Goodwill Saturday

October 9, 2010

Today I went to Goodwill because I got overwhelmed at a neighborhood garage sale.  It was just too big! 

So, I bought the drink dispenser for 5$.  The price tag was still on the bottom and it was from World Market for 20$ in the original package and never used!  Score! 

The 2 star candle holders are for my Christmas mantle in a few months but I'm going to paint them another color.  I don't tend to use red at Christmas oddly enough.

And the funky metal mug is for Jonathan.  He loves collecting odd mugs and I saw this and knew he would love it.  An odd thing to collect - yes - but it makes him very happy :)


Natalie said...

wow--you scored big time! i love those candle holders...they will look adorable for Christmas : )

Jamie said...

Cute finds!

Kelly and Sara said...

I love the candle holders!!!

Melanie said...

Great finds! What color are you going to paint the candleholders? I don't use red in my Christmas decor either! Blue and Silver are my choice colors! :-)


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