Rain...no rain?

May 23, 2017

Georgia had her birthday party on Friday.  It was so great because then we had the rest of the weekend free and were not tied down to a party taking up all of Saturday.  I posted about it in the post two before this one.
 Jonathan's sister and brother and law came in from Waco to celebrate with us.  They call AnnaGrace their "bonus blessing".  Isn't she beautiful!?  AnnaGrace and Milam are 3 months apart.
I originally had two photo shoots but they were rescheduled due to bad weather...that never came.  I ended up running errands most of the day and doing random house things.  Meanwhile our neighbor texted to see if Georgia wanted to go swim with her daughter, Lila Ann.  YES PLEASE!  They swam for three hours and then came back to our house and played until almost 7pm.
Let's see if you follow.  My sister in law Ashley, her sister, Alli, lives on our street.  So Lila Ann and Georgia are not cousins BUT share a cousin, my niece, Molly Kathryn.  The mom, Alli (my sister in law's sister), I was in her wedding when I was in college.  It's so fun to live two houses down from such old friends.
Saturday before the swimming adventures we managed a grocery run.  That sweet little boy of mine is such a good sport when it comes to his sister.  He loves her BIG!
We went to church like normal and I managed one photo shoot with a little bit of rain.  We worked on the yard the rest of the day.  We have an acre, which isn't huge by any means, but it does take a good amount of time for up keep since I don't want to pay a law service to care for that much square footage.

That was our weekend...inching our way to summer!

Milam - 9 Months

May 22, 2017

Oh my sweet happy boy.  I don't even know where to start.  You're just my favorite little person.
Temperament: You've always been a pretty easy baby.  Most people comment on how easy and content/happy you are.  You fell asleep on a volunteer in the church nursery and I wasn't quite sure he was going to give you back ;)  You'll always nap on the go, you're happy to be in your stroller or high chair, you like being on the go, and you like being outside.  You absolutely LOVE your sister and just light up whenever you see her.

You recently switched to one nap a day.  You are sleeping about 11-13 hours a night (7:30-8:30) and taking a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day (12:30-3:30).  Now that I've typed that out...you woke up at 5:43 this AM and WILL NOT go back to sleep.  Seriously, kid!

Size 4 diaper, 4 shoe, 12-18 month clothes
23 lbs - 93%
29.5 inches - 91%

You never stop eating.  You love food.  You are a bottom-less pit.

Your day:
8:30 - Bottle
9:30 - Breakfast
11:00 - light lunch
12:30 - bottle and nap
3:30 - Bottle
5:30 - Dinner
7:00 - Bath then bottle
7:30 - Asleep
You love to shake your head no and dance when we say, "dance" or "jump".  You can kind of say bye and hi and you wave your entire arm like crazy.  You say N, D, M, and B sounds...kind of like you say Nana and bye but I'm not sure you know what they mean.  You also say "dada" and "momma" but I'm not sure if you connect a meaning to them.  You are REALLY working on avocado which is hysterical but true.  You've said, "Georgia" once and try a lot.  You like to hug and kiss your sister and play with cars.  You loves wheels.  You yell all the time just to hear yourself and are so loud.  You blow raspberries and make all sorts of noises.  Crawl REALLY fast.  Try to walk.  You are up to about 10 steps at a time on your best attempt.  You're not a walker just yet but are walking.

This is pretty much the same thing your sister was doing at this age.  It is amazing to me how similar y'all are with your milestones.  It is crazy.

You get the most comments about your hair.
"Oh, my goodness! He has the best hair!"
"I love his color! It is perfect!"
Your hair has been called strawberry blonde, cherry blonde, golden, penny colored.
Everyone also loves how thick it is and the way that I always comb it over.
People often comment about your eye color as well and just love your big blue eyes.
Sweet Milam, you are my whole heart.  I love you so much.

This month's theme is brought to you by SUMMER!  Swimsuits and beach towels.  YES and YES!

Lime Green - Donut Decorating - Unicorn Party

May 20, 2017

Yes, you read that right.  Lime green, donut decorating, unicorn PARTY.

We have a HUGE american flag in our back yard so we covered it with lime green table cloths.  I set her donut cake, with fresh green flowers, in front and threw up some old decor from her previous parties and called it a day. (Tassels and bunting from Target. Cloth garland was a hand me down from a friend)  I got all the fresh flowers from HEB. (White cake stand is vintage. Two smaller cake stands are from Anthro)
Lace table runner was from Wal*Mart in the wedding section.
I set up the refreshments and favors on the screened in patio to keep the drinks cool.  I just used random jars and flowers from around the house.  The plates were lime green, the smaller plates were rainbow, and the napkins were rainbow unicorn Lisa Frank.  All very fancy.
Bummed I didn't get a better picture of the donut decorating table. It had a huge chandelier hanging above it but you can't see it.  The rest was donut decorating supplies, a green sheet, and a lace curtain.
The birthday girl was on a huge sugar high and having the time of her life.
I couldn't get a good picture of her blowing out the candles because all her friends were crowded around.  She had sparkler candles.
Before the party started I snagged a picture with her Waco cousins.
Luke, Caleb, Zakary, AnnaGrace, Georgia, and Milam.  Jonathan and his sister both have red hair so I'm very surprised only one cousin has read hair.
And that's a wrap.  We all had a good time.

Georgia is SIX

May 17, 2017

Georgia Emiline! You are SIX today!  I cannot believe it!
I so love the person you are growing into and can in no way write enough to be able to fully describe how wonderful (and trying at times) you are!
46 in - 66%
45 lbs - 52%

You've blown through all of your kinder sight word list as well as the first grade list.  I don't think your colors were on either of those lists but you know those as well...and other various people's names.

You received the kindness award.

You are in the silver level in gymnastics and power tumbling.

Milam, school, gymnastics, your dad, reading, writing and drawing in books that you make, riding your scooter, family and cousins, vacations, cats, jewelry, cartwheels, donuts, mint ice cream
You are very sweet and kind hearted and can be very sensitive.  You are super energetic and are bouncing off of the walls more often than not.  You're super likely to be-friend the new kid in class.  You have a lot of big emotions.  If you're happy then you can't contain it.  If you're sad then you are wailing uncontrollably.  If you're anxious then you can't stop biting your nails.  You require a lot of encouragement and are prone to quitting without it.  You are not competitive and don't respond well to being pushed.  You are super silly and giddy and every bit a little girl.  You love playing with stuffed animals and building things outside when you're not making your own books.  You are super interested in bugs and dinosaurs and reptiles.  You build things up in your mind to be so big that almost no event can live up to what you think. You're such a unique little thing and I love every little bit. 
You took on the new roles of school and big sister like a champ and literally never missed a beat.  Your teachers love you and your little brother adores you.  You are the best big sister and such a big help to me.
Mom, I need you to recharge my pencils.  They're too downloaded...
Mom, I need to ask you something serious. What if my front teeth never grow back in?! 
Dad, are you sure you want to wear that? 
Sight word practice 

Here are her sentences.

AM - I AM not doing sight words
AS - Am I doing sight words? AS usual, no!
CAN - CAN I do sight words? No!
THEN - THEN sight words covered the earth in ash and darkness.

Mom, do you ever feel like a plastic bag.

Billie Jean comes on the radio...

Me: Georgia, this is one of Uncle Austin's favorite songs.
Georgia: Tell Uncle Austin this is my JAM!

Georgia hopped in the car after school and saw that Nana and PawPaw were there and said, "Goody! Which one of you has money?" 
I love you so much Georgia.  What a sweet gift you are.

Mother's Day Weekend 2017

May 16, 2017

I cannot believe that I have two precious reasons to celebrate Mother's Day this year.  So much fun.  My big gift was a new bed and I don't actually have a picture of it just yet.  I posted a quick shot on Insta Stories (MrsEmilyPowell) but I can't find that pic now.  I must have deleted it before my phone synced to my computer.
On Friday Jonathan had to work prom and Georgia knows I get so tired when Jonathan works late.  After I put down Milam and walked into our room to see that Georgia had set up dessert for us.  It was mint chocolate chip ice cream (her fav) which I cannot stand but I chocked down some anyway.  It was just too sweet.  She really does have such a kind heart. Awesome night gown via her MeMe ;)
I was showered with plenty of homemade gifts in addition to the new bed.  Georgia used my real name in this card and drew us as spiders.
On Mother's Day we went to my brother's house to celebrate Mother's Day but also my grandmother's up coming 93rd birthday.  Milam is the only grandbaby missing from the photo...and he ate two ribs all by himself.
 I also gave him a small piece of birthday cake and let him eat it...because why not?!
Best comb over ever
And he was clearly in heaven.

Week In Review - Busy Busy Busy Edition

May 12, 2017

Cinco de Mayo is just a fun excuse for us to eat more Mexican food than we already do.  Georgia's outfit cracks me up.  It was hat day and PE day in addition to Cinco so she has quite the combo going on.
We enjoyed some yummy food with my mom, stepdad, and grandmother on the patio at a local Mexican place with music in the background.
I had two photo shoots and we had friends over for dinner.  Obviously I didn't take any pictures on this day that I wasn't paid to take.  

Sunday is for church and usually matching.  I just can't help it.  I can't believe God has graced me with these two sweet little faces.
 I needed to water the flower beds so I set out the water toys for the kids.  We have a sprinkler system BUT the only broken section (roots grew threw the pipes) is the part that waters the flower beds.
 Jonathan dressed Milam in a 3t swim shirt.  Nice.  This little boy will FIGHT you for food!
Monday is gymnastics night.  ALSO it was supposed to be GNO for me but we scheduled a contractor to come out so I skipped so I could talk to him. It is the sixth one we've called and the third that's come out.  The first two never followed up to give us quotes and this third doesn't do all the work we're wanting.  (Sunday number 7 is coming out and we have an eighth to call as well)  Ugh.  I  just want to get our kitchen finished.  I didn't imagine it would be so hard!  We're finding that since it is a small job nobody is wanting to commit right now.

Milam got a 5th tooth and was a bit cranky...
I got my mother's day gift a little early.  A new bed.  We got a new mattress a year or so ago but I've wanted a new bed for years but once you buy a fixer, the master bedroom becomes the last on the list.  I'm trying to be intentional now in getting our rooms actually done.  Part of the reason we don't get a lot done is that I work a lot of the weekend (two shoots last Saturday and two this Saturday) and we've been working on our yard...and it's an acre so that is a lot of space to cover.  We'll get there!
Brother feeling like his more usual chipper self.
We were supposed to go to church but Jonathan wasn't super happy, Milam and Georgia were acting all out of sorts, so we went to my Mom's for dinner and then home for bed.
When I opened the door for Georgia to leave for school there were three deer in our front yard.  This was then running away from us as we walked down the sidewalk
I spent a lot of my day organizing Georgia's bedroom...(she has a lot of jewelry and I burn a lot of candles)
and trying to vacuum.  Milam went crazy so that got cut short.  He was a little monkey baby on me for a good 10 minutes after me trying to vacuum.  Never seen him so terrified.  It was the saddest thing.  Glad momma can still make it all better.
It was Spirit night for Georgia's school at McDonalds.  At one point we couldn't find Georgia's hamburger and Milam had stolen it and had eaten 2/3 of the bun on one side all by himself.  We cracked up.  I've never seen a kid who loves to eat more than he does.  I'm pretty sure he would eat forever.  Which is so funny because he was for sure a non food crazed newborn.  They change so much.
These last few weeks are busy at Jonathan's school and Georgia's school and I have a surprisingly large amount of photo shoots that are not typical for me in the spring/summer months.  I'm thankful for the photo shoots and my booming business but I just wish Jonathan wasn't so busy.  Now that Jonathan is ASSOCIATE principal verses ASSISTANT principal (I know, confusing) he only gets one week off in the summer plus every friday...and 10 extra flex days to use whenever he wants in addition to his normal vacation as opposed to the month he got off before.

Tonight Jonathan is off to prom and I'm holding it down with the two babes.
Happy Friday


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