Thanksgiving and Beyond!

November 29, 2009

At 10:00 AM we had a Thanksgiving breakfast with my dad. Here was the setup at my house. This was Thanksgiving #2 at my house (about 8 people). Remember, Thanksgiving #1 at my house was on Sunday, prior to Thanksgiving (more than 20 people).

Thanksgiving #3 at my house came at 3:00 and here is a little slice of that one. (maybe 15 people)

Once all of the people were gone Jonathan and I began our Christmas decorations and finished the next day. I will post about all my decor later but here is just a little bit...we took our family photo by the tree just like last year.
I also made these two wreaths over the break. I was inspired by a wreath form wrapped in silk ribbon I saw in a magazine and decided to use yarn instead because that is what I already had. I used buttons to add details rather than a bow because...well, I had a lot of left over buttons from a previous project.

Making s'mores in one of our first fires in our fire place!

How cute is Perry?

On Saturday we went camping with our friends Erik and Rachel for just a night. Here the boys are being very mature and fighting each other off of a log.

There was a really pretty river and bridge at the park.

Notice Erik at the top of the bridge...
Resting in the middle of a LONG walk!

Ugh, now back to work for 14 days! THEN Christmas break! (But who's counting?!)


Lyndsey said...

me, i am counting!

noahandlylasmommi said...

wow those wreaths are so cute!

Crystal said...

I found your blog while visiting Snapshotz Photography. I just had to leave a comment and tell you i love these wreaths!


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