The Drive In

June 24, 2010

Jonathan and I went on a date night last night to a drive in movie.  It was a double feature but since the first movie didn't start until after 9 and it was an hour away from our house we only stayed for the first movie.  We saw Shrek (which we didn't really want to see but it was more about the experience.)

Sorry most of the pictures are so terrible.  I took most of them with no flash since you're not allowed to have cameras so that people wouldn't notice I was taking them.  I was trying to be sneaky!


Megan said...

Love the new header! Also, where is this drive in movie theatre? I have always wanted to go to one! I wouldn't mind a drive if I had to! ps. What are some good antique stores?

Rachel and John said...

Oh I LOVE the drive in! And your new header!!

Meghan said...

Your header is gorgeous! The drive in looks like so much fun! I wish our town had one.

Natalie said...

how fun!
I used to live in a cul de sac that literally backed up to the drive in. We could always hear it when we were outside at night or our windows are open. My husband and I were going to go to the one in our state this wekeend but there are no good movies playing. I love your new design : )


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