A Year in the Life

February 12, 2010

I finally made a photo book of our first year of marriage. These pictures are just screen shots of the editing program at Walgreens.com so obviously the quality in person in far better than what I can show at the time. I used walgreens to make wedding photo books for our parents as well and they turned out great so I'm a repeat customer! They are hard bound and walgreens has a lot of fun options. When I actually order it I'll post the updated one.

I'm also having my first year of blogs printed. I used Blog2print because you could get a PDF file for about 8 dollars and have it printed yourself. So, instead of paying 80+ dollars I'll spend about 20 when I take it to Kinko's to have them print and bind it for me! I'll post what it looks link once I have it printed and bound but for now here is the cover, a sample page, and the back cover. (the color looks strange on my work computer but not on my home computer...I think it just may be the school and not the actual quality.) I'm so glad I finally did this!

1 comment:

Lyndsey said...

blog2print - i need to remember that!

i wish i had time during my day to blog! boo on you! although, even if i did have time, my school blocks blogger...


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