March 23, 2015

Another One Down

Another weekend down as we inch our way closer to summer break.  Pleeeease get here soon!  We have some what gotten back into the routine post Spring Break but it was a hard week.

I had a few Etsy orders but I also made some free printables just because.  Here is the link so you can get to them and get instructions on how to download them.  Go HERE!

We have still had a lot of rain but it starting to get farther between down pours so we can enjoy the sun a bit more.  The bottom right are our onions and potatoes growing!  And, a little video of my G just for fun.

We've also added a few pets to our house this week.  Four chicks (Fireworks, Kimsley, Ella, and Lovie) and a bunny (Emma) in addition to our dog and cat.

Emma exploring her new home.

Georgia wore green for St. Patrick's Day...which at nearly 30 years old I just looked up why we celebrate it in the first place.  Never too old to learn something new.

We also had fun at the super crowded children's museum and Georgia hoarded all the play food.

What made this week HARD was that we did our Daniel Fast finally.  This is not a diet but fasting specifically for prayer purposes.  Going off of what Daniel ate in the Bible you can only eat fruits and veggies (nuts and beans too) and only drink water.  No sweeteners AT ALL!  I'm not the best eater so this was a real struggle for me.  Lots of meals that looked pretty but fell pretty flat with me and left me super unsatisfied.  We finished on Saturday night and ate burgers for lunch the next day!  We felt victorious.  I also took the time to add to my blessings jar that is in our master bedroom.

On Friday Georgia started soccer.  Hopefully she will come out of her sports shell a bit more...if not, ehh...

On Saturday Jonathan's faculty and staff played the Harlem Globetrotters (retired players) as a school fund raiser.  It was pretty darn funny.  I will say Jonathan was not in the game for long.  He did have the largest section of cheerleaders and adults alike ;)

And my Easter and Bluebonnet minis are this coming weekend.  I have a mere 17 booked.  Lord help me...this should be fun!

I hope everyone is loving their MONDAY!

March 21, 2015

Free Printables

I made these for my house so am putting them on here just because.
Happy Saturday

(Click the name of the file and an option to download should pop up)

Rise & Shine (8x10)

Victory (8x10)

Take for personal use only please :)

March 16, 2015

Spring Break {in Review}

I've been a bad blogger lately.  Mainly it's because we were on Spring Break and so we had no schedule and were not home all that much.  It was nice and busy.  But also, blogging is just really hard for me right now...not the act of blogging but just being in the blogging community in general.  I need to focus so hard right now on my family and our goals that I don't have room for much else in my mind nor do I want to make the space.  I just need focus over here.

One word could sum up our spring break:  RAIN.

We had so much outdoor stuff we needed to get done and the rain made it so hard.  This Spring Break will not go down in history as one of the better ones.  Unless you are judging by the amount of food we ate...then, it might rank #1.

Jonathan worked a half day and we went to get cupcakes after dinner.  We went to the new Crave in The Woodlands.  So good!

Hung out with friends and family (A rare day with sun)
Six month photo shoot.  

Out for burgers - We went to the new Grub Burger in The Woodlands.  SO GOOD!
Signed Georgia up for soccer.  She isn't trilled but we are really trying to push her just a bit out of her girly comfort zone.

Dr and Dance
I went to the Dr. and then Jonathan was able to join us for ballet.  I'm so glad too because they were able to practice the daddy/daughter portion of the dance :)

Newborn session
Rodeo - We went with Jonathan's parents and left Georgia at my mom's house.  Everyone involved had a great time.

Rodeo again.  This time we took the kids though.  It was for Georgia's homeschool group.  Five little girl homeschoolers, three homeschool moms...and Jonathan.  It was fun but my little family was tired from our late night the night before.  On Tuesday we didn't get home until midnight!

Passport - Finally were able to get this taken care of for our upcoming Mexico trip.
Bible study at our friends house.

We went and saw Cinderella (had a thought of having her a Cinderella dress made but forgot so we made due with her Elsa dress) with Jonathan's mom and she took Georgia home with her for the night.
That night we had a birthday party for my middle brother and hung out with family after.  Friday night is one for the books that's for sure.

I also made a Cinderella print for my Etsy Shop.  It's a line from the movie and the movie had a lot of butterflies

Newborn session and a smash cake session.
And then, the SUN came out.  All day sun on Saturday and we were able to finish our coop nearly 100%.  Getting excited!  We ended the night with a family trip to the grocery store.

Maternity session

And, then it was over :(  We are never excited to send J back to work.  I feel like we need another break to recover from this break.

March 6, 2015

Spring Break is Here!

1.  Jonathan's spring break starts today (and he's only working 1/2 day!) so that means Powell Prep's spring break starts today as well!   We're all excited about the extra time at home.  Hopefully we'll have good weather because I have 4 photo sessions booked.  Fingers crossed.  We had hoped to take a mini getaway but I looked at my planner and was like, "oh, four sessions, dr appointment, the rodeo twice, brother's birthday party, babysitting for a friend...when did I have the time for this trip?"  Yeah, so not happening.  I'll happily take that trip money and save it for finishing our kitchen remodel this summer!

2.  I love getting Etsy orders.  When I get them I'm always like, "Really?  You looked through Etsy and picked me?!  Yay me!"  Lame, but true.  My bachelorette schedule (that I custom made for a particular client) is without a doubt my best seller.  I've done several variations to it as well upon customer request.  Usually color changes which are fun.  Visit my shop HERE!  Some of the details of the parties make me giggle (or blush!)

3.  This weather y'all!  It's nuts.  Two days of almost 80 then back down to below freezing!  My heart (and sinuses!) can't take it anymore.  I don't like the cold!

4.  We did a few little happy house updates the other day.  New doorknob - towel rack - hooks in Georgia's pink closet.  I don't love ORB finish but Jonathan does so all the doors have ORB but none of the cabinets or anything else does.  Happy marriage y'all. We plan on finishing up all loose ends in her room/closet over the break before we tackle anything new in the house.  We need to finish her closet trim and add over head lighting in her closet and room...and that's it!

5.  Easiest recipe EVER!  Chicken breasts.  Bottle of BBQ sauce.  Potatoes wrapped in foil.  Crockpot on high until chicken is cooked (took mine 3 hours from frozen).  Then on low for a few hours.  Then on keep warm until you're ready to eat.  Open up those potatoes and put the pulled chicken on top with your favorite toppings and enjoy minimal dishes!  Bonus points if you have those crock pot liners.

6.  My goal of reading one book a month is still going strong.  I'm on book 4 so, I'm ahead by one for the year so far.  I checked out He's Gone from the library which is exciting because I never check out books for myself. Read more about my goals HERE.

7.  When it turned cold again Georgia and I couldn't really find much to do.  We went to CFA, bought new makeup and got it out to try on...quickly got out of hand ;) and, we talked about how strong she was :)

8. And, last.  I'm working on a new fun project.  One picture each month that is the same spot in our yard.  Not all that fun because it doesn't snow here but whatever...

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H A P P Y  F R I D A Y !


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