November 7, 2010

(sorry, if this has a ton of typos...I wrote it really quickly!)

Ok, I know registering at 13 weeks may seem REALLY early but the Babies R Us by us was giving away gift cards if you registered in the month of November so we registered early.  Also, I knew everything we would be getting would be gender neutral so I didn't mind registering before we knew blue or pink.

So, I've mentioned a little about our baby gear before but here is what we registered for:

Car Seat w/ 3 bases:  (gift from my wonderful sister in law)
We decided to not get an all in one system.  I just don't like them.  We also decided to not get a infant to toddler car seat.  I'm not really a huge fan.  We are getting an infant car seat and a separate toddler seat.  We'll most likely have our first child in the toddler seat once baby 2 is in the infant car seat so it all evens out in the long run.  It's a Graco Snugride...I think.

Booster seat:
Ok, while technically this is a infant to toddler seat (as in, it grows with them) we will most likely only use it as a toddler/booster seat.  I caved and let Jonathan register for it.  He thinks it looks super cool because it reminds him of a race car seat...oh, boys!

Stroller:  (gift from Jonathan's mom and dad)
Two of my sister in laws have Quinny's so that is what we went with.  I just LOVE the pram feature.  It's so cute.  You can also buy another seat for older children so it fits 3 different stages which is cool.  This is the color I want.  It's called Raccoon :)

Here is the research that went into my bottle decision.  I called my sister in law and asked her what she used.  She said even flo because they attached to the brand of pump she used (which is the same brand I'll be using)  They are easy for the baby to hold, they don't have extra parts, and like I said, they are pump compatible.  I am going to breastfeed but I'm realistic and know I can't just whip out the boob (excuse the crassness mom) when ever baby is hungry and I want Jonathan to be able to help with, I want a good, practical bottle.  My sister in law also recommends that when you get a bottle type you didn't register for return it because she said it's too hard to sort all the different lids and what-not by brand.  It's easier to just have one brand so all the parts fit on all the bottles.

Pump:  (gift from sister in law)
I went with Medela.  I also am getting a hand pump.  I'll be totally honest...nursing freaks me out.  Not because it will hurt (which it will) but because I just think it's weird.  I don't need you to leave me comments about how it's totally natural...I'm going to nurse (or pump so they'll get the nutrients) but the thought of something chewing on me to get food...ODD!  Also, I am a VERY private person.  I will NEVER nurse in a public place so no need for a nursing cover for me...another reason why I'll have to pump.  This is just my opinion...

Umbrella stroller:  (gift from sister in law)
We went with the Jeep Umbrellas stroller...the only husband drives a Jeep...

We decided on the Angel Care Deluxe.  When I baby sit my brother's kids I tend to hover over them while they nap until I can see their little chests go up and down.  I go back and forth about every 30 minutes...I can't do that with my own or I will never sleep.  So, hopefully this will give us peace of mind with the motion sensor.  We opted to not get the video monitor.  With the Angel Care we felt we really wouldn't need it.

We did register for a pack and play, play yard, swing, bouncy seat, a high chair that buckles into the dining chair, 2 different baby bath tub options, a gripper for the bath tub when they get older, a changing pad and covers, our crib  and crib mattress (although my mom is buying this for us), sheet protectors, car seat protectors to protect your car from crumbs and spills, a baby food maker, bottle warmer, 2 different baby carriers, baby detergent, diapers and wipes, hanging clothes dividers, coat hangers, a sleep sheet, swaddler, a whole bunch of bottle and food accessories, a teething feeder, nursing pillow, baby medical things, car mirror to see baby, and a kid potty for future potty training.  I didn't want to go into detail on ALL of that!  We skipped registering for clothes because you get all of that whether or not you register for it.  I didn't even bother...

*Tip for those who register at Target.  Target only allows you like 2 returns a year.  If it is documented on your registry that you received something multiple times then you can return it.  Example:  You register for one pack and play but you receive 2 (and it shows 2 were purchased on the registry) then you can return the extra.  No problem...there is no limit on those things.  But, say you get a 6 month summer outfit but your baby can't use a 6 month summer outfit and it's not off of your registry.  Once you've done 2 returns of things not on your registry you've met your limit so, how do you get around this?  Ok, go online and access your registry where you can edit and make changes.  Add that 6 month summer outfit to your registry (or whatever other things you want to return but didn't register for) and there is a section where you can edit how many of the particular item you have received.  Put that you received 2 of the outfit so, that way you'll be able to return it!  Pretty tricky but their return policy is a nightmare!  Hope that all made sense.


Lyndsey said...

That's interesting about the Target return policy and very good to know because we just registered for a ton of stuff from there. And I totally feel you about the breastfeeding. It's something I feel very strongly about wanting to do, but at the same time am totally creeped out by it! My mom tried to talk me into registering for a nursing blanket thing and I refused. I will do that at home thank you very much!

Melanie said...

I loved reading about what all you registered for! Love that type of stroller you picked out..thats the same type I would like to have myself! And yeah..breastfeeding freaks me out some too..but like you I totally 100% want to do it (and pump). In case you haven't read my blog over the weekend..we found out we're pregnant! Hope you'll stop by and read the post..I kinda made the first part a bit humorous!

the walton's said...

Love everything your chose! And I do agree about breastfeeding! I am definitely doing it for all of the advantages, but am still a little freaked out! I did take a breastfeeding class at the hospital where we are having the baby last week and it was totally helpful! You might look into it!

mariel said...

which babies r us did you go to? i actually live pretty close to you and didn't know about the gift cards. we haven't registered yet, but that's a pretty good deal.

CMae said...

I'm new to your blog and so HAPPY i Stumbled upon another fellow art teacher who posts not only art, but normal day to day life things too!!! I seriously thought I was the only one that thought breast feeding was well just weird!!! LOL I don't plan on doing it either. I was a bottle fed baby and I turned out just fine. I really could care less about what nurses "recommend". blah blah... :)
Well anyway,, now that I have rambled on your page, keep posting your students awesome art! And of course lots of baby to be updates!!!


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