Georgia at 7.5

November 17, 2018

I can't even begin to explain how proud of this girl I am. 

She makes good grades with little effort, loves Harry Potter, climbing trees, riding her bike and scooter, has made huge strides in gymnastics, and has now become amazing on her skateboard.  She's super social and loves being around people.  If I force her to stay inside then she'll usually curl up in the hall closet or under her desk with a book.

She's says funny stuff all the time and her current word is "apparently".  She uses it every chance she gets.  She loves her little brother and she is one of his favorite people.  She is so much like her dad that often I wonder what we have in common although she has my mom's eyes and my dad's nose so I guess those came from me indirectly.

Typically not competitive or super driven the past two weeks or so all she wants to do is practice gymnastics.  She's constantly on her bars in the play room trying to perfect her latest skill.  I love her new found fire for doing better.

Georgia, your dad and I love you so much (and Milam too!) and just love watching the person you're becoming.  Happy Half!

Week in the Life - 40

November 12, 2018

We went to church per the usual and then visited Nanny at the hospital (she's home now, she had a pace maker put in) and then had friends over for dinner.
I did my usual carpool routine and then went to MOPS and hung around the house.
Election Day and CFA playdate.  Win win :)
Georgia had a field trip and then we played outside and my mom, Aaron, and nanny came over for dinner.
Georgia had a private gym lesson and we went to dinner with friends and then celebrated my step dad's birthday a day early.  Milam fell in love with my brother's dog, Duncan.
Friday was a fairly eventful day unfortunately.  Jonathan works late most Fridays now which really stinks because this is my busiest season so I'm working most Saturdays.  My mom had surgery on Friday so I was on my own for gymnastics which is never fun.  Then, I had to run Milam to urgent care while Georgia was in gym because he had a low fever.  Our Saturday is so packed that I wanted him looked at sooner rather than later. Once Milam was in bed I had dinner delivered for G and I but she burst into tears because her tooth hurt.  Remember her six fillings...just two weeks ago?!  Oh.My.Goodness.

Blogger decided to delete the rest of this post and I'm taking care of a sick kid so it will just have to wait...

Halloween 2018

November 7, 2018

I love any opportunity to dress up.  It's so much fun!  Georgia wanted to be Hermione so of course Milam was Harry.  They were so cute.  I took the first pictures of Georgia for her storybook parade and I took the other a few days before Halloween.
Our neighbors had a hay ride and our neighborhood goes all out.  The retired people love to go above and beyond and it's so fun.  Full sized candy bars, water bottles, toy cars, coloring books, 24 packs of crayons.  One house sets up three tables and you get one things from each table.  It's insane and so fun.  It rained this year like last year but we had about one hour where it stopped so we went for it.  On our way home the skies opened up and we were all soaked to the bone.  We got three inches in just a few hours.  We were drenched but it was worth it.  The kids had a blast and so the parents.
All of the parents had huge golf umbrellas so even when it was sprinkling and raining we stayed dry...until it was raining sideways.  They are drying out all the hay so we can do a Christmas hay ride once all the Christmas lights are up! Bring on the hot chocolate.
Waiting for the rain to stop
I think 2018 may have been the best Halloween yet!

Week in the Life - 38/39

November 5, 2018

My photography business is keeping me so busy that I don't have time to sit down and blog like I would want to.  Here is a big photo dump from the past two weeks with just a few words.

We celebrated my birthday...
Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate
My mom got me these super festive pajamas
I spend my days mostly keeping up with this little guy.
This bod you guys...
I'm done.  You can have whatever you want.  If, "baby of the family" were in the dictionary this would be the photo next to the definition.
 Georgia had a dentist appointment that I wrote about before this post.
 This was after her second appointment
Dress up week at Georgia's school for Red Ribbon Week.
Athletic wear
Milam ate our haunted gingerbread house.
 Dress up week at gym

Papa Murphy's worst Jack-o-lantern pizza ever
 Daddy snuggles because he works a lot
 Fun fall foods
 I took the Halloween decor down but Milam snagged this hat and loves to wear it around the house.
Found some more headwear 
 Pretending to nap at nana's house. Fake snoring and all.
Ice cream treats from Meme
 First gym meet of the season.  Scrunchie required
 Visiting Nanny after she got her pacemaker
 Georgia got Milam ready for bed and he requested a "dony-tail"
happy HAPPY monday


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