April 29, 2010

One of Jonathan's my friends Rachel, told me WEEKS ago she was going to guest blog for me but she never did. Ugh, the nerve, right?

I know, I know...you're busy Rachel.

She is a City Hall Fellow here in Houston (that's big time - she knows a lot of stuff about things in which I have no clue-example).

(here she is in action!)

(p.s. She LOVES this picture)

I even ventured onto the Houston Baptist University (HBU) website to get this photo!

I confronted Rachel about her never sending me her guest blog info (on one of the many weekends she is at my house with her BF, Erik) and she blamed it on my email service saying she sent it but I must not have gotten it...yeah, right! So, she said she would send me another one...I've yet to receive it. hmmm, sounds a little suspicious to me.

Anyways, if you have some time you may want to go on over to Rachel's blog and tell her she needs to send me her guest blog info...she just needs a little encouragement.

oh, and Rachel...you're welcome. (I laughed for a good minute or two when I finally found THE PHOTO...I was just so proud of myself! I can't say I didn't warn you though...)

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