February 10, 2010

Here is proof that I live in a refrigerator when I am at work. 75 is the temp I set it to (my buttons don't really work so I can set it to whatever I doesn't matter. It's all for show). 46 is the temp outside and 67 is my classroom! UGH! Today I wore gloves almost all day. And I know, 67 doesn't sound cold BUT the boiler that controls my heat is broken so the AC is still blowing air thinking that it's warm air coming out but it's not. Not only is it cold but there is always a cold breeze...the vents in my room NEVER turn off and NEVER stop blowing a steady stream of cold air. It sucks!

Despite the cold I've gotten some nice work from the kids...when I can get them to pull their hands out of their shirts that is...

This is a crayon/tempera butterfly that a kindergartner did. We were learning about symmetry!

Here is a pharaoh that a 4th grader made. We studied Egypt and Africa and they LOVED it!

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