Pretty Day

February 9, 2010

What is a "Pretty Day"?

A Pretty Day is a day I have all to myself and I have the day all to myself because Jonathan is not home for some reason or another. These all began in high school when we were dating and he would go on vacation, or he would have a track meet, or he was out to eat with his parents...who knows anymore but I coined the term "Pretty Day" for myself at about 15. I dedicated these days to all things girly to keep myself from missing Jonathan. (this was before our relationship turned long distance, that was in college, and going a day without seeing him was torture! Now, we are back to how we were in high school and I can't stand not seeing him all day!)

Now, I have continued the tradition of Pretty Days because my husband is a coach and a) has practice everyday after school and b) coaches two games, football or soccer, a week.

So, what do I do on these so called pretty days...

First, I soak in a long, hot bubble bath and shave my legs. Before I would have listened to music but these days I just try to keep Perry and Pax form eating all the bubbles - true story.

After my bath I lather on some deep moisturizer from head to toe!

I usually trim my eyebrows. I just tweez them myself. My skin is too sensitive to use wax.

I give myself a manicure and pedicure. Believe me when I say, I can do my nails WAY better than a nail place (except for maybe a REALLY nice place). My mom and I are pros at doing our own nails! Plus, the long soak in the bath softens your cuticles.

While my nails are drying I usually watch some kind of super girly movie (You've Got Mail) and snack on the typical chocolate or ice cream (or both).

After my nails are dry I may even do a crafty thing or two...make a wreath, decorate some part of the house...

Finally, I'll curl up in bed with a book (currently "Women in Literature") or a magazine (I just got the new House Beautiful!) with two dogs at my feet and go to bed.

Now, when I go to bed I know that I'll wake up in a few hours and Jonathan will be home!

Most of these activities are things I do on a very regular basis but what makes it a Pretty Day is that I do them all in one day and all in just a few hours. Very relaxing.

...maybe you should give it a try!

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jen said...

just a little reminder to play along on friday with the engagement story- just post your story and i will have the mclinky thing ready -- looking forward to reading all of the mushy love stories! i know you will have a great story because there is nothing better than high school sweethearts!


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