Georgia at 4.5

November 17, 2015

Georgia, you are 4.5 years old.  You are on the downward slide to five.  A whole entire hand.  I cannot even handle this.  At all.

Besides being absolutely adorable you have a kind yet independent spirit.  I don't think a parent can ever fully describe their child's personality but I'm going to try.

You are very much a people person and love HARD.  You love to be held and snuggle and you are very protective of your best friends and cousins. (Only child issue I'm guessing).  Although, if you are meeting an adult for the first time you can be shy at times but not always.
Fours have been really great for us.  You're using your manners more and more, you're less argumentative although you do negotiate, we have less spankings and fewer meltdowns.  You do whine occasionally but that's getting better.  We're really trying to stress the importance to you of  your tone of voice and how you ask for things.

My dad told me once that you are the happiest child he has ever met and that is really true.  You are sunshine 90% of the time.
Don't get me wrong though, you have your moments.  You are strong willed and independent but you usually will do what we want in the end.

You are very smart (I know every parent says that) and really enjoy learning.  You've started to read (a few sight words and sounding out some words) and actually read your first sentence in October.  "Sam sat in the sand"...we were all very proud.  You've started counting by two's and ten's.  We're up to 40 so we practice that all different ways.  You can count to 40 by ones or tens.  You're really into all different kinds of animals and love to watch Discovery channel shows.  You also like to color, write, and draw or play with your stuffed animals.  You are very creative, imaginative, and are great at playing by yourself.  You're pretty good with geography and we've just started French (at home) and piano (with MeMe) in addition to ballet, tap, and gymnastics.

You talk a lot and ask a lot of questions.  You love learning about all kinds of new things.  You're interested in almost everything.
You've started to occasionally have bad dreams at night.  I can still get you to take 2-3 naps a week.  You've almost out grown your regular napping but you still always have quiet time in your room.  Generally from 2-4.

Home school is still going really well.  We're doing well with our scheduling and I'm pretty sure you like all the freedom home school is providing both of us.  As long as you get plenty of friend time you're good.  You usually like to have one thing/even to look forward to every day.  Like, going to gymnastics or knowing friends are coming over for dinner.
You're girly and prissy but at the same time have so many tom boy characteristics.  You love bugs and dinosaurs.  You carry our chickens all over the yard.  You love to run and ride your scooter.  Your sunday school teacher says, "She's the prettiest tom boy I've ever met."  She is very rough and tumble.  Loves to wrestle and play chicken in the pool but will stop everything she's doing to go pick flowers or "ooh" and "aww" over a new baby.

You like to collect little things you find called, "your treasures".  Usually small sequins or jewels, pretty rocks, and other random things.  You're obsessed with your stuffed animals and nutcrackers.

You've tried to become more picky the older you get but we're not really letting you.  You will eat almost anything although you may complain about it.  Some of your favorite foods are: avocado, salad with balsamic, cucumbers with balsamic, tortillas, pizza, anything with ranch, apples, beans and rice.  The only thing I can think of that you cannot stand are cooked carrots.  Your favorite meal that your dad makes is lemon garlic pasta with sauteed chicken and spinach salad.  You always tell us how much you love it and how it's the best.

You are 42.1 lbs (80.3%) and 43 in I think (75.8%)

You're sweet and kind and I love you and I'll try and talk less

that plant that smells like pizza is getting big (basil)

to our dog: "Oh that's my good boy"

Listening to me sing Adele: "No mom.  Stop it."

 "Mom, I want to give some of my Christmas books away.  I want to give them to kids who don't get as many presents as I do."

"their Christmas decorations are up.  That's just terrible.  We're supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We're supposed to be thankful for things like Momma and Daddy!"

Happenings Lately

November 16, 2015

Didn't she do a great job labeling the eggs for her Nana?  So cute.
Georgia and I are really enjoying boot weather.  (Well, almost boot weather)  Georgia's are from HERE (similar) and mine are from HERE.  Gold ones up top are from HERE and chicken dress is from HERE.  Do you do boot and shorts?  It's new to me but I really like it and it makes a lot of sense here in Texas.
Enjoyed MOPS this Monday with my old roomie from college, Megan.  We may have been "ssshhed" a few times and even threatened to be separated.  Sorry!
Georgia has all of her Nutcrackers out already.  It's not even Thanksgiving and she has them out.  Well, who am I kidding...the bottom two have been out year round and the top two are new but I'm fairly certain they will be out year round as well.
So, I figured why not get all her Christmas books out as well.  She has so many.  Probably too many.  She woke up from her nap the other day actually and told me, "Mom, I want to give some of my Christmas books away.  I want to give them to kids who don't get as many presents as I do."  Seriously, that heart of hers is amazing...then, she flips out at HEB because, "their Christmas decorations are up.  That's just terrible.  We're supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We're supposed to be thankful for things like Momma and Daddy!"
And then, look at that face.  THAT.FACE. (I tried to put the Halloween jammers away but she wasn't having it at all.)
And, this is how I spend my days.  Hot tea.  Close to my diffuser.  Laptop on Friends and photo edits.  My allergies have been SO terrible but I took a HUGE turn for the better on Sunday.
Happy Monday Everyone

A Dress and Some Hair

November 12, 2015

Having a girl is so fun.  Getting Georgia dressed and fixing her hair is so much fun.  I bought this dress the week before Halloween so I had her wear it everyday leading up to Halloween.  (Bought it from Eleanor Rose).  It was fun to see all the ways I could style it.  These were just the ones I could get pictures of.
After we get dressed we do hair.  This double french braid halo was so sweet.
This faux french braid is great.  Video HERE.  I fix her hair like this for gymnastics since it holds all her hair back without getting in her way for back bends and back rolls.
Then, there is this fun up do.  I can't find a video but it is super easy.  Pony tail.  Topsy tail it.  Braid the bottom.  Roll into a bun.  Bobby pin.
I wish I had Georgia's style ;)

Turning 30 and Trick-or-Treating and Life

November 9, 2015

House keeping: My new blog layout is not mobile supported so the layout design only shows up on your computer and it doesn't support Disqus for comments either so I removed that.  I like the new layout too much to care. (I still read blogs on my computer.  Am I the only one?)

Georgia wore her Halloween PJs for the last time.  So cute.
We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating but I didn't get any pictures because I didn't take my phone.  She insisted on going up to each house by herself.  So independent.

My mom and step dad took Georgia and I out to dinner for my birthday and then they went trick-or-treating with us because Jonathan had to work a football game.  I didn't feel like going door to door at night all by myself.  Our neighbors are totally safe but still.  (He had to work Thur, Fri, and twice on Saturday.  Stinks.)

Speaking of my birthday Jonathan got me two new Kate Spade purses, new brown riding boots, and new Sam and Libby flats.  Georgia got me a light up pumpkin that she picked out. I loved all of it.  Thirty isn't all bad.  Hopefully I'll have lots and lots to look forward to in my 31st year.
Jonathan and I also celebrated our 15 year dating anniversary.  He bought me flowers.
Then, in fat people problems...
Yep.  Pour chocolate chips in a cup.  Then, I pour them in my mouth :)
Also, the other night our friends had their annual Pumpkin Party.  It takes us 30 minutes to get to their house.  This night it took us an hour and a half.  There was a huge wreck and we were bringing ice cream.  We knew it would be melting so we found some random plastic pieces in the car and went to town.  We were in park on the road for about an
I also made a few small updates this week.
I moved my small desk into our room as my night stand and hung up some pictures.  I really like the way it looks and it's much more functional.  Now we need to add the cornice boards above the curtains.  The desk used to be in our laundry room but I put new drawers in there that I really love.  Jonathan is going to add some counter tops in there for me so it's seamless but it's a step in the right direction.

Our Weekend - Baylor Homecoming

October 27, 2015

We were on our way to Waco this weekend and stopped in a small town to wander around for a bit.

Waco Trip >>> Baylor Homecoming

I went to Baylor and Homecoming was this weekend.  Luckily Jonathan's sister lives in Waco so we had such a great (dry!) place to stay.  We hit up The Magnolia Silos first.  That was fun.

We did some fun homecoming activities and a lot of shopping.  My brother and sister in law went to Baylor as well so we had a lot of fun with family and friends.

We got back on Sunday and went to our Fall Fest at church.  We had a lot of fun with our little Tiger Lily.  So cute.

Oh, and I turned 30 today.  So that' ;/

15 Years and Counting

October 25, 2015

We've officially been together half our lives (I turn thirty in two days), although we met when we were twelve.

I love you so much, Jonathan.  Happy 15 years.  You're amazing.

It's Finally Friday!

October 23, 2015

Not much going on here lately.  Spending a lot of time with my computer and my camera while trying to keep up with my day to laundry and workouts.  I'm hanging on :)

This chicken terrified me in my kitchen.  So that was fun...

We went to the pumpkin patch and I was able to snap a few pictures of my sweet, "Tiger Lily".

We were able to hang out with Jonathan at one of his JV games.  Georgia thought it was a lot of fun.  We didn't wear school colors :/

 Happy Friday everyone!


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