Hanging Out

July 25, 2010

First of all, the wedding I was in last night was lovely.  My camera took crappy pictures last night because I couldn't get it off of some funky setting and I refuse to post them...it just wouldn't do justice to her big day.  I'll post some later.

Now, on with the post.

I just realized the other day that I like to hangs things as decor.  Here are all the examples I have in my house.  No room is safe.  I have something "hanging" in every room in the house.

On the dresser knob it says, "xoxo".

My sister in law made this for me when I was college and even though I'm not really the "sorority" type I still think it's cute.

I bought the "Love" sign right before valentine's and I hung it here so I when I organized the closet I would remember to put it up but I ended up liking it so I left it.

I bought the "Home" sign at Pier 1 and the colors work well in the front/ green room.

The "P" hangs on the pantry door.

I bought this to hang on the back porch door but Paxton always knocked it off so I hung it on a vase instead.

The next two pictures are of  our night stands.  Jonathan's has a "J" and a picture of me when I was about 4.

Mine just has an "E"

This hangs on the "potty" room door in our master bath.  I bought it in Portugal.

This sign hangs in our guest bath.  One of my besties, Ashley bought it for me because it says, "the perfect pair" and that was the theme of our wedding.

So, see I hang things everywhere!


Natalie said...

that's so funny. i love how we do those things without even really realizing!! : )

littledaisymay said...

So cute! I love the initials :) I have that home sign and think it's just too cute!

Brittney Galloway said...

wow that's alot of hanging things!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

I just went through all the photos of your cute little home :) It's adorable! I love everything about it!! xo


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