Fun Friday!

September 12, 2018

On the first Friday of each month I do "Fun Friday".  All that means is we basically do a fancy movie night with themed snacks.  I wanted something back to school ish so I went with Harry Potter because they go off to school at Hogwarts.  I did a quick Pinterest search to get some ideas for snacks and used decor items we already had.
I pulled the kids table from the breakfast room into the master and put some pillows down as floor cushions to make a small sitting area near our wall mounted TV.
I did Hufflepuff colors (black and yellow) because that's Georgia's "house", make your own wands dip, witches brooms, and make your own potions.  I had room temp Sprite (so the ice would melt faster) and made ice cubes of orange soda and strawberry soda so we could "mix" our own drinks and watch the Sprite magically change colors.
I tossed in some poorly done chalk art, her current Harry Potter read, and her little wood wand her and Jonathan made.
Our next fun Friday is the first Friday of October and we will be doing a fall/halloween theme so be on the look out!

Week in the Life - 31

September 10, 2018

Last week was kicked off on Tuesday.  Labor Day gave us a long weekend.  Even so the week felt SO LONG.  Milam was a handful.  He usually is but oh goodness.  He's get's so mad at me now.
I'm a taxi driver basically.  Milam just finished his swim lessons but all summer he's had swim four days a week, Georgia had gymnastics twice a week, and Milam had gymnastics once a week.  It's been so busy.
Oh goodness the babies.  All the babies.
He won't let me sing the ABCs but he can get my phone on YouTube to play his favorite song, turn on the TV and find a show, and peel and eat two bananas.  He's absolutely ridiculous!
Speaking of my very own personal ET (insert eye roll emoji here)
And him sitting on me...
But oh goodness these two.  And did I mention on Tuesday night Georgia had been complaining of a really bad headache  (Side effect of her antibiotics from her strep the previous week) which eventually lead her to throwing up all over the carpet in the master at around midnight.  She skipped School the next day just to be on the safe side but was totally fine.  Just a bad reaction.
Saturday we started our Mexican food challenge here in Conroe.  We're trying all the Mexican places here and trying to find our favorite.  We have a favorite that we go to a lot but we were wondering if it was really the best.  We're off to find out!
Milam is wearing my brother's size 2 Lacoste overalls.  I was dying because the inseam was like 1/2 and inch. The fit him length wise but his butt was nearly hanging out.  It was so funny.  I went to change him and he refused so short shorts for dinner it was.  He tried to wear boots but I said no to that.
Here's how church went...what we always say...
"So cute but so bad!"
We really had a great weekend.  Lots of time with family and friends.  This coming weekend is set to be a busy one!

Georgia's At Home Lessons

September 7, 2018

No education is perfect.  No matter where you send your kids to school or if you do it yourself it will never be perfect.  Georgia goes to public school and we really like her school, they seriously kill it with math.  Honestly, if I still homeschooled we would mostly be doing history, geography, and reading...math and science just don't do it for me.  Anyway, I'm trying to emphasize some things (in a super casual way) here at home.  

I drew up this little sheet and had some copies made before I filled it out.  I chose some areas that I wanted to focus on and went from there.
Here is a terrible picture of it filled in.  I tried to make the trait, verse, and historical figure all go together.  This was her first sheet so I picked some easy words and an easy verse so get her on board with it.  She's not super excited about it but she doesn't hate it either.
I went through books we already had that touched on the topics I had selected.
Before school started I did another little "dig deeper" session with G.  I told her to pick anything out of any of her books and we would dig a little deeper to see what we could find out.
Milam is also getting in on the fun.  We are doing the colors red and blue, the numbers one and two, and working are drawing circles.

Favorite Things - Summer 2018

September 5, 2018

We are now into September and even though it is still officially summer I've rounded up all of our favorite things from this summer and dreaming of cooler weather (which is insane here in Conroe because it's going to be a good long while!)

Olly vitamins
We use THESE and THESE.  I LOVE the ones for kids because Milam can take it and it also has a probiotic in it.  Super easy.

Elderberry Syrup
I've already started giving my kids THIS so that hopefully we'll have a good school year with less illness than last year.
Ranch Veggie Straws
I sometimes snack too much at nap time and THESE have been my go to lately because they actually have a flavor.

Cottage Cheese
So strange.  I know I've mentioned this before but we are all still obsessed at our house.  I use it to replace sour cream a lot and my kids just eat it by the spoonful.

Sun Sans
These are always my kids go to shoes for the summer.  Super durable.  Can get wet.  Always look great.  Georgia wears the gold and Milam wears the brown.  I prefer the tan but they were sold out in his size.
People Footwear
These are a super lightweight shoe (think Natives) but look less like water shoes and are not rubbery. Well, the sole is.  Milam wears his all the time.  They are super durable and easily washed in the washing machine. We use them has his water shoes or just regular play shoes. They even survived our dog using them as a chew toy once...luckily!
Banana Bike
Oh my goodness, Milam loves THIS bike.  He had another balance bike and it was too tall for him (and he's in the 95% for height).  This one had the ability to go lower than his other one and taller so it was a win win.  He's doing amazing on it and has even started picking up his feet when he gets going fast and has learned to balance. Even balanced in a turn the other day.  It was awesome.
Slackers NinjaLine
Jonathan and Georgia had been wanting a slack line to play on for over a least.  They set off to go find one and came home with THIS.  We are now the favorite house on the street.  So, they can walk and balance on it but they also have a little mini ninja course and everyone LOVES it.  I mean, those arm muscles.  She's insane.
Kate Spade Keds
I got Georgia some new shoes and (THIS adorable pair!) her and I both love them.  They are so super cute and Georgia and I both find Keds way more comfortable than Converse.
Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site
Milam LOVES THIS book.  Obsessed.  Once the lights are off and he's laying his head on my chest he continues to tell all the equipment goodnight.  It's adorable.
All my other favorites lists can be found HERE

Week in the Life - 30

September 4, 2018

This the the 30th time I've written boring posts about our week! Yay!

I also made our first "home video" from all the videos I've taken through the entire month of August.  You can see it HERE.  I'm trying to be better about videos.  It's not super exciting but I wanted all the videos to be together like there were when I was growing up. (On insta stories I post little clips of longer videos but these are all the originals strung together)

Georgia and I skipped church because we found out G had strep.  She had been complaining about a sore throat for a few days but the ragweed levels were high and she had no fever so I assumed she was fine.  I checked her tonsils before church and there were some white spots.  I took her in and even with no fever or any other symptoms she still had strep but since she had no fever she was ok to continue on with school since she was not contagious.

We also celebrated national dog day with our favorite mutt, Penelope.
The kids also spent a lot of time on THIS  slackfline/ninja course. (It's actually on sale on amazon right now.)
Our chickens FINALLY started laying.  One of the barred rock ladies is giving us one egg every other day.
We went back to MOPS

We hung around the house and Georgia and Milam both had gymnastics class.

Milam and I focused on red, blue, circles, and M's.  He's doing really well with baby steps.

Milam woke up not being himself.  I thought he felt warm and took his temp three times with two different thermometers and nada.  But, he was clingy and sad and wouldn't eat.  I took him in and sure enough he had strep too.  He had a super low temp. 99.5 by the time we got to the doctor (although by the next day it was gone). After a sore throat sucker he perked right up but I gave him Motrin and once that kicked in he finally started eating.  I gave him his antibiotics and he took a four hour nap.  Well, I woke him up after four hours.

Jonathan had to work late, of course because Milam wasn't feeling his best.
Dinner in Crosby with some friend's of Jonathan's parents
(Finally September!)
Georgia spent the night at her grandparent's house the night before so Jonathan and I just worked around the house and got a few things done. Once she came home we went to a family friend's birthday party.
I had a photoshoot downtown Houston.

We went to church and came home and ate lunch and then I think we did nothing the rest of the day.
(Labor Day)
Neither kid was still feeling 100%.  Nothing super specific but we just laid low and then headed to the mall to walk around because it was raining all day. We came home and this was actually the first day of the entire week Milam didn't take a 3 hour plus nap.
In the evening my mom, step dad, and grandmother came over for dinner.  It was a nice relaxing day to end a full week of (semi) sickness.

Happy TUESDAY! Here's to a short week!

Back to School Dinner 2018

August 31, 2018

Everything for our sweet back to school dinner was what we already had in our house.  The cute little plates are THESE and we love them.  Dinner was total chaos and Jonathan had to work late but momma tried!


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