Our Fourth

July 5, 2010

For our 4th of July my mom and step dad came over and we grilled hot dogs and ate some cake.  After dinner the boys watched TV and my mom and I went on a walk.  After the parents left Jonathan and I popped some fireworks we had left over from New Years.

We had a pretty quiet evening although our neighbors did not.  Luckily most people in our neighborhood have young children so the noise didn't last too late :)

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cait said...

this makes me laugh, because we had the same amazing low-key 4th. after family time, we got sparklers out that were in the closet from who knows when and lit them on our back porch. for the grand finale we lit 5 at one time, stuck them into our citronella candle and enjoyed the view (and pops of other's fireworks). haha! simple things are the best!


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