What I'm Loving Wednesday

October 20, 2010

So, it seems EVERY blog I read is doing this so I may as well jump on the band wagon, eh?  Better late than never...

What I'm loving Wednesday!

1.  My husband.
a)  he's the typical husband you see on TV running around town trying to find me something to eat at all hours of the day.  I have SO MANY food aversions right now that it is just plain ridiculous!
b)  he surprised me with the cutest white pumpkin today when we came home from the grocery store
c)  he does the grocery shopping
d)  he usually goes along with all of my crazy whims and ideas
e)  he works so hard!  he teaches, coaches, and he's getting his masters.  He's amazing!

2.  Football season is nearly over for my husband's team.  They are no good, and he's doesn't care, so they only have a few games left in the season before we get to spend more time together.  My husband coaching football has caused me to LOATH the sport!

3.  My days in the first trimester are decreasing!  I'll be 11 weeks on Monday!

4.  I get the most responses on my pregnancy related posts.  That is so funny to me.  I guess everyone loves BABIES!!!

5.  My front porch is starting to look more like fall.  I'll post pictures once I have it all finished.


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl :)

Your hubby sounds like a wonderful man!

Hope you've had a great day!

Mrs. G said...

Aw such a sweet hubby!!! I already have aversions to food and am not with child... hopefully it doesn't get worse (which I dont think it can)... :).
And I agree, everyone really does love babies!! Plus, it's just such a cute/funny/interesting/emotional topic, I think on some level most people can relate to something! :)
Hope youre having a great week!!

Nicole said...

Haha, yes everyone loves babies! I pray your pregnancy goes well! Happy Wednesday!


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