Milam's Birth Story

August 25, 2016

Milam was born on August 22nd at 6:33 AM weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and 21 inches long.

But, let us back up.

On the night of August 21st I had a few contractions around lunch time and a few around bed time but I was willing him to stay in longer because Georgia was starting school on the 22nd.  I just knew I could not miss her first day of school and I honestly didn't think I would miss it.  I had had contractions off and on through out the month so I really wasn't thinking this was it.  By this point I was 3 cm and 80% but again I wasn't really thinking that meant much.  But just in case, I had Georgia's bags packed, all her school clothes lined up, her lunch packed, and the car was packed as well.

At 1:20 AM I thought I felt Milam kick me really hard and that it had woken me up.  I sat up on the edge of the bed because I figured I would go to the bathroom while I was up and I realized what I felt wasn't Milam kick me it was my water breaking.  For half a second I thought I was peeing on my self but it became very clear that I wasn't.  Thank goodness...haha.  I waddled over to the bathroom and sat down to use the restroom and my water gushed for a bit.  Then, I relaxed, peed, and confirmed to myself that yes, your water just broke...ON YOUR FIRST CHILD'S FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!

I walked back into our bedroom, woke up Jonathan and told him.  I was excited to meet Milam but obviously very, very upset.  I called my mom and she made her way over with my step dad to pick up Georgia.  They also had their house ready for a little house guest in case this happened.  Jonathan got Georgia up, carried her to me and I went to kiss her goodbye and instantly lost it.  Like I could hardly breathe I was sobbing so hard.  She yelled out, "I love you Mommy" and I ran back to our bedroom as quickly as possible to try and pull myself together.  After some time I composed myself and gathered all of G's things and we were all ready to go.

Jonathan and I made it to the hospital at 1:50 AM (And my mom said Georgia FINALLY drifted off to sleep was talking to herself saying, "I wonder what color his eyes are...I wonder what color hair he has?")  We were preregistered and got checked in and sent to triage.  They wanted to test my fluid and stats to see if I was in labor.  I hadn't felt anything more than a few back cramps until I was on the bed and hooked up to the monitors.  Jonathan and the nurse were commenting on how bad my contractions were and how they thought it was so odd I could hardly feel them.  On a 1-10 pain scale I kept saying I was at about a 2 or 3.  So, not bad at all and they were about 7 minutes apart.  I was still at 3cm and 80%.  (I had Jonathan keep detailed notes so I would be able to recall all of this.)

The nurse continued to watch my contractions, called the on call dr, ordered a few tests, and then she left the room and it was just Jonathan and I.  Around 2:30 AM I had a really strong, painful, contraction and before it was over another one started.  I remember telling Jonathan that I wish someone, anyone in the room would have be present to see that because I was wondering how everything was going and if a contraction that strong was normal out of nowhere.  The nurse came back in a little later and notice Milam's heart rate was really, really low (again, would have been nice if they had seen that WHEN it was happening) and English was not her first language so getting her to communicate what she wanted me to do was extremely hard.  Two other nurses quickly came in as did a male doctor (which I had never seen a male OB before so to be honest I was a little peeved).  I was finally able to understand what my nurse wanted me to do.  I got up on all fours, rocked back and fourth, and they put an oxygen mask on me.  Making this all worse was that they didn't tell me his heart rate was low.  The nurse just came in and started telling me to do things, she turned the volume off all the monitors, and asking me really nerve wracking questions.  "Are you holding your breath?  Can you feel him moving?"  One nurse worked on moving Milam's heart monitor all around and another nurse gave me a really quick IV.  And, I'm laying there and legitimately thinking Milam was gone.  Because she had turned the volume off (and not told J and I) I couldn't hear his heart and the nurse kept moving his monitor that I thought my back to back contraction had stopped his heart.  It was terrible and lasted about 5 minutes which I feel like is a long time for nobody to tell me anything.  During that time the on call doctor checked me.  He tickled Milam's head to try and get him to move and he wouldn't.  And again nobody mentioned what they were doing or what it meant.  Finally my super sweet L&D nurse, Stephanie talked me through everything and I was so relieved.   She showed us on the monitor what his heart rate was doing now compared to what it had been doing and that he was now responding great and that it just had been that one back to back contraction that he didn't like.  She said his cord had most likely been "smooshed" during that time and we just needed to find a good position for him.
Once everything had settled down we were moved to our room for our stay at 3:30 AM.  With Georgia I didn't get "the shakes" until after my epidural.  This time I got them as soon as I realized Milam was ok.  My whole body just started shaking uncontrollably and did so off and on until he was born.  I'm assuming it was mostly due to nerves associated with the prior heart drop.  My contractions were getting stronger and were about five minutes apart.  I could talk through them but didn't want to.  People in general got on my nerves...especially the triage nurse.

At 3:50 I got my epidural.  The doctor did great and so did my nurse.  My L&D nurse was literally the best and sweetest person ever.  I thought it would be hard to top Georgia's but Stephanie was phenomenal.  

At 5:15 AM I was dilated to a 6, at 5:40 I was a 9, and at 6:05 I was 9.5

At 6:15 Milam had finally dropped I was very nauseous and ended up throwing up a few times.  At 6:25 I was able to start pushing.  I only pushed through two contractions and Milam was here!  6:33 was his official arrival time!
He was all wrapped up in his cord so that took them a bit to get him untangled.  Then, the doctor laid him on my chest to finish cleaning him.  He laid there and I just talked to him.  I laid him on my chest for awhile but then I was just too interested and wanted to know his stats.  We cracked up when we found out he was 8.5 pounds.  Then, they put him back on my chest and we just snuggled there for a bit.  I fed him and then began to start feeling very nauseous again.  They laid my bed back and got me a few damp towels.  I was feeling very clammy and sweaty.  I threw up off and on for awhile.  Once I started feeding him I started to feel better again.

Our hospital doesn't have a nursery so they do everything in room.  I got to watch his bath and all of that fun stuff.

I may post more pictures and detail of our hospital stay later.  It was really hard to get good pictures because while we were in the hospital it was cloudy and rainy meaning not a lot of light coming in the windows.

Back to School Photos

August 23, 2016

I took these the first day Jonathan was an Assistant Principal.  I got her all dressed up to go visit her dad at work.  Ugh.  My baby.  She was such a little doll!
Once she started school I began to take "Back to School" pictures as well as pictures on the first day of school
Twos Preschool
 Threes Preschool
 Fours Preschool (Homeschool)
And this year, 2016, as she starts KINDER!

Our Last Weekend With Three?

August 22, 2016

I had lunch with my mom, step dad, and Georgia.  They wanted to take us to lunch, hopefully, one last time before we all get to meet Milam.

Georgia also had meet the teacher.  She had a great time and I have a more detailed school post coming up soon.  I've scheduled a lot of her "back to school" posts for once Milam is here and I'm a blog slacker...for good reason.
My mom and step dad took G to his grand daughter's birthday party and Jonathan had to go into work for a bit so I paid the bills, balanced the checkbook, re did the budget, and cleaned my night stand as well as most of the house.  It was nice to get all of that alone time to catch up on "house keeping" before Milam gets here.

Sunday was Jonathan's 31st birthday.  I made him pancakes and Georgia decorated them.  I had kind of slowly given him his gifts as they came in the mail through out the week.
We woke up to deer in the back yard and because the humidity is so bad I couldn't get a good picture through our old foggy windows.  There was a doe, a young buck, and a younger female.
This sunday was promotion sunday and Georgia was thrilled.  She got to go to the second floor with all the "big kids" and felt so special.
Picture of the birthday boy and my big girl :)
We said "bye" to friends today at church.  Our associate pastor is going to be the head pastor of another church and his wife was our preschool director at church.  We love her so much and will miss her even more!  I had told Georgia they were moving but when I took this picture I had just explained what that really meant.  She was so sad :(
Georgia starts her first day of kinder!  She's been home schooled for the past year and a half so I haven't been apart from her much at all which is good and bad.  She grew so much with me at home but we really feel led as a family to try out this option as well.  We are zoned for a PHENOMENAL school and she's so excited to get started...I'm sure that will wear off soon :/  I have more detailed school posts coming up soon.
Also, I have a doctor appointment at 9:40 to check on baby brother and see if he's made any progress towards joining our family.  We shall see :)  I feel like he is helping me keep my mind off of my baby girl heading off to school.

Finally Friday!

August 19, 2016

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Georgia practicing her big sister skills.  She's singing, "Go to sleep little baby"her favorite lullaby Jonathan used to sing her.  She sings it to baby Milam several times a week.  I tell her all the time that he'll know her voice when he's born and that makes her giddy.
I do have to say that the belly is a great table from time to time.  Very handy.
This is 40 weeks with Georgia...and a much smaller bowl
I've been on a mission to walk this baby out.  I recruited G yesterday morning and she was such a trooper.
I just cannot believe my sweet baby girl is going to be a big sister and start kindergarten.  I don't feel old enough for these things to be happening.  She's grown up far too quickly.  I'm so proud of who she is becoming but her baby pictures are killing me these days.
Georgia had never been to Dairy Queen so we took her the other day and this was her reaction.
It was also time for a back to school trim.  
Her swim lessons had taken quite the toll on her hair and it felt like straw on the bottom.
She was thrilled to go with me to get her hair cut.  She felt very fancy.
And this momma is so so pleased with the after.  It has a little bit of layering in the front around her face and looks so healthy and bouncy again.
She cracks me up every day.  Yesterday it was dressing her stuffed monkey in a Frozen dress.  She is way more into stuffed animals than dolls so she usually takes the doll clothes and puts them on stuffed animals.
Enjoying gymnastics and the Olympics as always.
My sweet friend bought me a ton of bath bombs.  I love bath bombs and I have these stacked in my bathroom.  I can only bring myself to use half of one at a time.
Georgia and I won a free dozen donuts from our favorite place plus two Tshirts.  We were all very excited about it.  Georgia's favorite is actually glaze while I prefer chocolate with sprinkles.

Today is Georgia's "Meet the Teacher" and we're all anxious/excited about it.

39 Weeks - Milam

August 16, 2016

Yep, I'm still here at 39 weeks...and counting!  Last week I was 2cm and 80%.  I go in tomorrow to see what my stats are for 39 weeks.

Belly button is still kind of in and kind of out.  There are no stretch marks and I think I've gained 30 pounds total.  All our bags are packed and ready to go.  My swelling is going down in my ankles but I for sure have that puffy pregnancy face thing going.

I'm so tired all the time and not getting a whole lot of sleep.  I wake up about 4 times a night and not really to use the restroom...I'm just up.  It's annoying.  I'm kind of grumpy a lot because I'm tired and uncomfortable a lot because of braxton hicks.  I had a bought of painful contractions yesterday but they stopped after about 30 minutes.

I'll probably update this post tomorrow once I go to the doctor.

(Update:  3 cm and still 80%.  I had my membranes stripped.)

Monday and Countdowns

August 15, 2016

It's Monday.  Again.  Next Monday Georgia will be an official kindergartner and my due date will be the next day.  Everything seems to be happening so fast.  Milam's nursery is lacking cornices for the curtains and a different light fixture/fan.  I'm ok with those not being finished until after he's here since those can take some time.

Initially I was super excited about being on self imposed maternity leave but now I just kind of feel like I'm forgetting something.  I will obviously be busy in the coming weeks but I think I will be really excited to get back into after it being on a break for a few months.  You can see my updated photo blog here.

Car meals
Georgia spent three nights away this week so I was able to run a lot of errands and get a lot of things done.  I'm just glad to have her back home though.  Jonathan and I missed her.  I had to grab Arby's the other day while I was out and I ate in the car.  It was actually nice being able to eat without having to open things for another little person...or share my fries.  (This is a picture of my lap.  Sandwich is in my lap.  Napkin is on my stomach.  haha)
Mail orders
I've been doing so much online shopping...because it's hot and I don't want to get out during the day.  I know my mail man must hate me.  I was listening in on Georgia play in her play room (she's amazing at imaginative play by herself) and she was talking about how the mailman was delivering all of her packages and she was so excited.  So funny to her acting out a little adult life.
Rain days
It's been so dry the past month which is so odd because we had horrible flooding in March and May and now my yard is starting to feel like straw.  Georgia has been dying to try out her new rain coat and Sunday was the day.  She was pumped!  She even insisted on wearing it to church.
Last days
Georgia had her last day on Sunday on the preschool hall.  Next Sunday she will be on the second floor with the bigger kids.  Also, our preschool director is moving and we're all very heart broken about it.  I'm sad she's leaving because she's a close personal friend but I'm also sad that Milam will miss out on her greatness :(  Although in general I do I have to say I am happy for her family.
I entered a contest at our favorite donut place and won.  Need I say more?!  I think not!

Here's to another Monday.

Friday Favorites

August 12, 2016

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1.  Sweet Friends
Georgia had a little friend over on Monday.  It was really nice because they were able to play on their own and I was able to catch up on a lot of little things around the house.  I did go to the CFA drive through and get them kid's meals.  We brought it home and had a classy little tea party.  They loved it.  Cheers to Sprite :)
2.  Baby Milam things
The mail lady showed me all of the stamps and I picked the ice cream ones.  I had to laugh when I got home...pregnant lady and ice cream.  Just goes together.  I still have a handful of thank yous to go but I'm getting through them!
 Laying on my side is pretty much the only way I'm comfortable.  Not sitting, not leaning back, not standing up, not on my back, just on my side.  He still feels so high to me so this seems like the only way I can get him off of my lungs.
 I came home the other day to a surprise present from our favorite neighbors.  They got us a funny mustache paci too but G had it in her mouth when I took this picture :/
3.  Monogrammed things
I ordered these decals for our Yeti/Rtic cups the other day and I think they're so cute.  Georgia just LOVES her peach decal and so do I.  We have two other cups that are just J's and he requested NO decals on his.  I got close though since we share the Yeti so I put our monogram on it.
4.  NOT being sick!
Georgia had a quick little bug or spat with her allergies.  She had a small fever for all of 8 hours or so and then was fine.  Jonathan though surprisingly did worse than G and I didn't get sick at all which is all so backwards for our house.  So, G and I have been laying low and staying out of the sun and staying inside as much as possible to give our bodies a break from this terrible heat.  Breakfast in bed was in order for us on Wednesday morning.  Since J put a TV in our room we've become such bums...which is what I feared.
5. Me time
I've had a lot of me time recently.  Georgia has spent two nights at my mom's house and is on her second night at Jonathan's mom's.  We actually really miss her but she's enjoying all her one on one time with her grandparents and soaking up her last days of summer before Kinder and baby brother come.  I went in for my 38 week check (2cm and 80%) and then wandered around and shopped and tried to not have an emotional breakdown at the thought of my baby of 5 years not being my only baby anymore and going to kinder all at once.  Every chance I get I just pull her up on my lap and smell her hair and soak in all the snuggles I can.
 6. Target life goals
I keep making trips to Target to stock up on random things for my hospital bag and such.  I went in yesterday and saw these two cuties.  Seriously, all through the store just helping each other.  Adorable.
Happy Friday Everyone!


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