The itch to decorate

December 30, 2009

The itch just never goes away! I love to's GREAT!

I got this sign at Ross (I think) for like 2 dollars and I have it hanging on our back door. I REALLY like it.

Yes, I admit...this is a section of wall behind my bedroom door. Jonathan and I are trying to pick paint colors. You'll be excited to know that we will soon be painting our hall bath, master bath, and master bedroom! Soon, these paint test areas will be no longer...

Yesterday I posted about going to Nadeau (scroll down, I linked to it in my last post). I bought this mirror and put it where my "Bonjour" sign used to be. Now it is "Ciao", mirror, "Hola".

"Bonjour" is now next to the front door.

This is only part of our entry way. I'm pretty sure it is the biggest, most difficult entry way in the entire world...I'm certain. I'm still at a loss with what to do with the entire space. And that white/clear thing to the right of the door...I think the flash some how reflected off the clue really...

And we bought this super cute side table at Nadeau to go in the living room. This bare side of the living room is starting to shape up :)

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Lyndsey said...

great nadeau purchases! i need to go again soon to collect some pieces for my (someday it will be complete) craft room!


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