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October 11, 2009

So, lets recap by working our way through the weekend backwards! Today is Sunday and Jonathan and I first went to get our pictures made (oops, skipped Church) and then we went to my cousin's first birthday where Jonathan was having so much fun that he just fell asleep. Nice job Jonathan.

Saturday night we bought a fire pit so that we could hang out outside in the new cooler air. I'm loving fall as of this weekend!

This is the huge, scary, nasty spider Jonathan found Saturday night on the water hose...EWW!

On Saturday before the fire pit festivities we went to the Bayou City Art Festival and bought 5 prints and met some of the artists! YAY! Then we hung out at Starbucks for awhile and decided on the fire pit.

First thing Saturday morning we picked out granite and they gave us the sink for free! Way to go us!

My Fridays are very relaxed at work because I only have 3 groups of kids and not 5 like normal. This gave me some time to work in my room. It's looking better.

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Lyndsey said...

three classes on friday?? ok, now i really want to teach art. wanna trade?


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