Shopping for a Home

March 4, 2010

{disclaimer - not all of these pictures reflect my personal taste. Mainly they just feature at least one thing I like}

No, we're not moving anytime soon but I LOVE looking at houses! I could do it all day. Eventually Jonathan and I want to build our own home and not as in picking out a floor plan in a neighborhood but on our own land with an architect. This is a dream for way in the future but still a dream. To keep me occupied I look at (a Houston real estate website) or I look up floor plans on line.

Once you have bought your first house it is a lot easier to decide what you want and do not want in your dream home. I LOVE Jonathan and I's first house! It was so much more than we ever thought we could get in our first home but it's made me realize what I would do differently when we buy our next house and when we build our dream house.

For example, our house in nearly 2000 sq. feet but it has a lot of wasted space. I would have loved to have a breakfast nook and a formal dining room, and I've seen houses smaller than ours have both but our square footage is just wasted in what I call "awkward nooks" and a HUGE entry way. Again, don't get me wrong...I love our house and am very proud of it BUT when I get to pick every detail I have a list of must haves.

So, without further ado here is my dream home:

If the home is 2 story then the master is down stairs

I want a built in mail area.
A small entry way (but not just walking into the living room)

A 3 car garage in the back or on the side

An office or den with a built in desk and shelving
Double sinks in the master bathroom and the kids bathroom as well as subway tile. I also like this sink for a kids bathroom.

A craftsman front door
Covered back porch (we have that currently)

A large rectangular pool

The kitchen needs an island and a bar (we have both currently), subway tile, and some of the cabinets need glass.
Either a wood garage door or a faux wood garage door like we already have.

Bamboo floors

A walk -in door less shower in the master.
Not over 2700 sq. feet...preferably.

& Built-ins in the laundry room


Lyndsey said...

I'm the same way! I could shop for homes all day! I LOVE the rich, dark bamboo floors. They are stunning against the white cabinetry!

Jessica said...

I would love to have a mail station area like that. I actually have a big open kitchen and no idea what to do with the space and have really been thinking about adding that space in. It will be extra helpful when we have children and it will keep junk off of the kitchen table!!

I have also been researching bamboo floors, I had my heart set on them....but I have heard mixed things about having them in Houston with all the humidity. If your slab is "too wet" they say they can warp...but you will not find that out till after you put them in....yikes!


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