Present Parade

December 26, 2010

Here are my favorite gifts of the holiday season...maybe not the most costly of our gifts but the ones we wanted the most or loved the most!

Jonathan got me the cutest baby book that came in a clever little box for extra memories!  I guess he heard me say enough times that I just couldn't find "the one"!

I get this every year (from my MIL) but I love it!  The Hallmark Christmas album.

A green tray for the kitchen from my SIL.

...that I put here.  I think it looks really nice.

Steam mop from Jonathan's parents!  LOVE THIS!!!

Mop cloth before:

Mop cloth after!  We did all the hard flooring in the house...and I clean the floors once a week (I always keep our floors VERY CLEAN)!  EWW!  Everyone must get one!

I wanted this SO BAD for Georgia!  All my nieces and nephews have one and now she has her own from her grandparents.  It even lights up and plays music!

The movies I wanted and got this year!
(When any Disney movie comes "out of the vault" I have to get it)

It's "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000"

Now, I have a sewing machine from my SIL!

Here is one of the things I got Jonathan.  I think it's his fav ;)  Freshman year of high school I bought him a cross necklace from James Avery...a few months later it was stolen so a few months later I bought him a new one and he's had it ever since.  Well, during football practice this year the clasp broke and the necklace and charm were no where to be found so...I bought him a new necklace and cross charm like he had before BUT I added something new.  I had a heart charm soldered to the back (so it stays by the clasp) and I really wanted to Have Georgia's initials engraved on the charm but James Avery couldn't have it to me in time for Christmas so we're taking it next week to be engraved.  He loves the idea and is really excited about her initials on the back.

Usually the necklace is inside his shirt so you don't really see it but I had him put it on the outside so I could take a picture of it.

I hope everyone had a LOVELY Christmas!


Jamie said...

Looks like you had a GREAT Christmas!

I need to get us a steam looks like it works great!

CMae said...

I blogged a looooooong while back about asking bloggers if they owned a steam mop...I didn't get many replies so I never bought one !

Megan said...

I have a steam mop and I LOVEEEEE it!! It is so easy to use and works really good!! That is such a cute idea about the engraved heart on the necklace...precious!

Kit said...

Looks like you had a GREAT Christmas! That steam mop looks like it works so well....maybe I need to get one!

Greer's Gossip said...

Love your blog and loving your cute blog post title!! I may just have to steal that idea later today!!!

Lyndsey said...

I've seen a few mom blogs talking about the Little People Nativity Set...I may have to get one for Liam, it is so cute!

Melanie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas and you got alot of nice gifts to! Loved that childrens nativity for Georgia!!

Emily said...

Great gifts Emily, thanks for sharing!


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