A Recap

January 19, 2021

 Oh y'all. It has been a week. Being an adult can be so hard sometimes. Dealing with people who have been wronged in the past and are incapable of healing is really really hard. Dealing with other people's hurt can seem impossible, although can present itself as a learning experience for your kids. And being a parent with a fourteen month old who's sick for the first time is really, really rough. So yeah, it's been a week. I feel like I've had things coming at me from all sides.

"I have decided to stick with love. 

Hate is too great a burden to bear.” 

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Favorite Products of 2020

January 12, 2021

Thinking back on all the products I've loved using this year. Here is a list of all the things that made this year a little bit better. And some random pictures of my kids.

I'll start with some "beauty products". I've actually started a nighttime face routine. I know, I'm 35 and should have done that a long time ago but I'm super low maintenance. I use Aveeno night cream before bed every night and use the Aveeno face wash in the shower pre cream. I've been so pleasantly surprised with these "drug store" finds. I randomly ordered this mascara from Amazon and liked it. So I kept using it. I've had the worst luck with mascara and this is my favorite so far (for the price).  If you don't want your hair to move ALL DAY then get these rubber bands. They are amazing. Although they hurt when you take them out, it's worth it. The all-day deep-V no-wire bra in toasted almond from Lively. BEST. BRA. EVER. I literally do not wear anything else and totally forget its on. I love it so much. I'll be ordering in the other two colors for sure. 

In terms of products that are just extra bur make you feel good get The Little Book of Hygge. Since I heard of, "Hygge" several years ago I knew it would resonate with me. Now that I have this little book I cannot believe how much this resonates with me. I LOVE it so much! These socks are still my absolute favorites. I wear them all the time. So cozy! I got this tea box for Christmas and I love how much clutter has been removed from my counter. My favorite mug and straw cup. I like my hot tea and my ice tea and my ice tea lemonade. My favorite is Earl Grey. I use THESE essential oils multiple times a day. On my skin, on my head, in my bath. Scent is so relaxing and mint is probably my favorite even though I cannot stand the taste. I put it on my arms and shoulders when I sleep. Love it so much. (I use health shield in our baths)

I'm a planner at heart but I had to take it up a notch when Barrett was born. Milam and Georgia both have Echo Dots. I have all of Georgia's alarms and reminders set (to wake her up and to remind her to get dressed for gym in the afternoons) and have an "alarm" of classical music set for Milam so he knows when he hears it that he's allowed to get out of bed. We are really enjoying them. Georgia uses it as a timer all the time and for music. They've been great additions. I'm really liking my 2021 planner so far.  I'm a die hard paper planner girl, for life. (They have a cute geode pattern too)

I rarely spend money on myself. Ever. It just doesn't feel good to me. I'll spend money on Jonathan and the kids  all day long (cough *team gymnastics tuition/BMX race bikes* cough) but rarely on myself, so the fact that I've purchased any of this stuff once, not to mention, multiple times, says a lot.

You can read more of my favorites HERE

Weekend Top Ten

January 11, 2021

 My ten favorite things from this weekend!


I used Barrett to take some test shots for my upcoming Easter Minis and he looked like a literal doll. I cannot stand how cute and angelic he looked. (His long alls are from HERE)

I made a copy cat "black ice tea lemonade" from Starbucks. The secret is using Earl Grey. Makes all the difference. I'm trying to be careful about what companies I spend my money at since money equates to support so I'm trying to totally cut Starbucks out. I have THIS cup and love it. (Click for links to the TEA BOX and HONEY POT)

We had a bit of a "snow day". I don't think we actually got any snow but A LOT of sleet. The kids thought it was exciting anyway since we do live in Texas. Milam wore a headlamp since it was after sunset and looked so cute. Georgia enjoyed it as well...Barrett hated it.

Barrett didn't have a whole lot of "play clothes" that weren't sweat pants or jeans so I grabbed a few things for him at Target the other day and he looked so sweet. My kids get so dirty playing outside and then have nice church clothes but rarely have anything in between. (Got him THIS one)

Milam loves to snuggle and we all really enjoy it.

I do not like layers and cold weather. It just isn't for me. But, these faces all bundled up are so super cute!

Chili's after church! A one year old out to lunch is always an adventure/struggle but we press on.

This little guy is having more and more moments of independent play. It's so nice watching him learn and grow.

But, when he's not feeling so independent I busted out the pack n play. He doesn't always love it but I LOVE that it gives me a safe way to unload the dishwasher without him finding steak knives to play with. Ugh. 

More on Barrett. He's trying to learn how to throw fits. Luckily he's really bad at it and so far it's been pretty funny. 

Happy Monday, y'all!

Friday Favorites

January 8, 2021

Peaceful moments are always a favorite, as rare as they may be. I guess their rarity makes them all the more enjoyable.

I've been absolutely LOVING that Milam is really into writing and drawing these days. It's so cute and keeps him quietly busy. It's hard with Barrett around getting into everything so I put a little table and chair in his room and he has so enjoyed his own little creative work space.

Barrett boy has had his own table since before he was born, it was in Milam's nursery too, but I had to reintroduce it to him because he was a little too interested in his brother's new space.

This boy's freckles are my favorite always. He's so stinking adorable!

He picked out these new Vans (shown below) and used a gift card to buy them. He saw them in a display case and had to have him. His personality, also a fav.

I took the kids to a park we hadn't been to in forever. I don't think Milam had actually ever been to this park. He always sees it from the highway and asks to go there. They had so much fun. Watching them actually play and have fun and get along and be nice is a favorite.

This baby nugget. My angel face. A favorite but Lordy, get your booty off that bike! You are too, too little! His Vans are also new and he is beyond proud of them. He carries them around the house.

I took a picture of my circus monkeys in Downtown Conroe while doing some test shots for a client and now I want to purchase the Conroe bus depot.

Jonathan and Milam picked out these new Vans (below) too. I think he has four pairs now.

Barrett in his new jacket. Kills me. Love it. He was less than thrilled about being at speech, outside, while 40 degrees, at 8am. So cute.

2020 in Review (isn't that bad!)

January 6, 2021

According to all social media and every news outlet 2020 was a crap shoot of a year BUT according to me it wasn't all bad once you remove all the sensationalism the media likes to hype up. As a family 2020 was mostly good to us and I praise God that it was that way for us. Looking back through all of these photos made me realize what an amazing year we had with our family. I'm a stay at home mom (mostly) so I do get a lot of time with my family and kids but this was on a whole new level and I'm very thankful for the opportunity. It had it's challenges and we were ready to get back into our routine but it is a moment in time that I will look back on fondly despite the politics involved.


This year started off with a bang. Georgia had her first meet in Galveston and we took the whole family to the beach for the weekend. It was cold but it was fun to travel as a family of five for the first time. Milam loved the beach. SO MUCH. Jonathan and Georgia actually went back again for another meet and Georgia did amazing! She has a lot of anxiety so this has been a good stretch for her.


Georgia and I were able to travel for a long weekend to New Orleans for another meet. Traveling for gym was stressful but a lot of fun and a good experience for all of us.

I just love this photo. All of my favorites in one photo...and all in boots!


The month the entire world stopped. We left school for spring break and just never went back. Luckily we live on an acre and our entire yard just opened up to us. We had so much fun coming up with things to do. Lots of fires, ninja lines, bow and arrows, soccer, hammocks, gymnastics outside and on and on. Our huge yard made living is 2300 sq ft with a family of five far less claustrophobic. I did question a lot why we didn't buy a bigger house. Ha.


Things got weird this month! Tiger King...need I say more.


Georgia turned NINE and we hosted a "Sea Turtle // VSCO girl" party. 

We finished school early and threw all our papers out! Felt so good to be DONE but felt cheated not getting to say bye to friends and teachers. 

We went to the Target parking lot and waited for the Blue Angels to fly down 45. It was a lot of fun to see everyone out and happy!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mom of three.


One of our favorite summer event is picking blueberries. It's hot but fun.


I love July because I think the Fourth of July is my new favorite holiday. I love our neighborhood bike parade. It's so cute!

Milam got really into BMX riding and is so naturally good at it! It's amazing to watch him ride.

We went to the lake. Barrett wasn't a super huge fan.

My family humored me and went on a crazy hunt for sunflowers. SO hot but SO cool! Plus, they're cute.

We took advantage of the shopping centers being closed and totally empty. Kind of weird but also fun.

We had friends over for the first time in FOREVER!


August was hot as usual but we made the best of it. Lots of family time and long summer nights.


This is the month where we realized hurricane season had gone all out bizarre. We got through the entire alphabet plus the greek alphabet and had two hurricanes in the gulf at the same time. Total insanity.

Georgia went back to in person school...thank goodness.

We filled the long evenings with park visits.

We got a new couch, spruced up the master bath, and redid the formal dining room.

Georgia occasionally started helping me during photo shoots.

Started wearing a lot of fall ware!


October was a full month. We went to Florida...the day after a hurricane went through LA.

Had so much fun going trick or treating!

Matched some more.

Did The Office as our first family costume.

And, most importantly celebrated Barrett turning ONE! Our baby bear had a pumpkin patch party!


We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and Barrett was dedicated at church and looked like a little angel. Love him.


We had a great Christmas. We saw all of our family and found a lot of outdoor activities and light displays.

Bring it 2021! We're ready for you!


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