Euro Vaca

March 23, 2010

Plan #1 Tour of Italy (I came up with a kick butt itinerary...go me!)

Plan #2 Smaller Tour of Italy (Jonathan wanted to scale down my itinerary because he wanted to see more in a few less!)

Plan #3 Madrid and Lisbon (I was surfing Budget and found GREAT deals for Portugal and I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Portugal...Spain would just be a plus!)

Plan #4 Barcelona and Madrid (Also, Budget

We've even thought about London, Paris, and Rome...geez! We've already decided we're doing a euro vaca this summer AND we're going to do a euro vaca next spring break because it is cheaper in March than in July! Here's to planning ahead...if we could only decide on something for this summer! I promise that the next time I post about summer plans the hubby and I will have made a decision for sure!


Cecilly said...

I want to go to Portugal so so badly! I don't even need all the other places, okay maybe Greece also! Jealous :)

Tara said...

check it out: i gave you an award on my blog! :)


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