May 20, 2010

My senior year in college I was obsessed with the color green (still love it). Everything in our (Jonathan and I) first apartment's living room was green but I was using blue in the master bedroom and bath thus beginning my love affair with the color blue.

One of the besties (Ashley) gave me a lovely wedding gift from her tour-O-Europe that eventually led the color blue into nearly every room in the house.

You see, Ashley knew I loved green (and that it was my wedding color) and bought me these green glasses but somehow when she got back from her trip they got thrown away (I think that's how the story goes) so, instead she gave me the blue ones (I think they were originally for her step-mom) and I was totally obsessed. I mean, how could you not be...their gorgeous!

BUT, everything I had was green and I didn't want to shove them away in a cabinet never to be seen again so I knew that when I had a house the dining room had to match these glasses.

When we did buy a house the dining room, living room, kitchen, and hallway are all very open so they all ended up being blue for the sake of cohesiveness.

And that is how 2 glasses inspired my entire house :) Thanks Ashley! What inspires you?

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