Telling The Fam!

November 25, 2010

On Tuesday night my mom and step dad brought over two pizzas, my brother and his wife plus their two kids came over, and my middle brother.

I had this card waiting for my mom to open once everyone got there.  Of course my brother Austin took the card from her before she could open it and tortured her for about 30 seconds before he gave it back!

She opened the card and whispered into my 3 year old nephew, Cooper's, ear.

Then Cooper told everyone, "GIRL!"  As you can see, he was very excited to have a little girl cousin!

Then we made a toast to Georgia.  (My mom wanted a picture of us next to her cradle.)  Yes, there is champagne in my glass but no I didn't drink it.  It's bad luck to toast with an empty glass :)

Her full name is Georgia Emiline. 

Georgia because Jonathan and I have always LOVED that name (I LOVE the song Georgia by Willie Nelson and I'm a fan of Georgia O'Keeffe).  Plus, a nickname for Georgia is "Peach" and Jonathan thinks that is just the cutest nickname.  So, at home I'm guessing she'll be called Peach more than Georgia (especially if she has red hair like my husband).  Emiline because I am the 6th generation "Emily" in my family but I didn't like, "Georgia Emily".  I also wanted a french name to honor my maiden name.  So, I did a bit of research and found that "Emmeline" is a french version of Emily.  I'm not one for unique spellings but I wanted it to look more like Emily.  So, we dropped the Y from Emily and added INE.

Jonathan was a bit of a slacker at taking pictures when we told his family.  He just snapped one of me showing his older sister and mom the sonogram pictures and how you can actually tell it's a girl.  We told his mom the same way...with a little card.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we're thankful for our little PEACH!


J and A said...

Love this! :) Congrats, and I love the name, Peach is so cute!

Rachel and John said...

Awww that's super cute! Love the nickname!

Cassandra said...

CONGRATS! I just started reading your blog, and have read your story as a couple. So excited for you two about your little bundle of joy! Cant wait to read about your pregnancy adventures!

cait said...

Love your baby reveals! Love that middle name's one on my list that I adore. Putting your own spelling spin on it was a sweet idea!

Jamie said...

How cute! I just love her name :) And the nickname is just too cute!

Lyndsey said...

Aw Cooper does look very excited! And I KNEW it was gonna be a girl, but your symptoms were throwing me off. I hope she has red hair!


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