My Day

February 18, 2010

5:45 AM - Jonathan gives me a kiss on the forehead and says, "I love you" then he goes off to work.

6:00 AM - I roll out of bed, take the dogs out, get dressed, and pop a thyroid pill.

6:30 AM - hop in the car and head off to work after I have put both puppies in their cages for the day.

7:00 AM - I arrive at work (30 minutes early) and begin my day. I also eat breakfast once I get to work.

8:20 - 11:30 AM - My first group of kids come in. I teach 3 classes (4th, 3rd, and 5th) and each class is 1 hour. (Their art work is ordered 4th, 3rd, and 5th in the pictures.)
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - I have my lunch and conference.

1:00 PM - 3:05 PM - I teach 2 more classes (1st and 2nd) that are each one hour.

(this is a 1st grade "Carp Kite")

3:20 PM - I have day care duty until about 3:35.

3:35 PM - I head home for the day!

A little after 4:00 PM - I get home, get the mail, let the dogs go potty, feed the fish, and unload my work bag.

Once I get home I don't really have a "timed" routine. I surf the Internet for awhile, pick out our clothes for the next day, straighten up the house, get ready for the next day, watch TV, and Jonathan cooks dinner and we both usually clean the kitchen.
Today, for example I cooked pizza with onions and broccoli! Mmm! (When Jonathan doesn't get home until late I am forced to cook something)
And, I made king cake for the 2nd time this week (YAY Mardi Gras) because my husband loves it that much. He thinks I'm good at making it because I'm french. I think I'm good at making it because it is so easy! I also made scones today for the 2nd time this week! I would say we're such fatties but I send it all to work with Jonathan. Sorry, to all of Jonathan's co-workers :) I don't actually eat much of it at all.

After dinner we generally go on a walk or take the dogs out to play in the open field behind our house. They love it!

This is Perry after one of our nightly walks. He is covered in mud, water, dirt, and grass! He decided to be a bird dog and chase all the birds IN the retention pond behind our house. It was just too funny to stop him from all the fun he was having splashing around!

To wind down I take a bath and read my devotional before I go to bed. Once my head hits the pillow I am OUT! I sleep like a rock.


Steffie said...

I'm currently in my last semester as an undergrad & will start a year long internship in my school district (art) & I wanted to know if you always followed a schedule and how long it took you to get used to being back on a school schedule. I'm not much of a morning person, and just wanted to know how you dealt with it! Also, where do you get most of your lesson plans? I'm currently working on 3 unit plans, but I wanted to know how a newer art teacher does things.

Sorry to ask so many questions!


Katie's Journey said...

Just came across your blog from Kelly's. I am a felllow Texan and am studying to become an elementary teacher, I will student teach next spring and cannot wait! The art work that your students have done is wonderful! They are very lucky to have you!


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