Our Favorite Dad - 2018

June 16, 2018

This guy is #1 in our house and we are beyond thankful for him everyday but especially on Father's day.  This year I wanted to get him something really great but it is super hard because Jonathan and I (and most other adults) just buy whatever we want for ourselves.  I did a lot of brainstorming and thought a lot about his favorite things.  Here is what I was able to come up with.
If a guy is from Texas it's pretty easy to assume that he's proud of that fact and my husband is no exception.  That was my jumping off point.  Jonathan and I are notorious for losing our sunglasses.  It's bad.  So, I snagged him these glasses from Texas Humor (one of my all time favorite Insta accounts!) and he loves them.  Plus...it came with a free sticker! If you've ever seen Jonathan's Jeep then you get it.
If you think Texas then your thoughts instantly go to Whataburger and Y'ALL they have an online store!  Jonathan loves mugs so this was an impulse buy and a steal.  I thought it was one of those metal camping mugs but it's not.  It's huge and heavy duty.  He loves it.
 I originally went to their site for their tumbler but decided against it because tumblers are falling out of our cabinets but I picked up a 6 pack of Whataburger original condiments.  He's really excited about it! Him and Georgia LOVE Whataburger.  I do too but it took me awhile to get on board.  Growing up my parents were obsessed so I of course didn't like it just because they loved it but once I was a teenager I was like, "YESSS PLEASE!"
I hinted that I was getting him a Columbia fishing shirt after I got the kids matching ones.  He flipped when I told him how much the Columbia ones cost.  Which is so Jonathan.  He's function over form all the way.  To a fault.  So I snagged this amazing Magellan brand shirt for under $15.  I think that's the Academy brand and he loves it.  He's really excited to wear it on his next kayaking adventure with Georgia.

Favorite Things - Spring 2018

June 15, 2018

So many of you have been commenting on my blog.  I am JUST NOW seeing them and have no way to respond.  Blogger is not emailing me my comments and there is no respond section in my comments.  I have no way to remedy that.  If you have had this issue and fixed it please email me at: Emily.Powell@ymail.com or message me on Insta @MrsEmilyPowell

I always respond to my messages and comments...if I know they're there.  Super frustrated!

The spring y'all!  The pollen.  The weather.  The heat.  The bugs.  That pretty much sums it up.  Here's how we're surviving in the Texas heat.

Me and the kid use 24 hour Zyrtec nearly everyday.  It keeps us sane.
He is my favorite weather guy.  Favorite.  He's usually always right and he doesn't get everyone worked up like the weather people on TV.  Super simple and straight forward
The shorts came in my Stitch Fix box and I wear them about every other day.  Seriously.  I had a really good box last time.  I may end up ordering more of these of the same brand since I wear them so often.
When it comes to water bottles I want something that has a twist on lid with no openings and does not sweat.  I need to be able to throw it in my purse or diaper bag and just go and not have to worry about it.  The one I linked to I ended up buying for Georgia's teacher and I really liked it.  So pretty.
My allergies were so bad this spring and I drank tea all day to soothe my scratchy throat and help clear my congestion.  I use a lot of brands and flavors but regular Earl Grey is my favorite.
We got this Instant type quinoa in my Influenster box and we were pretty skeptical.  But it was so so good!  It cooked really fast and we used it in all kinds dishes.  We even used it for taco night and Asian night and it was super yummy in place of rice.  We all loved it.
With Georgia we used a regular diaper bag and that was fine.  With Milam I didn't really use a diaper bag.  I just put his things in my giant Kate Spade bag and that was fine.  Now that Milam is all over the place and we run around the park I needed something that would free up my arms and close on the top so everything wouldn't fall out.  I searched forever on Amazon and decided to give this once a try.  I'm really liking it.  It fits all of Milam and Georgia's things and Jonathan and I both feel comfortable wearing it.  It's really big but not heavy.

Georgia's Room is Finally Finished

June 12, 2018

I mean, is any room ever really done? BUT, aside from a possible bookshelf, needing new carpet, and finishing the trim in the closet her room is now checked off of my list.

Georgia's room was originally a formal living room.  We (with the help of others) transformed it into her bedroom.  You can see before pictures HERE and see what it has mainly looked like ever since.

Her room is right off of the front entry way so everyone sees it when they walk in the house and I've been wanting to add the wow factor to her room for awhile and not just a jumble of her things.  It is still Whispering Peach by Benjamin Moore with cute peach details throughout (as well as owls because she loves those) but I added some llamas also because she likes them and they're cute.

Her bed, dresser, and night stand were all mine as a child.  My mom bought them for my "big girl room" when I was two and I've had them ever since.  The sconces are from my grandmother's house and the bird cage light fixture was a quick fix one night at HEB.

Jonathan did the paneling behind her bed and made the cornice board for her window.  The curtains are from Ikea and all the bedding is a huge mix from all over the place.  The llama banner is from the Target party section, and the adorable llama above her desk she made in art class and I could not get it framed fast enough!

Her collage walls and other wall decor is from all over the place.  Antiques, HEB, hand me downs...BUT the real show stopper is the beautiful flower mural behind her bed.  Those were hand painted by a friend and she did it for a steal and it totally makes the room.

Georgia made her "G" next to her bedroom door and I love it.  I was a premade wood G that she painted and decorated on her own.  It's so cute.

Her desk is THIS ONE from Amazon.
 I took these two quick pictures with my phone to get larger angles.  Not the best quality but may give you a better feel for the space.  Not pictured to the right of the bed is her closet.
The prettiest peach (and llama and owl and flower) room for my pretty peach of a girl.

Week in the Life 22

June 11, 2018

Just a lot of playing
Tuesday: The day that I did all the things.  Like, seriously!
Went to the bank
got gas
took my tithe check to church
went to the Dollar Store
dropped things off at my mom's house
Bought a lot of popcorn
unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
organized the hall closet
finished a book
balanced the checkbook
paid the bills
2 mile walk
Bible study
made the bed
2 loads of laundry (and put away!)

Phew.  I don't know what got into me that day!

the normal walking and playing
Jonathan took a half day.  Yay!  So, he was home for gymnastics which means he got to go with Milam and not me.  Haha.  His class is exhausting!
photo shoot
Georgia went to spend two nights with her grandparents
Worked on G's room

I had a photo shoot that morning that J and M tagged along for.  We ran a bunch of random errands, finished Georgia's room and ended up adopting a shelter dog we named, Penelope (a minor character in Harry Potter and started with a P so it followed all of our other dog/cat names we've ever had).
We started the day by meeting up with out of town family (San Antonio) which is always fun.
Georgia came home to a finished room and a dog which was also exciting.  She kept saying, "I am so so happy!"
We also celebrated our nephew's birthday with more out of town family (J's sister who lives in Waco)
and I had to cut the family fun short for another photo shoot downtown Houston.
Did the usual church and some errands thing...
and then headed out to do some blueberry picking post super long naps!
After that we got yogurt and headed home :)  I took this picture to document that I like the color combo of blue/yellow on G
Now, it's Monday and we fun things planned today since Jonathan took today off (and didn't work on Friday either).  He does work the entire summer but gets all fridays off.

Happy Monday!

Where to Eat in Conroe

June 7, 2018

We live in Conroe and we love it here.  If you are ever passing through (on 45N then you may want to stop by!)  Always check store hours.  Several are closed on Sundays or the weekends.  I'll mark the ones I know.  I'm not listing chains.  We don't go eat at chains a lot unless it's CFA.

I've included our favorite places in Conroe, Willis, and Montgomery.  I didn't include The Woodlands because that's a whole different area and the list would be huge.


Toasted Yolk
Cafe style breakfast.  More "upscale" than 105 cafe below.  I think it's a little pricier but haven't noticed that the food tastes any better.  Good parking
105 Cafe
Typical cafe styled breakfast. Hole in the wall type place...very yummy.  We usually have to park at the high school and walk over because it's so crowded.  If you don't go early then there will be a wait on the weekends although today is Tuesday and there was a wait when I drove by this morning (I live really close!)
The absolute best donuts you will ever have in your entire life.  One Conroe location and two New Caney locations.  I don't even bother with donuts anymore unless they're Pat's.  It is 100% pointless.  Once you have Pat's you will never go back.  Promise.


Pizza Shack
It's actually a lot nicer than it sounds and their dishes are actually better (in our opinion) than their pizza which is very yummy.  Good dessert selection and two locations.  Willis (the original) and Montgomery
MacKenzie's BBQ
Family owned and super yummy traditional BBQ.  Parking can be tricky.  There is parking in the back.
Vernon's (Beer Garden)
We call it Vernon's BBQ but a lot call it Beer Garden.  It says, "BBQ" on the front but I'm not saying we're right ;) They have BBQ, fried food, burgers, and Mexican food (and really good sweet tea). Basically if you like eating typical Texas food then go here! Huge patio and play area makes it a must when you have kids.
Vernon's Kountry Katfish
Owned by the same family as above.  Make yummy seafood.  Also, I must note: They flooded during Hurricane Harvey and served the community FOR FREE from their parking lot next to their totaled building.  They took donations only and then used those donations to pay all their employees until they could open again!  Y'all that is an A+ establishment.  And, their open and better than ever.
Mama Juanita's
Our go to Mexican place.  Georgia's favorite!
La Hacienda
Our go to Mexican for large gatherings when we know there will be a lot of kids.  They have a large patio and usually a great Tejano band playing on the weekends.
Pacific Yardhouse
A huge selection of beer but I will say from what we ordered was a little over priced but very cool atmosphere.  A lot of live music.  I'm going to try it again.  My mom loves it.
Red Brick Tavern
One of me and Jonathan's favorites.  Delicious food, good drinks, and live music.  Downside.  It is VERY small.  I would take Georgia (7) but not Milam (1).  It is just way too crammed.
Honey Bee Ham
Need a burger? Go here! Two burgers, two fried, two drinks for $10! Say whaaaaat?! Their onion rings and burgers are SO SO good.  It's a family favorite!  Total hole in the wall but delicious!
Looks like a chain Italian place but it's not.  It is locally owned and really good.  We usually get a pizza, pasta, and Caesar salad.  Delish.
The best meatball sub you will ever eat.  Must try!


Montgomery bakehouse
(Closed on sunday)
Easy to get to.  Great parking.  The best chocolate macaroons I have ever eaten.  No tax and the prices CANNOT be beat.  We are huge HUGE fans!
Back in Time Popcorn
(Closed on sunday)
Lots of popcorn and LOTS of candy.  This place is so fun and their popcorn tastes so good.  I love cheddar/ranch and Jonathan likes Extra Buttery (which my mom says is too salty.)
Chiller Bee
Our favorite place for yogurt.  Christian owned and plays christian music.  Really cute and kid friendly.  Conroe, Montgomery, and The Woodlands locations.
Lottie's Shivers
The cutest most adorable sno cone stand.  Paid attention to every single detail.  Georgia loves getting star shaped edible glitter and using their color changing spoons.  Huge deck and a lot of kid games next to a giant field.  It's a huge summer hang out spot for the elementary kids :)
(Closed on weekends)
Seriously delicious but I have one thing that bothers me.  They are in Downtown Conroe and on a one way street that is very busy so it's really hard to find parking.  I assume it's the owner who parks their car right in front of the shop in the best spot there is available.  There are only a handful of spots and they could easily use other free parking options and walk.  It's hard for me to find a spot and get my kids out and walk a few blocks in the Texas heat.  Aside from that (which really bothers me!) there food is second to none and the bakery itself is adorable.  They have food as well.  They are usually playing french music which ups the cute level.

Week in the Life - 21 (Summer is here!)

June 4, 2018

This week started out gearing up for summer.  The last few themed days at school, gifts for kid's summer goodie bags, teacher gifts, being unhappy on me and Jonathan's continued diet (basically no bread and no added sugar).  The normal pre-summer stuff.  Georgia's gym was also closed this week so we had a week off from gymnastics.

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures because nothing too exciting has been happening.  Not that everyday life isn't picture worthy, it is, but I've been listening to audible a lot and playing with the kids.

Jonathan and I were talking about how when we were kids we loved reading encyclopedias.  I really don't want to create a technology only child (because I would not have learned very well like that as a child) but also because she loves to read and loves to learn.
 My mom gave us her old (pre 1980 set) and Georgia has just jumped right in.  She wrote a one page report over elephants just because she wanted too...which is so funny because I used to do the same thing.  Now, where to store them?!
 Jonathan and I are doing low carb.  So no pasta or bread and very little rice.  Also, no added sugar.  So fruit and honey are a yes but chocolate is a no and that is VERY hard for me!  We let ourselves eat popcorn and it is so good.  There is an adorable popcorn and candy shop down the street from our house and it is so delicious!  We had been there a handful of times before but G's school did a fundraiser and I ended up buying a ton.  We plowed through the ones from school in just a few days so I had to go get more at the shop.
 So good that he shoved all the popcorn from his cup holder into his mouth before we went in a store to run an errand.
 Georgia hides her house shoes from Milam because he loves them.  We wears them whenever he gets a chance.  He runs in her room and goes straight to her hiding spot, grabs them, and runs out of her room.
 I've tried to be a kombucha fan for a while and it just doesn't do it for me. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.  But this one is good and I'm not even a huge Dr. Pepper fan.  I stopped drinking "soda" type drinks back in high school and never looked back (sweet tea - yes please!).  They had other flavors so I know I'll give them a go!  (Did NOT like Lemon-Lime and neither did G but M did)
Georgia had her last day of school and got the "Future teacher" award which I can totally see.
 It was a half day so we stayed inside while it was still super hot outside and then headed out to play around sunset.  I think I'm going to be sad to send her back in August!
Friday and saturday seem to be a blurrrr...we played, celebrated donut day, ate a lot of ice pops, and went on walks.  This heat is just killer!

On sunday we celebrated my grandmother's 94th birthday!
Good low key weekend to get into the swing of summer!


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