Our Short Week

January 15, 2018

Georgia had off last Monday and then was home with me Tuesday to ensure she got all her medicine so she could go to the bathroom again so she just had school Wed-Fri.  Now today, Monday is a holiday so she's home again.

The weather for tomorrow is cold with a forecast of snow so I'm unsure what school on Tuesday will look like or if it will happen at all because...it's Texas y'all and we don't deal with snow.  At all.

Let's back up.  On Wednesday Georgia finally went back to school for the first time since Christmas break.  She was excited to see all her "besties", her teacher, and rock a new outfit she put together.  Never mind the note I have taped over the doorbell to keep the neighborhood kids from waking up Milam when he's napping.
She also switched gymnastics class and had her first day back since Christmas.  She was really excited about her mermaid leo!  I got it HERE.
Thursday she had gymnastics again and Friday we went to Arby's for dinner and ran errands when Jonathan got home from work and ended the night in bed watching a movie with G.
Saturday morning I had a newborn shoot and Jonathan watched the kids at home.  I wish I could say this is such a dad picture to send but I send Jonathan these pictures as well.
Also, on Saturday we went to a wedding.  We never go to weddings and were so excited to get out without the kids.  We had a lot of fun, ate yummy food, and got in a few dances. And...a trip to the photo booth where Jonathan got to pick the background :/
My forever wedding date.  He's the best.
On Sunday I stayed home while the fam went to church.  I slept horribly, no idea why, the night before and just could hardly stay awake on Sunday morning.  I tried to take a nap but just couldn't.

I picked out Georgia's clothes but she added the choker and the purse.  On point, G.  Milam, added the bitty Jeep ;)

Post New Years

January 9, 2018

Our post new years life wasn't really nice and lazy like we had hoped.

We did a really late Christmas with Jonathan's family and found out all too late that his niece was sick.  They later found out it was croup and "highly" contagious.  Georgia never had it so I didn't know what to expect.  It's a virus so you can't do much for it besides wait it out. We all had scratchy throats soon after celebrating with his family. I started feeling poorly first but not too bad.  Only about a day but I can take decongestants and be on my way. Then J and G weren't feeling so well.  Then, M got full on croup.  Barky cough and all.  And Georgia rounded out the fun with a low grade fever. (I'm guessing the bigger three in the family handled it better because well, we're bigger)  The virus on her caused really bad nausea where it didn't on the rest of us but she was less congested than we were.  At one point she kept saying her "stomach hurt" and J was convinced she had appendicitis.  She didn't...we had her checked out.  Of course she was super chipper at the urgent care office. And yes, her and I just had food poisoning before Christmas break.  And yes, G had the flu the week before thanksgiving.  This cold and flu season has treated us well...I know food poisoning doesn't really count besides that it kicked us while we were already down :( I HATE when my family is sick.  HATE it.  Aside from feeling bad for them I am overwhelmed with guilt that I could have done something better.  On the plus side with fever reducers both of my kids were just as chipper as could be so that's good!  But seriously the greater Houston area has been hit hard with sickness this season.  Yuck!
By Friday we were all feeling better.
On Saturday I worked ALL DAY.  It is a hard balance.  I want my photography business to grow and be successful.  I want to learn new skills and develop a unique style BUT this is a part time gig.  I don't want to work full time hours so on days where I work all day and am not able to take my family with me my heart aches a bit.  When my kids are older and in school full time it would be different but Milam will only be one once and Georgia will only be six once so I don't want to miss ANYTHING!  I had a wedding consult (I don't do many weddings) in downtown Houston.  I drove straight from there back to Conroe for a newborn shoot and then from there to a birthday shoot.  And FINALLY back to my family.  I love what I do but I love my family more. 
We celebrated the good day at our favorite Mexican food place. Then, I had an unexpected hit with a really unhappy customer.  It really took me by surprise but hopefully it is resolved.  Jonathan and Georgia brought me flowers and yogurt to help ease the pain.
Monday we ended up in urgent care with Georgia AGAIN (I was literally about to lose my ever loving mind!) because of really bad stomach pain.  She wouldn't get out of bed and when she did she couldn't even stand up straight.  The pain was on her far left side (intestines not appendix) and she had no fever and no other symptoms.  I had to try to talk to her about pain, nausea, and hurt and how they are all kind of different.  This was PAIN.  Tender to the touch.  Everything I looked up said gas or constipation (not surprising after all her body had been through).  I got her some Pepto and probiotics and in about an hour she was perking up but the pain was super localized to one spot and she still couldn't stand up all the way.  Urgent care did an Xray of her torso and it showed really bad constipation and small pockets of gas. (I was able to relive some of that because of the Pepto and a stomach massage) They gave her two RXs to get her "going" and all has been better. Photoshop on my computer crashed in the midst of all this and I had to find the time to uninstall and reinstall all that jazz so I could keep my business up and running.  I kind of had a melt down and then had a moment of, "put my big girl panties on and deal with it" and just started checking things off of my list in order to get back to our normal.  At one point I literally did a drive by drop off of Milam at my mom's house because I couldn't keep checking on G's pain situation with him clinging to my legs and bawling.  The insanity.  This was G at her second Urgent Care visit.  She was pretending she was in a photo booth.
Tuesday (today) Georgia was supposed to start back to school but she had to be on medication all day to get her to go to the bathroom more.  She took all the doses but didn't go anymore on Tuesday...just on Monday.  It has been a week of a lot of highs and lows and it's only Tuesday night!  We had a pretty laid back day today.  Bitty boy is really enjoying the bitty table that used to be in Georgia's room.
I'm not sure when we made some furniture switches but we did.  I moved Georgia's desk from the play room to her bedroom.  The table and chairs that used to be in her room to the breakfast area, the vanity in her room I moved and made Jonathan's night stand for now, and I moved a painting from the hall way to the dining room.  Nothing too exciting but just tying to make some spaces flow better.  I really hope 2018 can put a "finished" status on some of the rooms in our house.

Our bedroom is long and narrow so it's hard to photograph.

I'm hoping the tone of the first 9 days of 2018 are behind us and we will be on to newer and better and healthier things.  Here's to 2018!

The Best of 2017

January 1, 2018

My ONE favorite picture from every month! So SOOOO hard!  I'm leaving out so much!













All The New Years Things

New Year's Eve we got up and went to church just like any other sunday.  The kids had matching black velvet outfits because...just because.  Milam was so thrilled to have his Daddy holding him for sunday morning photos.  I loved his momma boy phase the first year of his life.  Grateful while it lasted because right now he is all about the daddy.
 The shirt that went with his outfit was dirty so this plain white t-shirt was a poor substitute.  And his hair was fixed.  I'm not sure why I even try anymore.  His bangs are finally caught up to the rest where I can have them trimmed again.
Notice her little Harry Potter necklace poking out?!
 We had dinner that night at a church sunday school party.  Kids welcome.  When we walked in I told everyone they would regret inviting kids because of Milam.  He is so loud.  Both of my kids have big personalities.
 My failed attempt at a family phone pic
 This crazy kid. We did a Netflix countdown with her like we did last year.  We won't be able to pull that on her next year.  It took a lot of convincing to get her to do it this year.  She didn't fully believe it was midnight.  We're terrible.  I know.
New Years Day I had a newborn shoot and when I got home the fam was making me veggie lasagna because I had been wanting it so BAD! It was delicious.  A quiet new year for us for sure.  Love my people...and especially his crazy bed head :)

All The Christmas Things

December 31, 2017

Jonathan had a work Christmas party on Thursday so after Milam napped I drove to Jonathan's parent's house in Crosby and dropped them off to spend the night.  Jonathan picked them up at dinner the next night.  So we went to the party, had a lot of fun, took zero pictures, and had a lot of adult conversations.  It was really nice.  The next morning I woke up to a very quiet house.  It was so bizarre and so nice.  This was the first time Milam had spent the night away from me and Jonathan and he did perfectly so we heard.  We needed a practice run (we need a few actually) because we booked Disney for the end of June but he isn't going.  Sad day, but we want to enjoy our time and little boy just couldn't hang. (We booked Marfa for this Spring Break FINALLY and Jackson Hole in July and he's going for both of those so don't feel too bad for him!)  Meme sent me a pic of bitty boy on the piano.  He LOVES music and reacts to it every time.
Anyway, on Friday I got SO MUCH DONE!  The main thing on my list was to buy new jeans.  My favorite pairs had held up terribly from multiple washing and drying and I was having a hard time finding skinnies that were skinny all the way to my ankles.  I have SUPER tiny ankles but a mom stomach so I have to find something that fits both.  All of that to say, I found three pairs at The Gap.  Yeah, I went to the mall on the Friday before Christmas but it wasn't bad.  I went in one store, bought the first three pairs that I picked up, and was right back out the door.  Plus Gap was having a 50% off sale so it was win win.  I'm hard on jeans since I'm always doing photo shoots so hopefully these will hold up!  I had a mile long list and the only thing I didn't get to was clean the bath rooms (this post is just that interesting!).  But, yay me! I even grabbed Chick fil a for lunch because I could eat all my own fries and not have back wash in my drink.  Double yay!

The babies hadn't seen Jonathan since Wednesday so they were over the moon to be reunited on Friday.  Jonathan picked them up after work and we all enjoyed Whataburger (G's pick) for dinner.  Super healthy over here.  But, here's a picture of him eating an apple...so we sometimes get it right.
We hung out most of Saturday playing outside, cleaning for Christmas Eve at our house, running a few errands, and napping.
Last year we started going to Pappastio's for Christmas Eve Eve dinner.  It is one of those traditions that gives me the warm fuzzies and I don't even know why.  It isn't that big of a deal.  Milam was attached to his toothbrush this day.  Pick your battles.
Afterwards we grabbed dessert at Whole Foods...
then, we headed to go see the biggest light display in town.  It is just at a normal house and we love going.  Fire machine, bubbles, snow...on top of all the lights and music.
 Milam loves Christmas so much and it is the cutest thing ever.  I love it.
Now, onto Christmas Eve!
We went to an early Christmas candle light service and it worked out really nicely.
We ate with our family at our house this year and it was nice and convenient considering we have a kid who naps.  We kept it super casual and escaped the entire holiday season without eating traditional food.
Matching Christmas jammies is always fun!
 Georgia insisted on putting Santa's cookies and milk in the bathroom when we first moved into this house when she was 3 (I think) because we don't have a fire place.  At the time she had a step stool to brush her teeth and she thought that would be easier for Santa to use when he came in through the window even though we had a Santa key.  It is totally absurd but it's what she does so we go along with it.
She was so ready for bed that she set all this up herself without help and said she was going to bed.  Haha.  She even gave him a napkin to see if he would use it and leave it in the trash.  She was shocked to see in the morning that he had eaten all the cookies (expect one that he just took one bite of) because she said she knew that he had been eating cookies all night.  Kids are so funny.
 Georgia picked out my new Christmas pajamas.  Ahh...thanks, G. 
 Santa and his helper worked hard that night

Christmas day
I don't take a lot of pictures on Christmas day and usually opt for video instead.

The day after Christmas we went to Houston because I had a photo shoot.  We made a morning of it and enjoyed our (cold!) time together.
Lunch at Artesian and then playing at Discovery Green.
 The following days we explored Christmas gifts...
 And went to eat lunch at the mall and play at the play place because we were all too cold to play outside.
 I never buy new things for myself.  I just rarely think too and now that I'm older I don't really enjoy shopping.  I bought three pairs of jeans for myself because I had gotten that desperate (that I went to the mall the Friday before Christmas) and bought a ton of flowy tops. Jonathan got me these new Keds for Christmas that I had been wanting for awhile.  This is my new mom uniform...until it gets too hot and let's be honest.  It's Texas so it doesn't stay cold for long and if I'm being totally honest it is 1:30 (currently) and I'm still in my pajamas.
For us Texans it is kind of cold so we have been going stir crazy being inside more than usual.
 He pushes her to her breaking point but she never gets mad at him.  How can you when this little sour patch kid hugs you like this?  That is love.
 We had another Christmas at Jonathan's parent's house.  Milam was ticked that I even considered pictures without his radio flyer...this kid
The way home from Meme's was tough.  She had a cousin sleepover and was obviously exhausted.  I would call that a success.
And that's a wrap on Christmas!


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