Spotlight: Perry

June 21, 2010

Full name:  Perry Hendrix Powell

Birthday:  July 3rd 2008

Nicknames:  PerryBerry, PerryBaby, Little Dog

Favorite pass times:  Sleeping, napping, cuddling, bothering/biting my best friend (Paxton), chewing, hoarding things in my cage that I find on the floor (pens, coke tabs, chalk...), chasing Pax so I can steal his toys, turning on the charm when new friends come over, jumping and spinning when I get excited, rolling in the grass and laying in the sun, gazing into my girlfriend's eyes (Rachel)...among other things.

Favorite foods:  puppy food and treats, ice cubes, earthworms and spiders, grass, and anything Emily and Jonathan are eating.

Stay tuned for Spotlight:  Paxton


jamie said...

it makes me happy to know that my dogs aren't the only ones that eat worms. GROSS!

Tara said...

love this little guy! i wish we could find a pup just like him!

Melanie said...

Loved your post about your doggie..Perry!! Cute pictures too! Since you say he likes ice should try popsicles..our dog Blaze loves em'!

prashant said...

love this little guy!
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