My Wednesday

September 30, 2009

So, I've worked 18 hours so far on these trees and owls. I will add about 6 more hours to that tomorrow. It looks great but it is hard work. My back and feet are KILLING me.

In other news...Jonathan and I bought a Jeep. It's been Jonathan's dream car since I've known him and his mom would never let him have one when she was paying the bills but now that she's not we got rid of one of our cars and bought the Jeep with cash...I love not having the extra car payment. For Christmas I'm going to let him do some "boy stuff" to it. Oh, and Jonathan's mom told him that for safety reasons he needs to buy a helmet to wear when he drives the Jeep...if you've met him mom you know this is typical Linda...and she's dead serious!
While the Jeep is not really exciting news for me, Jonathan has been calling and getting quotes for the kitchen counter redo and to add the built in desk and bookcase. I'm super pumped to get this project off the ground. It's going to be great! We were supposed to get this done last month but it got pumped back until now!

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