Our Weekend - Super Lame

April 24, 2017

After the flu and this weekend...I need another entire week to recover.  My body tried really hard to get sick but I found a decongestant that I'm not allergic to (no pseudoephedrine for me!) so I was able to beat it before it began.  Plus, I'm fairly certain the Lord heard my prayers during flu week and threw me a bone ;)

Friday was kind of dragging but not horrible.  It ended well because Jonathan and I went to a crawfish boil (which I don't eat) at his boss's house and my mom watched the kids.  We picked up Milam but Georgia spent the night with them.  My mom sent me this picture while we were gone.  I cracked up.  But look at his face, he's gorgeous! (I don't even care if I obnoxiously gush about him!)
Saturday they brought her home and Jonathan worked on his car ALL DAY.  It pretty much stunk.  We recovered and ended the day with cleaning the garage and playing in the back yard.  Super fun.  Oh, and I had a photo shoot in there some where.

Seriously...the stuff this kid will pick up.
Sunday we went to church and had one of Georgia's little friends tag along (who lives down the street from us).  We went out to lunch and the girls played the entire day.  We had dinner at my mom's and then I had yet another photo shoot.  When I got home Jonathan and I did our usual "let's get ready for Monday" routine.  Lots of making baby food and Jonathan making his own homemade granola bars, prepping all of G's lunches and our dinners for the week.
Bring it, Monday.
(but not too hard!)

Milam - 8 Months

April 22, 2017

So, Mr. Milam, 
What have you been up to in your 8th month?!
You got your second tooth on April 3rd and shortly after got your third.  On April 19th you got your 4th tooth (your top left).  So, you have four teeth as of right now.  Your sister had EIGHT teeth at this point.  So funny.  On April 3rd you also stood unassisted for the first time but that is an old trick by now.  You have no idea how to make those feet really move but you can stand.  You can get from sitting to standing without any assistance as well which is just crazy to me and you can sit back down which is again...crazy.  Georgia was walking the length of the living room at nine months so we shall see if you get that far :)

You are in size 4 diapers, 4 shoe, and 12 month clothes.  Finding pajamas to fit you has been a huge struggle.  They are all too dang tight.

We haven't found a food yet that you won't eat.  So far we are 2 for 2 for non-picky eaters which is nice.

You sleep 11-12 hours a night and take two naps a day that average about 1.5 hours each.  You started to do your early morning wake thing again (from about 6-6:30) but have started to phase it out again.  You are still doing the eat, play, sleep routine.  You haven't been a very good teether but it didn't make a huge impact on your sleep.
You babble all the time.  You are one of the loudest babies I have ever met.  Your cousin Molly Kathryn is probably the only other baby I've ever know who was louder than you.  You yell all the time for no other reason than to just hear your own voice.

You crawl very fast and all over the house.  You can close bedroom doors and open and close cabinet doors.  You love to stand up in the bath tub.
You have preferences and favorite toys.  You love things that roll and rattle.  You started throwing fits when you don't get your way and it is so so funny.  You close your eyes and scrunch your face and yell.  It is really cute...for now.
Now that you are 8 months old and closer to one than your newborn-ness I can look back on myself.  I was a way better newborn/infant mom with you than I was with your sister.  Mostly because you were a better baby than her but also because I learned a lot.  But, with both you and your sister every issue seemed huge and when I look back it wasn't as big of a deal.  When I'm sleep deprived I literally cannot think or problem solve...mix that with changing hormones (which you'll never understand...just be a sweet husband!) and some things just seem impossible.  I'm not sure if I need so much sleep because I'm just programmed that way or if it is a thyroid issue or both but oh goodness I'm glad it didn't take too long to get you on the sleep train.  Just being a parent in general makes you a more patient person.  I'm so grateful to both of you for that.  Y'all have both shaped me into a much better person. 

I feel like I'm missing so much about you.  We all love you so much.  Happy 8 months little one!

Our Week - The Flu Edition

April 21, 2017

Oh....the flu!  We are not new to the flu here.  Two years ago Georgia had the flu twice in one season and was over and done with it in about 48 hours each time.  Oh goodness.  This time it hit her harder.  She was out of school ALL WEEK and had to miss her first field trip.  I was so so sad for her.  She was so excited to ride that school bus.

Good friday, I don't remember anything that we did other than go out to eat.  Jonathan and Georiga were both off of school so that was nice
Saturday afternoon we had my niece's birthday party and then went to our friend's annual easter party.
Sunday was Easter (read more here)
My sister in law and I accidentally matched the kids so I took the oppurtunity to snag some good pics of the cousins together.
By sunday evening Georgia was getting cranky but I thought it was just too many late nights and way too much candy.

Georgia bursts into our room early in the morning with a high fever.  She's really hysterical because she's scared but I get her to calm down and give her medicine and get her to go to sleep.

The entire next day I can't keep it below 100 even with Tylenol and Motrin but when she had fever reducer in her she felt fine.  Finally by the end of the day the meds had worn off and her fever was below 100.  I sent her to bed with Motrin but didn't set my alarm to give her any during the night thinking it had passed.

Georgia comes in our room again with a high fever and is now throwing up.  I sweep her hair off of her head and realize it is really high and I should actually take her temp.  Sure enough, it is 105.2 (which is why she was throwing up - that's what she does when she has a high fever).  I told Jonathan to get her a cold wash cloth for her head, make her some ice chips, and I wait a few minutes until I can tell she's done throwing up give her some Motrin.  I made up the love seat at the end of our bed and let her sleep there the rest of the night.  We didn't really sleep because she was coughing all night.

I had made her a doctor appointment the following day for Tuesday at the earliest we could get.  She tested positive for the flu (type A - bummer) and told us she needed to be out of school all week.

The rest of the week was keeping her and Milam apart and keeping her fever down.  When her fever was down she felt totally fine.  Towards the end of the week we started to venture out a little because cabin fever is real and keeping them apart was really hard.  I took her to the library once she wasn't contagious anymore and we would go on walks for a short while but she was too tired to really go far.
By Friday she finally was no longer contagious so we celebrated with donuts!

So, that was our week.  Hopefully, yours was better than ours!  Here's to a clean slate next week and prayers that Milam has dodged a bullet!

Easter 2017

April 17, 2017

I always do a photo shoot before Easter Sunday so I don't feel so much pressure on the day of to get the "good" pictures.  The morning light in our backyard is just perfect and I love how these turned out.  I didn't get any of Milam by himself because he eats all the leaves he can find.
 We didn't do any Easter "theme ware" this year which is odd for me (love themed clothes!) so we all wore blue on Palm Sunday   Milam's collar was accidentally tucked inside his jon jon but he still looks so cute.
I bought these buckets at Aldi and then had a friend make the names for them.  I love how they turned out.  
Georgia took hers to school on Thursday for her class Easter Egg hunt.
I love it when G's teacher texts me pictures.
On Saturday we went to our friend's annual Easter party.  They live on a farm and this is what Georgia looked like at the end of the day.
 Before her bath...
On Sunday the kids were excited to see what the Easter bunny brought.  I usually do summer things like swimsuits and sunglasses.  Milam didn't get that much (book, swimsuit, stuffed animal, and a beach towel) because he has no idea.
I didn't put any sweets in their baskets because we already had all this from the previous day.  Ridiculous.
Then, we went to church
 We had a egg hunt, dinner, and an afternoon of swimming at my brother's house.
Last up is all our Easter decor we had around the house...well, first up was our little area for St. Patrick's day.


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