Celebrate We Will

May 18, 2010

What do you do when someone graduates? Take A LOT of pictures! duh! You may not have known blogger allows this many. If you choose to look at them all I suggest a snack and maybe a break mid way through :)

Excited fingers...I don't really know how to explain

Supa' excited!

We're all excited...Jac and I may have been hyperventilating a bit

We calmed down for a normal picture

Waiting for Ashley to graduate!

I look like a midget but she has on hooker heels...they're cute though...but BIG!

Best picture of the year!

Laughing at the ridiculousness of this...

Oh, crap! There is a security guard! RUN!

After dinner

We may have climbed out of our hotel window...

We may have used a ladder we found on the roof to climb to the next level of the roof...

We may have decided to have a photo shoot on the roof...

Jaclyn and I cuddling in the comfy hotel beds

There is nothing else better to do...let's have a photo shoot
(Beware: billions of pictures to follow - happens whenever we're together!)

Apparently, Ashley got sleepy...

Me, trying really hard NOT to laugh!

Ok, no more please!

Do you know this look??? Hopefully no!

ANNNNNND, we'll finish up with Jac being a creeper!

Hope you enjoyed our ridiculousness!


Kelly and Sara said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing all the pics :)


Megan said...

I love Jaclyn's curled lip face, hahaha!

Anne said...

Wow, too funny.
All that adventuring in short dresses and heels.
Rock on!


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