Jonathan tells ALL!

October 31, 2009

These are Jonathan's answers, I just typed them.


What did you think the first time you met your wife? At freshmen orientation I kicked myself for not really noticing her sooner. I thought she was hot. The first time I met her at church I was too busy controlling my 7th grade self.

Was it love at first sight? love at 2nd sight.

What annoys you about your wife? When she asks me to get things. Like, when she asks me to get her allergy medicine and I get it for her and then sit down but right when I sit down she yells that she needs something else. I get really annoyed when she does that.

What do you like most about your wife? It's hard to choose one thing. We work together perfectly. She is the embodiment of that thing that everybody is always searching for. I need no self help books or extra hobbies or tons of cash, because I have her. She is enought to make me happy. I can't imagine my life without her. I can't imagine anything without her.

Give 3 words that describe your wife? Grace, efficiency, class

What animal would your wife be and why? A gazelle: they're dainty, graceful, and have big eyes (Jonathan says I have big eyes...but not in a bad way)

What are three things your wife will never tire of eating? Pasta, cucumbers, and brocolli.

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cait said...

so I just jumped over to this post because it came up under "you might also like" on your other post. I know it was written a long time ago, but had to comment on how sweet it is! so cute!


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