Friday Happiness

May 27, 2016

We went to a friend's for dinner on Sunday (and also to swap freezer meals).  Georgia plays with their kids so well.
Jonathan has worked so so hard in our back yard.  When we moved in the backyard was very much over grown.  There were very large plants, almost touching the roof, and covering the windows.  That's just a breeding ground for bug, let's them into the house easier, and has a lot of places for snakes to hide.  Ick.  So we took out all the plants.  Well, when we took out all the plants it left a very low area near our house and we would get a lot of standing water, almost coming onto our covered porch.  So, something needed to be done.  We're slowly working on it (fixer upper problems) but so far J has raised and graded the area and we added a drain and river rocks.  It hasn't rained since then but I'm anxious to see what happens.  We still have a ways to go...add border and more plants (grass needs to grow back) and do the opposite side as well.  But, I'm so glad we've actually made headway.

You can see two of our three porches in this picture.  Well, we have two porches and one "deck" ish area a few yards from the house.  A bit random.  The far right is Jonathan's man porch where the guys go and grill.  It's connected by that white door to the garage.  The screen porch doesn't look like much but it's super valuble here in Texas.  It is 100% shaded all day and has no bugs.  It's great although a bit dingy.  J is still working on the pavers.  He's about 40% done with the this backyard project so still a ways to go.
 I still need to add a lot of large planters filled with mosquito hating plants.  I'll get around to it ;)
A few in progress shots from when we FIRST moved in.  We had already taken out a lot of plants at this point.
Georgia works independently so well.  She wanted to go spend her birthday money and I told her that was fine but we needed to work on something first.  She found her school work herself and did it all with no directions.  It's times like that where I'm like, "yeah...she'll be fine in life" ;)
I like baking but rarely do it.  We were taking cupcakes to a friend so I wanted to fancy them up a bit.  I put the icing in a bag and put different food coloring (in color order) around the side.  I pushed it down the sides of the bad with skewers and then piped it onto the cupcakes.  I thought they were pretty fun.
Georgia also finished up dance this week.  She's really excited to be done.  We're not sure we will be continuing on or not.  I'm signing her up for another gymnastics class in the summer so she'll go twice a week.  We will see how that goes.
Our neighborhood's resident deer.  I've seen up to 11 at one time including a buck in my own back yard.  They just chill in our the middle of the day...eating any plants we try to grow...mind you, I live 5 minutes from a Target, HEB, Kroger, and CVS.  I live in the middle of town.
 We are still working on our mixed media art.  This week was throwing paint covered loofahs.  It was huge hit.  I think our final layer will be oil pastels.
 My very own little mermaid is half way through her swim lessons.  She's supposed to be swimming by the end of them...we'll see. (And yes, I'm a nut about swim hair.  I keep it 100% out of her face.)  She's seriously pretty, y'all :)
We also went to our favorite snow cone stand for the first time of the "summer".  So yummy.
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My (Honest) Vox Box Review

May 26, 2016

So, I've received free items from Influester before but I'm fairly certain that I've never recieved an actual VoxBox before.  So yes, I did get these products for free BUT my reviews are honest.  I wrote what I would buy again, what I wouldn't waste my time with, and I honestly used them in my daily life how I saw fit.  It was the "Super Mom VoxBox" so these are mainly reviews on how these products worked with Georgia or Georgia and I in our daily routine.

First of all, it's fun getting a big box of free stuff in the mail.
SlideProof Spiky Soft Touch Hair Elastics
I tried these first.  Georgia loved them just because she thought they looked pretty.  Once I got them back from her I put her hair up for breakfast and put my hair up just to get it out of my face.  AND, literally our hair didn't move all day.  Our pony tails never got loose.  I have very thick straight soft hair that will fall out of any style very easily.  Not with these.  It stayed put.  I will buy these again and again.  They work so well!
Ouchless Girl's Brush (coupon)
Combed perfectly through her dry tangled hair and her just washed and conditioned hair.  The real test was the swim bag.  Would it comb through her swim lesson hair?!  No, it did not.  Each bristle was way too flexible and only one or two would end up going through her soaking wet hair.  Would I buy this
@Influenster, @Goody #walmart, #goodybrushed, and #gotitfree

So, in all honesty I don't use this brand of dish soap.  We are trying to live a cleaner life style and I usually stick to Mrs. Myer's or Honest Company.  I've used this soap twice.  Once to clean out Georgia's water table (worked REALLY well on a season's worth of dirt and rain) and then again to clean out her beach bucket that had some type of oil in it (???) and again it worked really well.  (I also use cheaper dish soap to mix with vinegar and kill ants in our yard so I'm holding onto this for that purpose.)  Would I buy it?  No.  Not because it doesn't work well but when I get cheap dish soap for yard things I get the cheapest I can find.  When I buy dish soap for cleaning things we eat on I use a natural brand.
I love pens.  I have all kinds in all colors.  I really wanted to love these.  I really did.  They didn't write smoothly, always felt a bit grainy, and occasionally would leave blank spaces on my paper where no ink would show up.  I was initially excited about pink and turquoise ink but the turquoise pen was actually black ink.  Bummer.  So no, I wouldn't buy these.
Squeeze Sour Cream
I love sour cream.  It's a staple.  So this was dead on for our house.

Georgia and I are both flossers.  I don't know about J.  G doesn't need to floss.  She can stick a penny between each tooth but it's good to start healthy habits.  I typically stick to traditional floss and then use these for my back molars to get out anything hard to reach but I figured I would give them a try.  Georgia loved them by the way.  I brushed my teeth, used mouth wash and then flossed with my regular floss.  Then I got the flossers out and was grossed out by how much brushing, mouth wash, and floss had left behind.  These flossers did a great job.  I did not like them for my molars though.  It was way to hard to get a good angle.  Would I buy them?  Yes.
I don't wear antiperspirant, only deodorant.  It's a long story but Jonathan would prefer I not so it just isn't a battle I fight anymore.  Would I buy?  No.  Should you?  Don't know :)

I really like these products.  They are cleaner products that actually work.  I've tried several natural clean products on Georgia's hair and it left her hair always feeling like straw.  She has really dry hair like I do and we don't wash it everyday (which is hard because she loves to be a mermaid in the bath tub and she loves taking showers even more...I need to get her a shower cap.)  Anyways, all that to say I really like it and it works well and I will buy it again. (Not sure why the leave in conditioner link is so expensive?)

27 Weeks - Milam

May 24, 2016

Still going strong.  I passed my glucose, iron, and thyroid test so all is good here.  Now, I start going every 2 weeks.  I'm still up 10 pounds total for the entire pregnancy.  Didn't gain anything last month but my bump was measuring right on track.  Belly button is still full on in, no stretch marks and my sleep is great some nights and other nights I use the restroom 3 times.

Still no nursery progress but I'm pretty sure once we start we will finish in about two days.  We have everything we need it just isn't put together yet.  J's last day is June 10th and then his summer break starts so I'm sure we'll have it done some time around then.

Our Lately

May 23, 2016

Life lately has been moving slowly and busy all at the same time.  Our days before Jonathan gets home seem to drag on since we finished our home school curriculum but then once he gets home we are busy, busy, busy and the weekends seem to be the same way.

I've been trying to make our lunches a bit more fun.  We do make your own tacos, make your own pizzas (from bagel thins), build your own cracker sandwiches.  It keeps her occupied and she eats more so it's a win win.
 I've been building Milam's wardrobe.  His room is a mess but his clothes are coming together.
 We hung out with Nanny and Nana while Nanny got her hair done.
 Went to a couple's shower for our good friends.
 Usual Georgia shenanigans...
Jonathan and I went to our local pizza place and we let Georgia ride the go carts.  She had a great time and they won!
 We've been trying to have a lot of summer fun.  We're still working on our mixed media art work.  We added water guns and she loved it.
 She's really enjoying her swim lessons.  She can't swim just yet but she's getting there.  Her big issue is getting over herself and not saying, "I can't do that!"  So hopefully a new swim suit (Hanna Andersson), new will entice her to at least try.
And, Gap and their casting call...I entered this year.  I know it is ridiculous but I couldn't help myself :]
We had a few rainy days last week but braved the weather so we could still get outside.
 I so enjoy that we have HUGE trees in our back yard.  Georgia is so fair and I'm always worried about her getting sunburn.  I just set up her outdoor toys under the large area of shade and she just plays and plays.  No sunburns for us.
 I starting teaching Georgia to divide her money three way.  10% goes to church and then, from what she has left, 50% goes to savings and 50% she gets to spend.
 On Friday we went to Woodbury Community Gardens here in Conroe.  It was a lot of fun.  It's all on an honor system.  You pick, weigh, and pay on your own.  The owners aren't there.  They also have goats and chickens.  You can take the eggs out of their fridge set up inside a little cottage as well.  There is a metal box where you leave your money for everything you're taking.  It's been there for years and we just visited.  You can also rent garden plots that are not apart of the weigh and pay system.
We also did a lot of yard work and enjoyed dinner and freezer meal swapping at a friend's.  Another busy week(end) but it was a good one.

My Georgia Peach is FIVE

May 17, 2016

A few basics:
She's reading, can count to 100 with some help, write her first and last name (correctly with only the first letters in caps), is starting to count money and so much more. 

Has started using a lot of expressions such as: oh brother, oh boy, oh my goodness, darn it, right on track

She can whistle

She is in the bronze level in gymnastics

Loves animals and bugs.  loves bug shows

She is the perfect combo of her dad and I.  Attitude like me.  Extrovert like her dad.

Can work netflix on the TV (scary)

Knows a lot of books of the Bible

Obsessed with star wars

Nap time is pretty much a thing of the past.  She's in her room for 2 hours with the lights off but she's usually playing with her flashlight and reading books under her bed or singing Star Wars tunes.

goals - swim {very close} - tie shoes {so so close} - ride bike {probably should practice}
Her stats:
Weight: 43.4 lbs - 72.2%
Height: 43 3/4 in - 76.7%

Georgia, I look at you every day and wonder how we have such a perfect little person in our home.  You are so smart, wonderful, spunky, silly, creative, and overall just a wonderful (newly) five year old.  You keep us laughing, you never stop talking, you love to play outside and make mud pies.  There is no way I could write enough to describe your wonderful personality.  Your dad and I love you so much.  Happy 5th birthday my lovely little lady!

26 Weeks - Milam

BAD phone pic
All is going great.  I'm still feeling better and better.  I waddle occasionally from back pain but other than that I'm good.  I have my glucose appointment this week, on Friday.

No changes on any front really.  I'm still drinking a lot of ice water and protein shakes and eating A LOT of pineapple.

Trying to slow down with my photography business because the angles for a good pictures are getting pretty difficult.

Georgia and I are trying to go on a walk every morning before 10 am.  It's already getting so hot but I want to stay active.

It blows my mind that if Milam were born today his survival rate is 80-90%!  How have I been pregnant that long?!

Mother's Day

May 15, 2016

My Mother's Day was a great one even if I'm a little late in documenting it.  

Jonathan had two dozen (gorgeous) blush colored roses delivered.
 And Georgia picked out a book for me :)
Jonathan made homemade donuts and brought them to me in bed.  They were delicious.
Georgia also picked out a journal for me and even wrote in it a bit.  Love it.
Jonathan also picked out and bought two maternity dresses for me and a large frame where you can hang multiple pictures.  I loved all my gifts.

We went to church.
Had lunch with Jonathan's parents and grandmother and then ate again with my family.
I hope everyone else enjoyed their mother's day as well.


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