This Week

December 16, 2009

This week at work I've felt so busy! I've been trying to get the kid's art work all done before we leave for Christmas break. Right now we're working on art for the Houston Rodeo competition and we're also working on art for a school fundraiser. While I'm teaching I feel like I'm running around and sorting art work just to make sure it all gets to the correct place.

On top of that I'm still doing last minute Christmas shopping and planning! I swore I would get it all done early this year but oh well.

One of the things Jonathan and I do for Christmas (because we don't have kids) is we go out for our "Christmas Dinner" to a nice restaurant after we've spent the evening shopping for each other. We're doing it this Friday and I'm really excited. We'll go shop for a few hours, go out to eat, and then come home and open just a few gifts. Since we spend so much time at our parent's during the holidays we like to be able to celebrate with just the 2 of us as well.

Last year we went to Capriccio for our dinner. It is a tapas place in Houston and this year we are going to Americas I think in the Woodlands.

I'm so glad tomorrow is my last day teaching :/


Beth and Marley said...

Americas is fantastic! I love it!

Lyndsey said...

tomorrow is your last day?? jealous!


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