Barrett's Bear & Travel Inspired Nursery Reveal

January 6, 2020

I did minimal changes in the nursery to transition it from Milam's nautical nursery to Barrett's travel/bear inspired nursery.  I bought a new crib sheet, a new pillow for his chair, added a few things to the collage wall, and changed out the art above the crib.  That's all.  It still needs to cornice boards above the windows and crown molding.  Some day we will get a lot of projects done.  Someday.

Sheet // Name Sign // Pillow // Lyrics // 

The paint color is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore (flat) mixed at Home Depot.  Milam's big boy room is the same color.  I linked a few things above


Favorites of 2020

January 3, 2020

Here are my favorite photos from 2019. What a year!


New Year // New Decade

January 2, 2020

I just cannot get over the fact that we are starting a new decade.  It feels so great to know we are done having kids and in our forever home and can just focus on having fun as a family. I can't wait to watch my babies grow, to travel as a family, to finish our remodel, to see how me and Jonathan's careers grow.  I'm really excited!  Plus, Jonathan and I started dating in 2000 so were are closing in on our 20th year together! Here is a quick recap of the past 10 years.

We went to Barcelona and Lisbon
Georgia was born
Got into our groove with parenting a fiery little girl and Jonathan became assistant principal.
Moved to Conroe and celebrated our 5th anniversary! I also started Emily Powell Photography.
Lost a baby this year in May. I would have been due in January. This baby, who I thought was a boy, would have been 5 this month. We also bought the ugliest house on the street in our favorite neighborhood.  We still haven't finished our reno all these years later but it looks a heck of a lot better than this!
Lost another baby in May who would have been due in December. This baby would have been 4 last month. Jonathan also built us a chicken coop and we got chickens and fresh yard eggs!
Our precious, miracle boy, Milam was born! Jonathan also became associate principal and Georgia started Kinder.  It was a big year (and all in August!)
Loved being a family of four
Really enjoyed traveling more now that Milam was a bit older.  Starting taking a lot more trips.
Barrett surprised the heck out of us this year. (While writing this it occurred to me that I've been pregnant five times in the past 10 years...which sounds insane).  Our family of FIVE is officially complete.

Christmas Wrap Up

December 30, 2019

This season we just laid low.  Barrett is the only baby we've had that was born in the fall and we are trying so hard to not let him get sick.  I think it's ok for my older kids to sit out a few activities this year rather than haul Barrett all over town and expose him to so many germs.  It's been a little disappointing for the older two but it's worth it for mom and dad.

We (semi) decorated the tree and hung the stockings. We just didn't not have the time to go all out.  We have big plans for next year!
Decorated two gingerbread houses
Bought our advent calendars at Trader Joe's

Milam saw Santa at school
(A long time ago I stopped doing Christmas traditions that don't give me, "the warm fuzzies".  Santa doesn't.  It's a long line and in my opinion a waste of money but that's just me.)
Jonathan slept on top of the roof at his school in a silly (but successful) way to earn money for some families in need in his district.
We looked at Christmas lights
Sent class gifts to school

I made dough boxes for the kids
(HUGE hit!)
Wore a lot of Christmas jammies
Wore a lot of matching Christmas clothes
Decorated Christmas cookies
Watched the Polar Express
Ate food from pappasitos
(Our Christmas Eve Eve tradition)
Went to Christmas Eve service
Had Christmas with my family
Opened presents on Christmas morning
picture is after I cleaned ;)
Celebrated Christmas with Jonathan's parents


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