Show Us Your Life - Halloween

October 30, 2009

Rather than only posting just Halloween costumes, because let's be honest...mine is LAME, I decided to do a "All of Halloween" post.

Here is what my front porch currently looks like. I apologize for the picture. It was raining on me when I was taking it so I took this one and the next two and then ran inside. I'm not really into Halloween but I do love fall. The only really Halloween thing I have is the "Goblins" sign which is so cute and below the pink mums (from the mother in law) in the lower left corner is a "Beware" sign which you cannot see. I missed it in the down pour.

Awhile ago I painted a flower pot with chalk board paint so I can change it for the seasons. Again, it is blurry because of the rain :(

I got this for about 4 bucks at Ross last year after the holiday season. That is nearly the only time I will buy holiday decor...after the holiday is over.

Here is my fall table. Two fiesta plates in fall colors, a plate holder, some fake pumpkins (I've since added leaves as well), gold chargers, leaf napkin rings, and dark red napkins to contrast the apple red place mats.

Our trick-or-treaters will either get a bag of popcorn or a bag of M&M cookies. Mmm...lucky them!

I have a chalkboard wall in my house and here is what it looks like right now...cute, huh?

I teach elementary art and we can wear our costumes to work on Friday. I opted for a lame costume T-shirt. I think it's cute though and the kids will like it. They'll appreciate my effort I'm sure.

And last but not least, Perry as Frankenstein. He's never hated me more than in this picture. Immediately after taking this picture the pulled the hat part off. Oh, well. At least I have the picture as evidence! Ha!

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Summer said...

What a cute pooch! I love it! :0)


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