Dog Days of Summer

August 12, 2010

Get ready for a ridiculous amount of lazy dog camera pics.  All of these were taken on different days.  And yes, the million of Perry laying next to my legs on the ottoman were all taken on different days.  It's one of his favorite places to sleep.

hahahaha...I couldn't tell until this picture was bigger that Perry was giving me the evil eye!

Perry thinks he's an infant.

This is how he sleeps.  I was taking a nap and when I woke up this is how he was next to me.  I got up to take a picture and he didn't even move.

The places he can squeeze into amaze me.

I promise, these were all taken on different days.  This is how we spend our time during the day.

Perry is ridiculous!


Tara said...

awwww!!!! perry is just the cutest thing ever!!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, they are so cute! I love your dogs. :-)

Ashley Raven said...

The ones of Perry are precious! Reminds me of how Ruby sleeps. And I actually laughed out loud at the ones of Paxton squeezing into the tiniest places. Hilarious. Just hilarious.

Kelly and Sara said...

omg love love love! So cute.

Rachel and John said...

Oh my they are cute! Our dog lays in the weirdest positions too. And he's HUGE.


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