Blog Award

July 16, 2010

Thanks Nicole, for the bloggy award!

I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself but since I just got back from vacation I am going to tell you 7 travel facts about myself.

1.  Since I could walk I have never flown on a plane that I haven't touched the outside of first.  You know when you walk on board the plane...I reach out and touch the outside of the plane before I board.  I did it when I was a kid because I thought it was interesting (or something) and now it's like a thing where I just have to do it.

2.  I don't like to fly and right before the plane takes off I close my eyes and pray that I will get safely to my destination.

3.  Jonathan carries all of our travel documents.  Passports, conformations, maps...he keeps up with it all.

4.  I collect Christmas ornaments from all of our travels.

5.  Since we've been married we have gone on 3 big vacations.  Our honeymoon was to San Francisco, last year we went to Jamaica, and this year we went to Portugal and Spain.

6.  When we got married we wanted to travel international every other year BUT we did Jamaica then Europe so now to even it out our next TWO vacations have to be U.S.  The cities we're looking into are New Orleans, Charleston, and Boston.  We may do a road trip to all three next year.

7.  While traveling I like to pick up cheap local street art.  This year I got three.  Two in Lisbon and one in Barcelona.  I already have them framed and hung in our house.

And now, I would like to tag 7 of my newest followers!


Kristen said...

Congratulations on your blog award! My husband always carries all of our travel documents least that way we don't have to worry about them!

Anonymous said...

Cute facts. Congrats on the blog award. I love your blog! :)

Alan and Lindsi said...

Thanks for the tag, Emily!

Im recovering from a surgical procedure that I had today, so I might be a little slow...but, I'll get around to it! :)

Have a good weekend!

Melanie said...

I would be praying before I left on a plane too! I've never had the opportunity to fly before but hope to sometime in the future!! We have something in common..I buy christmas ornaments when I go on vacation too!! Its a neat way to remember places you've visited!


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