Italy 2010

February 24, 2010

(Thank you Foders: Italy 2010 - A gift from Jonathan's parents)

Italy 2010
Venice, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast

Venice: 2 nights
-Basilica di San marco
-Peggy Guggenheim collection (way pumped about this!)

Train from Venice to Florence

Florence: 2 nights
-Uffizi (Gentileschis here I come!)

Train from Florence to Rome

Rome: 3 nights
-The Vatican (Sistine and Pieta...I will always love you Dr. Jensen!)
-The Colosseum
-Piazza Navona
-Trevi Fountain
-Galleria Borghese

Train ride from Florence to Naples? (not sure of the best way to get here)

Amalfi or Sorrento: 3 Nights (can’t decide which town yet)
-Pompeii (again, Dr. Jensen I love you!)

This is going to be a super "touristy" trip but I couldn't care less! It's going to be fantastic! And, Jonathan and I are "on the go" types so a busy trip will not bother us a bit. I'm fine with go go go for Europe. We need to get the most out of our money!

(Dr. Jensen was my favorite art history professor. He is in his 60s and has pretty blue eyes...don't judge me!)


Lyndsey said...

Dr. Jensen was pretty adorable. Kind of intense sometimes, but I loved when he laughed at himself.
Who is your tour through? AAA? My family took one about four years ago that was almost identical. It was a blast! Make sure you go to the Catacombs in Rome!

Anne said...

So awesome!!! You go girl!

Katie said...

I know of a fantastic flea market in Florence and I have a friend who is a tour guide in Pompeii/Capri if you'd like his name. There's so much to see in Pompeii, it's almost impossible to visit without some guidance.
I'm so jealous!


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