Closet Organization

August 8, 2010

Organized closets rank high on my list of what makes me happy.  I have A LOT of teacher stuff and when I moved it home for the summer the closet in my front bedroom looked like this:

Once I took everything out of the closet it looked like this:

My helper for the day:

Most everything that came out of the closet went into my classroom on Friday.  I was able to organize this closet to hold 1) our library 2) our extra linens 3) heavier jackets 4) board games 5) marriage memories 6) vintage camera equipment 7) two guitar cases, mandolin, and amp.  Plus, I still have room to put all of my extra "homeless" decor that I accumulate when I change things around.  That way I can "shop" at home!  (I'll get around to doing that later)

If you opened the door you would see this.  Memories are up top.  Cameras are hanging.  I put some old bookshelves to hold books and linens.  What you can't see to the left are games, jackets, and music stuff.

And, to the left.

It's amazing how happy this makes me :)


littledaisymay said...

It looks great! I need to do something like this in our guest room closet!

Rachel and John said...

Oh it looks so much better!!

Kristen said...

Great job! It definitely looks like you made the most use of your space! I need to reorganize our master closet--I had it all nice at the beginning of the summer, but now...well, at least I have one more week before back to school for me.


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