Summer DIY

June 5, 2010

Some people may think we're crazy but we love DIY projects (and I love to decorate).  Here is what we have done this summer so far.

This is not DIY but it is super cute.  I got this wind chime for 20$ at Pier 1 and didn't put it outside because I knew it would break.  I put it in our master bedroom and think it looks great!

My first day of summer was Thursday afternoon.  I began a massive clean out of every closet in our house on Thursday and Friday and here are the afters.

Middle bedroom (will be a nursery down the road)

Office/Craft room

Jonathan's side of the closet

Front bedroom:  What a teacher's closet looks like when she moves home for the summer.  I can only deal with this knowing that 1) I'm not trashing the whole house just one closet and 2) It will only look like this for the summer

We hung up bird feeders in the back yard to start off our Saturday.

I bought cute yard art at Warren's

I began my bench redo.  I'm almost done

I bought a cute 1$ Bear at Lowe's.  (Sic'em!)

And...Jonathan planted a tree to try and cover the utility boxes in our back yard.  Neither one of our neighbors have the utility boxes...just us...what's up with that???


Rachel and John said...

Wow you've done a lot in only 3 days. Makes me feel a little lazy for laying in bed watching movies all morning.

Meghan said...

I am majorly impressed and inspired! I love the wind chime!

Rachel Lillian said...

Great place for the wind chime! I am living vicariously through you, just so you know, and should you want to trade jobs for the summer, I'm ready and willing. Just FYI. :)

The Johnsons said...

Emily~Your house is looking great! I think the section of your fence where you hung the bird feeders looks like a frame-you should totally paint something there or paint it then hang some artwork...there's my two cents...

cait said...

first time by and LOVE your blog! fun fact--we share the same anniversary. :D Your projects inspire me to get more motivated on some DIYs for this summer. I have a long to just get started! I'm a new follower! Hope you continue to enjoy your summer!


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