ever had. They both have a long way to go.

Jonathan and Georgia went out of town so I was able to get a lot of photoshoots and editing done and a few other odds and ends around the house.  It was a nice break.

Hope everyone has a great first normal week back!


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