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May 7, 2010

Last summer I created my first memory book. This one contained memories from our first year of marriage.

Then, I made a cook book for a friend that was similar to the memory book.

Lyndsey posted her own memory book that was very similar to mine but #1 she printed the words ON the scrapbook paper (much easier) and #2 she got a cute binder (quicker because I spent A LOT of time on the covers to make them look nicer).

So, this 3rd book that I have created is a memory book from Proposal all the way to the Rehearsal dinner. (I didn't do the wedding because I already have my professional wedding book). It has pictures, cards, and invitations. I took ideas from Lyndsey to quickly print the words on the paper and the get a cuter binder. It was much quicker that way. Way less cutting involved.

I'm glad I finally made this one because all of these pictures and memories were in several different places and it's nice that they are all together now and easy to find! Plus, it was very inexpensive to make.


1 comment:

Lyndsey said...

Looks good!

It's pretty pathetic that you've completed book #2 and I still haven't finished my first one...hurry up summer!


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