The First Day

August 23, 2010

Today was the first day back.  I work from 11:35 to 3:05.  I teach art and today I had 2nd grade, pre-k 4, and 4th grade.  I teach at a small private school so there is only one teacher per grade level and each grade is still pretty small.  The kids are great and I think it's going to be a wonderful year.

Today we just worked on making their portfolios (This is where I keep all of their artwork.  I tell them that it is their portfolio, not mine, so they can decorate it however they like.) and I tried to learn names.  I think we did pretty well although they didn't finish their portfolios and I didn't learn every name.

Here is an example of their portfolios.  From top to bottom is 4th, 2nd, and pre-k 4.  On pre-k 4 I re wrote the student's name because I couldn't read what he wrote.

Tomorrow, I will have 1st, pre-k 3, 3rd, and kinder.  Hopefully tomorrow will go as well as today did.


littledaisymay said...

Your school sounds wonderful :) I love their little folders!

Megan said...

Those a cute portfolios. I bet you love working a half day. You are living the life!


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