Random Saturday

November 13, 2010

Today we are marking things off on the "Before Nursery" to do list that we have on the chalk board in the kitchen.  I made a list of all the things I want to finish before we even start the nursery.  Today we finished cleaning and reorganizing the laundry room, pantry, garage, and kitchen cabinets.  Jonathan also took some junk out of the nursery and put it in the attic.  The nursery is now officially empty!  Plus, Jonathan did a bit of yard work.

While Jonathan was supposed to be cleaning the garage I found him playing with a lighter and steel wool.  It was some kind of survival technique he saw on TV for starting a fire quickly.  He doesn't always have the best attention span but he did eventually clean the garage :)

I have edited some of my tabs up top.  I updated my goals, added a baby tab, put my awards in one tab, and am currently working on the Home Tour tab.  I'm slowly taking pictures once I am happy with the way a room looks and once it's nice and clean.

My dad just became my 180th blog follower!  Thanks Dad!  (He just had his first book published!  Check it out here)

I bought some super cute decorations for Christmas.  I usually don't buy that many holiday items until they go on clearance (and then I just use them the next year) but these were too cute and too cheap to not buy.  We are going to line the driveway with them.  I was originally going to line the driveway with lights but this will be cuter!

Happy Weekend!


Lyndsey said...

Does Jonathan like to watch Man v. Wild or any of those kinds of shows?? Will does and I just don't get the appeal...I would NEVER want to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and be expected to survive off bugs and other grossness!

Amanda said...

hahaha! my husband and i saw that survival fire starting technique on tv too! lol! we thought we should try it out sometime....

Jenny said...

Number 2 sounds like something my husband would do as well.

cait said...

Um yes, my hubby is obsessed with those survival shows...and many weekends when I'm hoping we will clean out the basement of he may start working on something in the house, he's found out back cutting down trees, cutting up logs for a fire, and anything else "survival-y" :) Oh boys. Gotta love em. How great for your dad...what an accomplishment!

Ashley Raven said...

Glad J-man didn't burn anything down. That would have been tragic. Miss you Milly!

Jamie said...

Sounds like y'all had a busy day!

Love the little lollipops :)


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