11 weeks

October 25, 2010

How far along? 11 weeks (meaning I finished my 11th week)

Baby size:  A little over 2 inches from head to butt

Total weight gain/loss:  On Oct. 12 I had lost 5 pounds.  Next appt. is Nov. 9th and no, I don't own a scale.

Maternity clothes? nope

Stretch marks?  none yet...hopefully NEVER!  My mom is lucky enough to not have one so we'll see...

Sleep:  I've been sleeping really well.  I'm just so tired that sleep is my only option although I do get a little nauseous at night.

Best moment this week:  A little 1st grade girl came up to me, obviously not believing I was pregnant, and said, "Um, Mrs. Powell, pregnant women have big bellies but you don't have a big belly".  I explained to her that the "belly" gets bigger over time NOT over night!

Movement:  Can't feel it yet.

Food cravings:  Anything super cold.  I put bottles of water in the fridge and then drink them when they are slushy.  I also chew a ton of gum.

Gender:  I will find out the end of November.  I've always said girl but I'll be happy either way.  I just want a healthy and happy baby.

What I miss:  Eating whatever I want.  Recently things that sound good taste terrible.  My taste buds are all messed up :(

What I am looking forward to:  Finding out if it's a boy or girl next month!

Weekly Wisdom:  Don't feel bad for eating terrible the 1st trimester.  My dr. said if I can keep it down to not worry about it.  Also, since I'm down 5 pounds I'm not burning any extra calories by exercising and because I don't have the energy to.  Once I get to the second trimester I know I'll be more normal :)

Milestones:  I bought my first bottle of anti stretch mark cream and slather it on 2 times a day!


Jamie said...

Loved the bumpdate :) You look great!

the walton's said...

hang in there emily!! my first trimester was the same way! by the end of it i was down 8 lbs!! you will be glad in the end though when your overall weight gain is less!

Amanda said...

you look adorable!!! :)

Megan said...

I love your little baby bump! So cute!

Mariel Torres said...

you are showing! your look so gorgeous prego :)

Melanie said...

Your looking great Emily! Seems that craving super cold stuff is in everyone system lately!! Can't wait till u find out the baby's gender too..will u be sharing the good news with your bloggers?!


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