For the non-Preggers

October 19, 2010

So, for the few non-Preggers out there here are a few odd things about pregnancy that I wasn't really aware of until everyone in my family (including myself) started having babies.

1.  When counting weeks of a pregnancy you actually start counting the first day of your period.  Meaning at conception you are considered 2 weeks...odd I know.

2.  Also, when marking off those weeks you are always a bit behind.  For example, right now I am 10 weeks.  Meaning, I just finished my 10th week and am now actually in my 11th week.  So, when people ask how far along I am I say 10 weeks but the hubs says, "she's in her 11th week".  Also, TheBump and BabyCenter send me emails saying I'm, "10 weeks" and FitPregnancy sends emails saying I'm, "11 weeks".

3.  Pregnancy is measured in 40 weeks.  That is OVER 9 months.  So, 20 weeks is technically half way.

4.  Pregnancy can change your hair.  Women usually have more hair falling out after their baby is born but Jonathan sister, Christi had SUPER curly hair.  After her 1st baby she lost a bit of the curl and after the second she lost even more.  Now she has big soft curls and not her tiny ringlets anymore...strange.

5.  I'm experiencing this for myself.  Pregnancy can change your eye sight while your pregnant.  I have TERRIBLE vision and it's being made worse by this tiny little baby.  Once I have the baby I've read it should go back to normal.

...and that is all I can think of at the moment :)


Rachel and John said...

Also a pregnancy month is 4.5 weeks. I find that odd. So technically you enter the 2nd trimester at 13.5 weeks. But if you count 4 weeks to a month, then pregnancy is 10 months.

B said...

Had no idea about number 1. That is crazy! Seems like there'd be lots of confusion.

Mrs. G said...

Thanks for sharing. :) I love living vicariously thru pregnant bloggy friends until it's my turn... :)

Ashley Raven said...

I was not aware of any of those things! Keep them coming lady...but you know all be asking them all over again one day when I'm pregnant. Hope you're okay with repeating :)

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

I'm excited to follow your journey!

cait said...

I read about the first one a few weeks ago. I never knew once conception happened, time was already ticking on the countdown. I've also hear that most women go up in shoe sizes...weird!


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