Anniversary Post {take 2}

July 22, 2010

Jonathan and I celebrated 2 years of marriage on July 19th BUT he was out of town.  Boo!  It creeps me out to post when we are out of town or when Jonathan isn't here because I HATE {and I hate the word "hate"} staying home alone.  I'm a total baby about it and I don't care.  I've watched way too many Criminal Minds episodes (and the like) to stay home alone on top of the fact that one of my number one fears is the dark.  When Jonathan isn't home I sleep with all the lights on in our house.  Yes, even the ones in our bedroom and my pepper spray on the edge of my night stand ready to go.

Anyways, all of that to say, we actually celebrated our anniversary a few days before.  We decided not to exchange gifts since we had just taken an amazing celebratory vacation.  (That is why we vacation in honor of our anniversary)  Well, when I got home he surprised me with pearl earrings.  I love pearls and was super pumped because I always just had to wear my mom's but now I have my own!  Then we got dressed up and went out to dinner even though it was POURING outside.  We braved the weather anyhow.  We went to a local south American restaurant that we've been wanting to try but just never got around to making reservations.  It was amazing!

Jonathan left Monday morning, which was our anniversary, and didn't get back until late last night.  When he came home I had a few gifts waiting for him.  I never get to surprise him so I was excited.  He is always saying he needs new tennis shoes (since he's a coach he honestly needs a new pair every 6 months but he hasn't bought any in TWO years!)  so I bought him some awesome Nikes in his school colors.  I also bought him 5 shirts.  He loved the gifts and that I surprised him.  So much for not getting each other anything.  His birthday is next month and I already know what I'm getting him!  YAY, me!


Natalie said...

i love that you are totally freaked out when your hubby is gone because I am too!! I don't sleep with the lights on but I'm pretty sure I just don't sleep. I lay awake listening to every little noise and trying to decide if it's just the house or if it's someone that and that I should call the police : ) Haha! I don't feel as ridiculous knowing other girls hate it just as much!

Laura said...

I can't say I'm scared when my husband is away because he never leaves. I travel away more than he does but I can't sleep when we are apart. I just toss all night long. So I have learned long vacations apart will never work I'll be too tired the whole time.

Way to go on surprising him. I never get to do that with my hubby, but I keep trying.

Brittney Galloway said...

haha, I think that we do the "don't buy gifts," thing alot now! It eases our financial conscious!

Lyndsey said...

Considering I haven't been back up to my school once since the last day, I think I'm in denial to be going back. I'm actually hoping to hear from my Principal soon about what I'm teaching next year. It's between 3rd and Kinder and I REALLY want Kinder, but I'm mentally preparing for 3rd. One more year, one more year!

the walton's said...

I was laughing as I read this because i am exactly the same way. I sleep with all of the lights on and keep one of our guns on the bedside table!! I'm such a baby!!

Glad y'all had a fun anniversary! And super sweet of him to surprise you with pearls :)

Callie Nicole said...

I get freaked out at night when my hubby isn't home too! Thankfully, I have three alarm dogs, and one is very big and scary-looking - so any thief would be crazy to try to rob us with him in the house.
I just found your blog, and I've really been enjoying reading it! I'm a Christian as well, and my hubby and I have been married for two years as of July 12th. Sounds like we have some things in common. :-)

Lyndsey G said...

I'm the same way about being home alone. Well not during the day but overnight. When Jarrett was working the night shift I seriously became an insomniac!

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds - because of that show I stopped driving alone across country. I used to drive from FL to CO by myself and not think twice and then with one episode I called my mom and said forget it I'm never driving alone again! I love that show but I've had to stop watching it =(


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