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August 3, 2010

I haven't been in a very bloggy mood lately.  I've been pretty boring and haven't taken many pictures leaving me with not much to post about.

Here are some random thoughts for this lazy Tuesday:

Jonathan and I love frozen yogurt.  So, he made some himself and it was so good!  He found the recipe in The Joy of Cooking and just used our regular ice cream maker.  Ours was fresh strawberry.  I've been eating it everyday.

I really need to go back to school shopping.  Yes, I can still use that term because I'm a teacher and I need new work clothes.  I recently went back to school shopping for Jonathan.  I love shopping for him.  Shopping for Jonathan is easy.  I just buy him a bunch of Polos...for me it's a bit harder especially since I teach art.

Jonathan and I are having dinner with my mom and step dad tonight.

It's taken me over 2 hours to get this far on this post...

I need new throw pillows.  I've been obsessively looking for new ones but it's hard because my dogs lay all over them.  Anything with embroidery is a no because Paxton and Perry's nails will just end up snagging them.  That's our current problem. 


Rachel and John said...

I have the same problem with throw pillows! Rudy loves them. He will pull them off the couch and lay on them.
We have a leather one that he doesn't like and doesn't go near. Maybe try leather?

Charlotte said...

I just got my mom the new Cuisinart Ice Cream maker so I cannot wait to make frozen yogurt!!


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