December 29, 2009

So, I had an 8:00 dentist appointment today because I didn't think getting a wisdom tooth and 1 filling was enough last week so I decided to go in and get 2 more fillings today. Everything went fine but now I can't fill my face! Seriously!

And it's not like I never go to the dentist and my teeth are rotting out of my head or anything...I go every 6 months but everything just needed to get done over Christmas break since I teach. No way I could teach right now...even my left ear is numb.

I'm pretty sure though that by this point in my terrible dental history I now have 1 filling in every molar...does that mean I'll never have to get a filling again??? Hopefully! And, all of my wisdom teeth are gone (thank the Lord that is OVER!) so that's good!

I'm going to try to eat now...this should be interesting (and not to mention, pretty!)


Lyndsey said...

ooh yay! you are going to be addicted! bring home some pretty treasures!

Tara. said...

My wisdom teeth are hurting me at this very moment. I refuse to have them ripped out of my face though! :(


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