March 27, 2017

So guys! I am super busy over here.  I did SO MANY shoots this weekend and this weekend coming up is going to be busy as well.  Putting the blog on mute for a week or so to focus on my work flow!

Vampire Diaries - Sweet tea - Chocolate - and buried in photos (3,566 to be exact!) AHH!

Sunday was Western Day at church and like Georgia and I need any more excuses to wear our boots. (Macie Bean boots)
 As a gift for my Mother In Law I put Georgia and Milam in Jonathan and his sister's outfits in the bluebonnets (Texas state flower) and am going to get a canvas printed for her for mother's day.  I'm nailing it you guys! AND if any Crosby people show her this picture I will be after YOU!
See you on the flip side you guys!

Trampoline - Bubbles - Sprinkler

March 23, 2017

My brother wanted to get rid of his trampoline so we *jumped* on the opportunity.  Jonathan took it apart and put it back together in one evening and we've been jumping ever since.  I went and got a new water hose, sprinkler, and bubble wands.  Georgia has been having the time her life and Milam is along for the ride.

When I was growing up I always wanted a trampoline.  We had a pool and my brothers and I always thought it would be so fun to jump and bounce our way into the pool.  Obviously our parents vetoed that idea...all that to say, the entire family is loving the new "toy".
"MOM! I just love it when he first wakes up.  He smells so good, like a baby".  Oh dear Lord, she's going to have a million kids.
She runs around in circles and the motion of her running bounces him and he just stares up at the trees and laughs.  It is like a giant play pen for two kids.

Milam - 7 Months

March 22, 2017

You are the easiest on-the-go baby ever.  You have been since day one.  For awhile there you didn't like your car seat but you got over it and you've always been able to sleep anywhere although you sleep longer at home in your bed in the dark with a sound machine.  You also transfer pretty easily from your stroller or car seat to your crib.
Your hand eye coordination has exploded.  That happened about the week before you turned 6 months.  I can actually sit you in your high chair and you can pick up food bits.  You can hold your bottle.  You're a little manic about it (the opposite of your sister...she never had any interest #princess) so I rarely let you and your bottles are really big around.  If you had one that was smaller I think you would do better.  For now it is faster for me to feed you myself.

Said "Momma" on 3.7.17 and started pulling to stand up on 3.7.17 (yes, on the same day).  He's been getting really close to doing both for awhile but I think those two dates mark his official "firsts". He likes to push up to stand more than pull up.
Your crawling has literally taken off.  You get faster and faster everyday.  It is so funny to see you in places where I didn't leave you.

You reached TO ME on 3.15.17 (you've only reached for Georgia before) and waved for the first time to Uncle Austin (3.15.17) You crawl around and grab my pants and try to get me to hold you.

On 3.14.17 you started doing this standing thing where you try to raise up from squatting without holding onto anything.  I've never seen another kid do what you're trying to do. You sit on one foot and have the other foot flat on the ground.  I need to get a picture of you doing it.
You are sleeping from about 7:30 - 7:30.  When DLS came you stopped doing your early morning wake thing where you talk and then fall back asleep.  You've done it once since then.  You take two 1.5 hour naps.  When you wake up in the AM you stay up about 2 hours and then stay up 3 hours before your second nap.

You still LOVE your sister so SO much!  You love to crawl in the grass and eat dirt.  You want to be outside playing or in your stroller going on walks.  You love playing with cars.  You are such a sweet baby boy.
This will be the last time I try and take his picture when Jonathan isn't home.  Goodness.  After this he threw up leaves and grass.  FUN. 

You are in 9-12 clothes and size 3 diapers and a 3 shoe.  I don't have your length or weight right now.

You got your first tooth on 3.20.17 - The teeniest tiniest little corner of a tooth.  I felt and saw it once.  Now, I can feel it but you won't let me get another peek.  If I'm looking at you it is the bottom left.  The last hour before your naps/bed can be pretty rough.  You pull your ear (and you have the scabs to show for it) and grab at the back of your head and hair.  (Your sister did the same thing while teething)  You just fuss and fuss.  I use Tylenol, teething tablets, and Orajel and you're still napping and sleeping at night but everything can be amplified while you're awake.  You're good at playing by yourself until you see me actually leave.  Then you get upset but you usually get over it pretty quickly.

Spring Break 2017

March 20, 2017

(I post a lot of insta and insta stories so sometimes this is a bit redundant.  Follow me at MrsEmilyPowell)

Originally we had no real plans over spring break.  I had shoots the first Saturday and Sunday and the last Friday, Georgia had two gymnastics camps, and my mother in law wanted to watch Georgia a few nights.  So, all in all that left us with kind of no options in terms of travel.  THEN, I rescheduled some photo shoots due to weather and was like, "let's do this!" but what I wanted to do wasn't really possible because of the weather.  I wanted to rent a cabin in a state park.  BUT it was raining so that was really pointless and once I looked into it further everything within driving distance was booked...solid.  Duh.  Then we were like, "hey let's just go to Austin" and we ALMOST booked something until a friend reminded us is was SXSW.  UM...no thanks.  That would have been horrible and explains why everything was SO much more expensive than it normally had been.  I like where we live but the Houston area is SO FAR south in Texas that it really limits the things we can do within driving distance.  Anyways, Jonathan and I have learned our lesson and are sitting down to book some trips TONIGHT for this summer!

But, we had a really great break.  

On Friday we went to Tommy Bahamas in The Woodlands with the sole purpose of letting the kids play in the grass and it worked out beautifully.  Milam is so loud that if we go out to eat we like to sit outside.  I hate disturbing people at restaurants.  I know some would say don't worry about others but I am "one of those" others.  If Jonathan and I go out on a much needed date I don't want to sit and listen to your kid scream.  I just don't.  As soon as one of my kids start to act up I immediately remove them from the situation.  So yes, patio dining for us.
Saturday we had breakfast and then borrowed a friend for G.  When we want to go do fun things its usually nice to bring along someone for Georgia since her and Milam don't really "play".  He can't run around with her, or color or draw, or do cartwheels.  We actually invited this little friend out to dinner the night before and she couldn't make it so we took them to lunch and bowling the next day.  They had fun eating bar food, bowling, and playing arcade games.  They came home and played for several more hours.
Sunday Georgia woke up with semi bad allergy eyes so Jonathan went to church and the rest of us stayed home.  I soaked G in a steam shower.  When he got home he went to my brother's house and took apart their trampoline and brought it home in his car.  Then I went to a shoot.  When I got home he worked on the trampoline some more.  Then I had another shoot. I came home to the rest of my little family jumping on the trampoline.  G is obsessed.

Monday, Georgia had a two hour gymnastics bars camp and then she had her regular 2 hours of gymnastics and power tumbling.  So she was DONE! Of course she got in some time on the trampoline though.  We've all had a lot of fun jumping.

Also would like to note that Georgia's second front tooth FINALLY came out.  That is four teeth lost total.
Tuesday, Georgia had a two hour strength and conditioning gymnastics camp and then we headed into The Woodlands for dinner.  Since we are pretty much only eating outside now we managed to pick the perfect place with patio seating on the water with a small lawn to play on.  It was fantastic.
On Wednesday Jonathan took Georgia to his parent's house to spend two nights.  His mom and been begging us for her to come stay so off she went.  Jonathan met his dad for lunch and then they went shooting.  I stayed home with the baby.  That evening we celebrated my brother's birthday at my mom's house.  Milam celebrated by wearing Uncle Austin's old clothes.
We didn't really have plans to have a "stay-cation" but we actually did.  We didn't plan anything but would just wake up and do what we felt like doing.  I worked out great.  We had a "fun activity" every day.  It is going to be so hard to get back into our normal routine.
Although...our new routine includes a lot of this...
On Thursday we did landscaping and Jonathan went fishing with my step dad while my mom and I went on an Arby's date with Milam.
Isn't it so funny how different the same baby looks from different angles and with different expressions?!  Love him.
On Friday we ran errands as soon as M got up so we could finish the landscaping during his first nap and be ready to pick sister up from MeMe's when he woke up.  It was also St. Patrick's day so we all wore green.  After we were home and rested we did bluebonnet picture and went to the park.
(He's wearing Jonathan's jon-jon)
On Saturday went to my nephews baseball game, did some resale shopping, and went out to dinner because the transformer blew across the street from our house so Jonathan didn't have power to finish our dinner.  After dinner we went to the park and back home for trampoline time, baths, and bed.  Oh, and I did a mountain of laundry.  It never ends when your baby spits up...and then climbs onto the pile of clean clothes and spits up some more...
Sundays are for church around here...and getting ready to tackle Mondays.  Georgia had a friend come home with us from church and they just played so well (my old dance costumes are a huge hit).  I had one quick photoshoot but the rest of my family went on a walk and jumped the evening away while I worked.
Milam wore my brother's bubble to church and I'm fairly certain I've never seen anything so cute in my entire life.  He's just the most beautiful baby boy I have ever laid my eyes on.
Have a happy post SB17 Monday
...if you can...
(We pretty much had the best break ever and we're all dreading Monday morning!)


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