Why I blog

April 16, 2010

I read this blog post from Ashley (who I met freshman year of college) and off and on ever since then I've been thinking to myself..."Why do I blog"?

When I thought about it, it all really came down to just one thing. Documenting my marriage and my life.

I've kept a journal since I was about 8. I think total I have filled nearly 20 journals cover to cover. To go back and read them is quite a trip really...my thoughts at 8 are fascinating! (sarcasm). I'm pretty sure my first journal entry was made in the cafeteria waiting for my teacher to come get our class before school started...I've sure it was very profound.

When we got married I discovered blogging and it just felt easier and more fun than pen and paper. Plus, it's easier to add pictures which I really like.

I'm really big into organization and my blog makes it easy for me to organize and document our life together. I can even print them out...which I have. I print my blog in one year increments so I've printed once. This way I can add it to my collection of journals over the years.

In documenting our marriage comes documenting other things. Changes in our house are some of my favorite posts. I love looking back at earlier posts to see what our house looked like and to see all of the progress we've made since the move. I love knowing that I always have these posts to look back on of our first house we bought together.

My blog also follows my life. The birth of my MANY nieces and nephews and getting to hang out and babysit them, getting Perry and then Paxton, vacations, game nights, best friends...it's all in here!

When I think about people reading my blog it is kind of funny. When I first began blogging I never expected to have followers because it wasn't my intent...I was writing for me but it is fun getting to read other blogs. Seeing what other people do for date nights or vacations, getting decor ideas, etc.

So, have you ever actually thought about why you have a blog?


Anne said...

I love blogging because as I learn new things or try new things, it's a great way to document them but also to share them! I like to think that new ideas, deep thoughts, and insights from the Lord can be an encouragement to those reading.
That's why I blog.

Cecilly said...

I blog for the verbal relief. Some things I can't say out loud and shouldn't say. It's nice to vent about some things.
also, in response to your Baylor series II: the streets around campus late at night, cameron park, and the zoo are some great things about being in Waco while attending Baylor.


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