June 10, 2010

Here is the link to the style quiz I took yesterday.

& THANKS Lyndsey for giving me this award!

I LOVE classic furniture pieces.  Just adore them...well, today Jonathan and I went to this antique store that we drive by EVERYDAY.  Finally, today we decided to stop by and I found 4 things I just had to have.  They were in REALLY bad shape and they had really good prices but for some reason the pieces I wanted did not have prices.  I was so excited and just knew they were going to be so cheap and we could have them refinished...well, no!  They didn't have prices because they were all sold and in the "hold" section.  Mind you the hold section was not labeled "hold" so how was I supposed to know.  I go so attached then I couldn't even get them :(

These pictures are similar to what I found except the ones I found were beat up and missing most of their fabric and stain.  I loved them though. 

We're going to go back every few weeks to see if maybe someone changes their mind and doesn't come get their stuff on hold or if they get more similar items.  I can't wait!

There were 2 of these chairs
From my post yesterday you can see that I love french furniture and I REALLY want these chairs!

Jonathan and I really want an antique buffet for our TV to go on.  The one we saw today would have been perfect :(

I love Greek Revival furniture as well.  So proper.  The sofa I saw today was not this ornate and I would never put red-orange velvet on mine.  I would probably paint it white and do tan upholstery.  Similar to the picture below this one. 

I like our living room furniture but you have to dust leather furniture which I hate and it is really dark. I do like dark furniture but it makes the room look a bit too dark in my opinion. Also, since I've "found" my style it just doesn't fit as well in my mind. Does that make sense?

Greek revival furniture to me is so Jacque-Louis David.  One of my favorite paintings below is by him.


cait said...

thanks for the link! I love taking quizzes like that. Love the look of that chair, too! Flea market/antique shop finds are the best. You could even try craigslist maybe?

Melanie said...

I like your style of furniture too Emily! I hate it when I see something I want only to find its already been sold or too expensive..maybe like you said someone will back out of their purchase and you can get it for yourself! Good luck! BTW..don't know if the area you live in has any Habitat for Humanity places..but we have a store in Charleston called "ReStore" and its leftovers that were donated to HFH sold to the public for excellent can always find something unique there!


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