January 15, 2010

Here is my art schedule this week:

Monday - Wednesday: normal work day
Thursday: took a half day in the morning to hang rodeo art with the rest of the art team then came back to work and taught 2 classes.
Friday: (today) work day! I don't have kids. I select work to be displayed in the school and community and mount it. I clean my classroom and get things ready to move to my next school.
Monday: MLK day = NO SCHOOL
Tuesday: Work day 2. I get another day to work again but at my second school. I mount art and clean a lot but it's nice not having classes!
Wednesday - Friday: back to a normal work schedule

Being an art teacher has a lot of perks!

Today I have to go to the doctor, Jonathan and I will have date night, then he's going with me to take down all of the rodeo art because it was judged last night...yee haw!


Rachel Lillian said...

Yay for perks! What are y'all doing Saturday night?

Also, I have a fantastic post-church lunch idea! We should go to the new shopping center over in Town and Country--it's so nice! And there's a wonderful Italian place(very authentic!)close by called Pronto. Make it happen. :)

Cecilly said...

Ryan is somewhat traditional, or he wants to keep some things traditional for his family, so he would like to have people on top of the cake. He doesn't want flowers, he's insisting on people. I'll let him have this one.

For bmaid shoes, they'll have to be heels because I'm wearing some pretty high heels. I don't know what color or style yet. I know I want long necklaces with pearls I can't explain I'll have to find a picture. You're the only one who can pay for the dress. Are you sure it's okay? thanks love!

jen said...

I remember those teacher schedules - the work day were so nice ..and so needed!!

Amy said...

I thought I remembered that you have a Blogspot account! Cool!


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