Jonathan the Great!

March 1, 2010

I called Jonathan when I was on my way home from work and he was already home. This never happens but I thank God he got home before me. Let's just say Paxton got "sick" in his cage while we were at work (also, thank God our dogs are crate trained and don't roam the house while we're gone...I don't think it's cruel that they stay in their cages. They just sleep all day.) Anyway, by the time I got home Jonathan had cleaned the entire thing and washed Paxton off. Poor puppy...he didn't feel good. (Maybe because he got into his treats and ate so many before we realized what he was doing!) The clean up also included cleaning the carpet...eww!

Then, Jonathan went and got us dinner because after cleaning all that he just wasn't in the mood to cook...who could blame him? And we all know I don't cook!

After we ate dinner he cleaned up the kitchen and gave me an Old Navy bag! When I had talked to him earlier he said he stayed at work to grade papers but he had lied! He bought me a super cute dress that I had nearly bought online but never told him I wanted! He said it's for our trip to Italy this summer! How sweet is he?
This is the dress he bought but mine is navy blue. I picked a good one...husband that is ;)


Ann said...

your husband is so sweet! and that dress is very cute.

Ashley Raven said...

Can you please clone him?!? Well you might want to clone him twice b/c Jac probably wants one too. Okay thanks!

Rachel Lillian said...

Smooth move, JP. Em, super cute dress!

Lyndsey said...

how sweet! I'm glad stoney is crate trained too, he does sleep all day!

Anne said...

Aww, what a sweet thing for him to do! :)

Cecilly said...

paxton gets sick often, poor thing. i wanted to buy that dress! but i didn't


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